Get Inspired and Become a Proud Owner of Your Farmhouse Wall Décor Creations

If updating your existing farmhouse or envisioning a new one is on your list then there are never-ending ideas to work with. From metal pieces to wall art, the list is endless.

It’s so exciting and fun to redo an old place and make it look trendier and new. You can look for ideas everywhere on the internet, home magazines, television shows, and wall art galleries.


Websites like are pioneers in rustic and vintage style wall decor. They are creative and can help you personalize your space by mixing styles that will not just suit your taste but can also match the seasons and upcoming festivals.

Give your place a modern touch


Giving a place a modern look while keeping it charming and simple, is the new trend. Get inspired from the following ideas, mix old with new and make your own new décor statement:

  • Use pallets and create artistic masterpieces of your own or use old worn wooden pieces and convert them into new to fit your space perfectly.
  • Accessorize your space with plants both indoor and outdoor.
  • Feed sacks, mason jars, leather works well with farmhouse themes.
  • Mix vinyl letters with vines to create a feeling of being at home for your guests when they gather to dine in with you.
  • Hanging flower wall art never goes out of fashion and always adds to the appeal of the place.
  • Create a wall for your vision board, names of your loved ones, and important dates to make your family come alive with your creativity.
  • Depict farm life in using miniature tools, machinery, and arts-related to farm animals; this is fundamental to any farmhouse.
  • Black and white are not old fashioned anymore especially if you are giving them a broad bold statement.
  • Arrangements of motivational, love, and laugh wall hangers create a humbler environment to live in. Add some pictures of places and people who mean love and life to you.
  • Use your couch area or entryways to display your religious beliefs and verses that you refer to during gloomy days.
  • Personalize your kitchen space with wooden signs and convert your kitchen into a perfect barista.
  • Yes! Family tree art is the new modern. Make it a centerpiece of your living room or the master bedroom. Add photo frames to give it more depth and life.
  • Use farmhouse pun signs to add humor and fun to the place. Use pictures of farm items alongside the phrases.
  • Roman numerals on industrial size metal wall clocks is a great way to modernize your living space while keeping track of time in a giant size way.
  • An elegant collection of dried out flowers and leaves can make for a beautiful art piece in minimal budget.
  • Use old weathered chevrons to warm up your doorways or the gallery wall.
  • Fill mason jars with fairy lights along with fresh flower bouquet to give a magical touch to dining or center table. Fresh herbs will make great décor for your kitchen space.
  • Use metal tiles to create intricate designs especially for bathrooms giving the space a more modern touch.

Now that we are know how to keep your space trendy and homely at the same time, use these ideas and mix your own to give life-like décor to your farmhouse.

How to give your personal space a more vintage countryside look?


Some people prefer more personalized and traditional spaces over trend and modern arts. While this style is simple, there are more than ample materials to make sure that there are no blank walls in your country farmhouse theme. Let’s get some inspiration to pull off a beautifully textured rustic look:

  • A warm wooden table accessorized with white lace table runner is a perfect place to start decorating your place perfect for a small family gathering.
  • Use glass pitchers to keep your kitchen simple yet elegant.
  • The rusted, old garden gate will be an unexpected wall décor that is sure to make a unique statement.
  • A family photo embedded in a rustic wooden framework will make a picture-perfect wall for your personalized living room.
  • Create personalized wall signs to design the entryway of your place. Play with fonts and sizes of letters to add a more rustic touch.
  • Add a fireplace. Nothing brings a better homey feeling to a house than a fireplace adorned with plants and lanterns. You can opt for a traditional fireplace if you’d like, but you can also consider installing a fireplace with a modern style to it such as a wall fireplace from
  • Make a wall of memories by displaying favorite pictures of your loved ones, hanging over photo clips.
  • Use farm tools, and old rustic tires to give a fashion sense that shouts farm life in its own rustic way.
  • Old vintage look is incomplete without an intricate mirror that adorns the look of your bedroom.
  • Use your favorite quotes to make wall displays to get your morning coffee inspirations.
  • Use flowers and large metal and wooden vases to complete the living room and entryway décor.
  • Candles floating with petals in big metal bowls are sure to give your place a more personalized and vintage look.
  • Repurpose old wire baskets, teapots, and hang them on walls. Add some flowers to complete the look.
  • Make a rustic wall of bricks and photographs intermixed with your favorite artwork. It will make your gallery wall personalized and homey.
  • DIY your old utensils to give your kitchen wall a unique statement.
  • Plank sings will make for welcoming entryways to a place you call your home.
  • Warm-up any place with feathers to bring in nature into your space.
  • Vintage street signs are another element to give your space a countryside look.

Rustic or modern is up to you; choose and get inspired to make your space “home” where you can live in a loving and homey environment to relax and unwind after hours of work. Create spaces unique to your family and welcoming for your privileged guests.

Bring your farmhouse to life, add your own style and ideas to make for a warm and cozy living environment where you can enjoy your time with your kids and loved ones.

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