How to Make Yourself a Better Pet Owner/Parent – 7 General Tips

Probably everyone of us have at least a few areas of life in mind, that we’d like to improve in. Perhaps what you have in mind is being a better person to your pets. Whether you consider yourself an owner or a parent, being nice and loving to your pets is what you likely strive for. But what are the areas that you could improve in? Where do other owners make the most mistakes and what could be done differently than you’re doing now? If you’re looking for those answers, luckily – we have comprised a list of 7 things or 7 tips, to be precise of what you and anyone else can do to be a better pet owner/parent. Let’s begin!

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and listen to vets


You need to have clarity and explanation to various questions and about certain actions. You also need to know how to act during particular situations. First and foremost, let’s talk about the worst-case scenarios when your pet gets sick. You should know to not do too much by yourselves but rather get the pet to a vet ASAP. It is imperative to get them to medical attention immediately as some cases can result in permanent damage. However, if the vet can perform a check-up quicker, the diagnosis comes sooner and damage control is much better.

We recommend being open but slightly sceptical towards content you find on social media groups of forums. If your pup, cat, rabbit, hamster or anyone else is feeling unwell, ask vets for recommendations on food or treatment. People can give you great tips but they aren’t accountable if something goes wrong.

2. Don’t think that you know everything about your pet, just because you live with them


It’s impossible to know everything. It’s also unfathomable to understand the exact needs of your pet 100% of the time. However, dogs and cats can communicate some information through body language or particular acts. But, if you do have fish, a turtle or other animals that do not communicate in such a way, make sure to get them the proper help, when you don’t know what’s going on. So, in a way, this tip is linked with the first one.

3. Pet more


This, of course, applies to dogs and cats most of all. However, there is something about petting that helps you relax and strengthen the connection and bond between the human and the pet. Regardless of how much snuggle and playing time you do with them, give 10 minutes extra every day. It’s well worth it.

4. Have proper tools for grooming


Carrying it all on your shoulders can be a tough challenge. If you’re up for it, motivation, the right mindset, energy and love aren’t the only things you need. In fact, you could have all the motivation in the world but it could mean very little if you don’t have the right tools for the job.

For example, you need to have the right shampoo. Just any shampoo might not cut it or worse, could end up damaging the fur or the hair.

But the area where most people struggle is nail or claw care. The premier mistake is taking clippers rather than using a grinder. They are just a lot more efficient and agile when compared to a clipper. Safer, too. You cannot harm your pet in any way if you’re using a modern, safe grinder. Whilst with clippers, there is always the risk of cutting too much. Finally, you should be wary about the techniques and ideas on how you can better trim the nails of your pet. Follow this site to know more.

5. Improve their surroundings constantly


Sadly, no one has enough energy to be and play with their pets for an entire day. This is why you need for them to have certain occupation during the times when you can’t play with them. Hamsters have their trademark wheels; cats have towers and scratch posts and dogs… Well, there are probably thousands of different things that you can give to your pup for them to play with. Keep in mind that there are some toys who aren’t just a fancy thing for playing. There are toys that strengthen the teeth or claws, for example.

6. Don’t lose them


Pretty much every pet hears ‘The Call of the Wild’ every once in a while. What we have in mind is the fact that they can wander off to uncharted territories without any necessity whatsoever. Dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, pretty much all pets can wander away from home, if left unguarded or if you leave the doors open, for example. Dogs and cats tend to come back (the latter do it more often) after getting familiar with the surroundings but thousands of hearts are broken every year when a pet just runs away or gets lost. No one wants that. That’s why you should do everything in your power to prevent that from happening. Get a collar with a tracker, fit a collar with reflective tape to make sure you and bypassing drivers see them at night.

7. Get them used to socialisation


If you want to do something nice for your pet, make them used to other people and animals. We’re mainly speaking about cats and dogs here as other animals are quite hard or near impossible to train. Getting back to pups and felines, we have to note that playdates as well as inviting guests or going to someone else’s home with your pet is a very nice thing to do. This helps them to adapt to the real world and you can better train them how to behave in public. If not socialised properly, pets can get aggressive when being around other pets and/or people. That is definitely not something you want.

Some final thoughts

In the end, we would like to mention that you can and should do more to be a better pet parent/owner. There are numerous ways to strengthen the bond between you and your pet, allow them to be happier or to just generally bring more joy into their lives. By following the tips, we laid out in this article, you can spend little money and use your time more efficiently. This way – everybody wins. The pet is happier and in a better shape while you have it easier at home!

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