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How To Plan A Destination  Wedding In 6 Months – 2024 Guide

Your wedding date is getting close. You have always dreamt about the perfect ceremony on a perfect place… and now that’s becoming reality. When you imagine a dream site for your wedding day, in most cases it’s a heavenly beautiful, sun-kissed place by the sea. With sand under your feet, with all your beloved people around you and everything else that makes you and your partner happy.

Still, you should be aware of the fact that this type of celebration usually requires great preparations that could take six months and more, up to a year. Not everyone is able to accomplish this, but if you belong to the group of the lucky ones, you should learn what’s the best way to plan one of the crucial days in your life.

There are a lot of things to think about, that’s true – only the fact that you aren’t in your country makes things more complicated and lets you develop numerous doubts. But there’s no such a thing that could go wrong if there are goodwill, much effort and much love.

Making the list of what’s necessary for a destination wedding isn’t so simple. It’s not only about the dress, a cake or the decoration – it’s also about the rules and laws of the country where you’re planning to get married. But, believe it or not, it’s rather possible to organize everything in six months. Let’s see how.

Choosing (or confirming) the destination

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First things first – you two have to find a nice place for that special occasion. In case you have already dreamt about a specific city or country where you can make this lovely celebration, start your own research. You should start working on it at least six months before the desired celebration date, as in such cases it might be possible to book rather cheap flights, for example. And not only because of that – but also because you shouldn’t do such things a couple of weeks before wedding – ever.

In most cases, couples choose some places that they’re emotionally attached to, or where they made their most lovely memories. You should pay attention to the costs that might emerge while making the ceremony right there – if that’s too expensive for you, there are always other interesting and beautiful solutions.

It doesn’t have to be a beach – it can also be some beautiful mountain or any other location in nature. The chosen country should have a warm and pleasant climate, except if you are the lover of the winter or rain. So, surf the Internet, Google it all the way and try to find the most affordable, but decent solutions. This way you’ll make sure that his point will be checked from your list and it will leave time to dedicate to other fundamental preparations.

Destination wedding rules and laws

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As soon as you choose the destination, finding out everything you need to know regarding the local law and what’s the regular procedure in that country becomes your major task. This is significant as you have to make sure that your marriage is valid and legal, but also prevent a bunch of inconveniences.

When you visit a foreign country in order to schedule a wedding, th relevant people in charge of this kind of events will ask for some personal documents as birth certificates, passports, confirmation paper that the person isn’t married, etc. All documents should be translated into the language of the country where you want to make the ceremony.

Every country has its own rules and you should be very familiar with them. Therefore, ind out if there are some special conditions you need to meet. For example, in case you were married before, in some countries in South and Central America there’s some time that needs to pass so that you can marry again. Many other countries will recognize your marriage only if you become their citizen. So, do your best to get relevant information.

What about your guests?

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Making a guest list it’s sure one of the priority steps to take – and you should do it before any other organizing task, which is at least five months prior to the big day. You have to know that in situations like this there are big chances that this list will be shorter than the regular lists when people make a celebration in their country.

Firstly, you have to organize the transport. The more people you want on the event, the larger amount of money will need to be set aside. That’s why the couples limit the number of guests, and often decide to share this moment only with family, and maybe a couple of friends, best man and bridesmaid. Speak to them at least four or five months before and arrange the means of transport – cars, buses, airplane tickets and so on.

Not only the vehicles are your concern – make sure to book the accommodation for all of them in advance. The sooner – the better: you won’t need to think about that later when other tasks overwhelm you.

Venue, music and decoration

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One of the most interesting parts of making this kind of plan is choosing an appropriate party venue or open site, and try to prepare the best atmosphere for your guests. This part shouldn’t be a big problem because you can always find some help on the internet. You can also ask for a recommendation if you have friends on a destination. Couples usually take a hotel restaurant, because a lot of people can fit in there – but you can also think about other options, like huge balconies, large tents or similar alternatives.

Music and decoration are also crucial elements of preparations. You can create all by yourself, but there’s also an option to hire a professional planner. It’s always a good idea to bring the home spirit and atmosphere, no matter where you are.

Music and the venue should be booked as soon as you choose the destination, but when it comes to decoration, you can leave it for later, for example, a month or a couple of weeks before the wedding.

Prepare yourself, too

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Last, but not least point on your to-do list should be – how to prepare yourself physically and mentally for this day. There comes the dress or the suit choice – moments that you’ve always imagined, but don’t do it too soon, as you might gain or lose some weight until the day D. Wait until the last couple of months and then choose.

Also, when talking about the bride’s hair and makeup, the trust and professional person are usually much needed. So, when you’re about to save the seats in the desired means of transport for the band, think about this too. Or simply do your own makeup and hairstyle. Or let your friends do a makeover for you. Countless possibilities!

And, about the couple’s arrival at the venue or place, they mostly like to come in a big style. This is the moment they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, and it makes them feel like stars. They often decide to rent some special vehicles, like a limo. There are lots of rental companies like Kitchener Limo Services which can fulfill your day in the best way, make your dreams come true, and make you feel like celebrities. You can visit their website at

And the final piece of advice would be – stay focused. Make a packing plan a month before the celebration and try not to forget the crucial things as parts of clothes, document or so. However, don’t take everything so hard – relax, and everything should go smoothly

It’s sure that it’s not easy to organize a destination wedding. There are lots of things to plan, but it’s the most beautiful way to start the marriage though. Don’t worry about things or get nervous. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and tell yourself that everything will be just like you imagined and that the fairytale is waiting for you. And then go get that dream for yourself!

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