Joe Lacob

Joe Lacob Net Worth 2024 – The Owner of Golden State Warriors

Joseph Steven Lacob is a business executive that works in a Kleiner Perkins company. He is currently a billionaire and the owner of Golden State Warriors. Keep reading if you want to know his 2024 net worth.

Joe’s early life

Joe Lacob

Joe was born on 10th January 1956 in New Bedford in Massachusetts. His mother Marlene worked night shifts in a supermarket, and his father Sid worked in the paper products company. Later on, his family moved to Anaheim in California.

Joe’s personal life

Joe Lacobs

He is currently divorced. He used to be married to Laurie with who he has two sons, Kent and Kirk. They also have two daughters, Kayci and Kelly. Now he has a new fiance, Nicole Curran.

When it comes to his qualifications, he has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California in Biological Sciences at Irvine. He also has a master’s degree in public health from UCLA. Also, he completed an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School.

He said that he came from a low-income family and that he is the only child from the family that completed the education.

Joe’s career, awards, and nominations

Joe has been a partner at Kleiner Perkins company since 1987. Before that, he worked at Cetus Corporation, Booz Allen Company, and FHP International. He has always been a fan of sports, and that is why he decided to buy the Golden State Warriors team. He was also an investor for a woman’s basketball league, and in 2006 he became the co-owner of Celtics. He won awards for his work and was nominated for various titles. Joe’s hard work is responsible for all of his achievements.

Joe’s net worth and earnings

Jacob’s net worth is around $1.7 billion. He became rich thanks to his business skills and managed to purchase Golden State Warriors in 2010 for $450 million.

He came from a poor family and managed to become a billionaire due to his dedication and hard work.

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