Plan a Destination Wedding in 2024

Every girl has an idea of how her wedding will look like one day; some would like a big indoor winter wedding full of white full snow, others on the other hand dream about the sunny beach and warm sand between their toes.

No matter the dream, planning a wedding is a serious and exhausting work since you would like every detail to be in its place and have a magical day. Picking a destination is a very big step, especially if you want to go somewhere further away. It is always smart to make a detailed plan of action and start slowly and on time with the execution.

Where and when?


First and most important is to find the destination and the date when the event will occur. There are so many wonderful places to go to and magical landscapes that will look out of this world on the pictures; so choose wisely.

You would like to pick a place that fits your budget and that your guests can afford; our recommendation is that you should pick a place that has some special meaning to both of you; the place where you have met or your first getaway or a place you are dreaming to go to.

Honestly, everything works. Once you have picked a place, choose a date; this is particularly important since you would like to have good weather at the reception. To coordinate the date that suits the destination; if it’s a beach wedding choose early or late summer when it is not too hot since you don’t want your guests cooked.

If you wish to have a snowy decoration, choose a date with high probability of snow, research of weather few years back is smart thing to do. Also, a date should be far enough so you can prepare everything and book everyone, and also tell the quests so they can financially prepare for it.

Money makes the world go round

Once you have picked your destination, work it out with the budget. So choose different venues that you would like to check out, hotels, booking catering, photographer, music band, decoration and so on.

Some venues offer their own food and photographers, and also can have available rooms for bride and groom so keep an eye on that. If your budget allows getting a wedding planner.

It will ease your life in so many ways and deal with all those phone calls; they always have some ace in their sleeves so a discount can be arranged if you have good negotiation skills. Also, do your research and don’t be lazy to read reviews of places you wish to book.

Booking airplane tickets, if they are needed, way in advance will save you a significant amount of money that will come in handy. Be prepared that you will exceed your budget, so plan a smaller sum of money at the start but know your limits.

Weeding dress


What is a bride without her dress? I believe that this is a favorite part for every girl out there. Before going into the endless isles of dresses and becoming overwhelmed by the number and models, keep it simple.

Do your research and use apps such as Pinterest to collect ideas and see what you would like to see yourself into. Think about the model that will suit your body, yes, mermaid dresses are very popular, but you should wear a dress that compliments you and in which you feel good.

After some scraping for models, it’s time to pick the dress. Where to go? Again, a quick online search can save you from disappointment and a waste of time. Best For Bride offers everything you will need; not only dresses for you, but for your bridesmaids and mom as well; talking about striking three flies with one stroke.

Not only you can find a dress here, but also other accessories needed for the wedding.

See it with your eyes

Photography has come a long way and now it’s very hard to perceive space from photos. We suggest that once you pick a few venues, fly there and see it with your own eyes. It might happen that the place looks amazing on the photos but does not have that vibe you are searching for.

Sometimes, a venue you have not even considered can take your breath away and you can fall in love with it as soon as you put your foot into it. While there talk with the manager, agree on the terms, date, food, photographer and music. Before you leave, it is good to pay a sum of money in advance just so they can keep the place for you.

Give yourself time


Depending on where are you going, you will need to take into consideration the time needed for the trip, waiting on the state borders, at the airport and similar. If it’s a long-distance flight, take into account time zone changes and jet lag.

It is preferable to get there a few days early so you can follow up on the last minute preparations and give yourself some time to rest since there is no concealer that good to cover up jet lag under-eye bags.

It is good to tell the guests as well to come a bit early. While traveling, keep your dress with you, since if there is a problem with the luggage you don’t want to search for a new dress a day or two before the wedding. Consider staying a day or two after the ceremony so you can talk with the guest and then well-rested head to your new home.


Good preparation is more than half of the job done. Finding a place and time is crucial and should be done as soon as possible so that you and your guest can prepare financially for the trip.

Choosing a good wedding planner will save you a lot of troubles, but if it doesn’t fit your budget you can manage on your own. Seeing everything in person is always a good idea since the venue can give different vibe when seen in the flesh.

Picking a wedding dress is essential, and be sure to keep it with you during the flight to the destination so you won’t end up searching for a new one a few days before the wedding. Lastly, give yourself time to enjoy planning your big day and take a good rest before everything starts.

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