Guides To Dressing Up Your Pet Safely And Comfortably

Your pet is a valued member of your family, and there really isn’t anything more adorable than dressing them up in a cute outfit! Just remember, your pet’s comfort should be your top priority if and when you decide to dress them in adorable apparel. Read on for some tips to follow when you want your pet to dress their best!

Start off slowly


Every pet has their own personality. Even if it is just for a short time, some pets may be a little more hesitant than others when it comes to clothing. Some will be easier to dress up than others, and even then it can be difficult getting them used to wearing clothes. You never want to force your pet to wear an outfit right away, as some may become frightened by the smell and feel of the material you put them in.

Break it into steps

Allow your pet to get familiar with the clothes you want them to wear by giving them the chance to smell the clothes. Try carefully laying the material on their back to let them feel the texture and become familiar with it. Always reward and praise your pet when they respond positively to the outfit. You can even give them treats each time you show them the material to get them to associate the apparel with treats or fun play.

Keep some handy items around


While your pet will surely look great in their outfit, keeping them looking and feeling good goes deeper than the attire. Keep some tools around to help them feel the best that they can, such as:

• Hair clippers to keep their fur nicely trimmed and neat
• Brush to keep their fur looking and feeling good
• Nail clippers to make sure their nails are always trimmed
• Flea products to ward away fleas and other small pests

You can visit  The Pampered Pup where you can check reviews and buying guides of the above tools to keep your pet looking and feeling good. Doing so will also help them look their best in whatever outfit you decide to put them in.

Choosing the right clothes

Check to make sure your pet can breathe easily and move around freely when they are wearing their special clothes. The outfit you choose shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. They should be able to easily use the bathroom in the outfit without it getting dirty. Make sure the outfit doesn’t cover up your pet’s mouth, eyes, nose, or throat. You’ll also don’t want to pick an outfit that has minimal small parts, such as buttons and flaps. If they fall off, your pet could swallow them. Choose materials that are non-toxic and it’s best to go with unscented outfit.

The fabric should also be breathable, lightweight and should be one layer only during summer days. Adding extra layer to your dog costume may cause heat exhaustion. On the other hand, if you dress your furbaby on cold season, you have to make sure the materials are still allowing air to the coat and skin of your dog, and will not weigh them down.

Buy the right clothes


Always pick clothes that are designed specifically for pets. While you may be able to get them into a dress made for a toddler, this type of clothing wasn’t designed with an animal in mind. If your pet just doesn’t want to commit to a whole outfit, consider starting them off with something smaller. A bandana or bow will still be adorable without upsetting your pet. Don’t choose something complicated to put them in if your pet doesn’t have a ton of patience to begin with!

Consider their mobility

As much as you want your beloved fur buddy to be cute, remember you have to consider their mobility especially if they are senior dogs or puppies. Dogs need to be able to move freely, restricting their movement can be dangerous. Old dogs may be suffering from joint pains so dressing them in tight and full outfit may cause them pain. Same with puppies, since they are still young, they still lack coordination skills to move in a costume.

Practice! Practice! Practice!


Don’t dress your pup on the big day. Practice with your pooch before the day! The dog needs to get used to the costume first. It might take time for the dog to like and have fun wearing the costume. It will take patience, training and positive reinforcement for your pet. Do the session on a daily basis. Keep it simple and short. Once you made your pooch comfortable and build up his confidence, you’ll be able to capture real happiness from your furbaby.

Pay attention to your pet

When your pet is wearing their outfit, pay close attention to any signs of discomfort or agitation. Remember, your pet already has their own coat. You don’t want them to get overheated in an outfit, no matter how adorable they look! If your pet fights against the clothing or seems to be agitated, take it off and give them a break. The more you push them to wear something they aren’t comfortable with, the harder it will be to get them to wear it again. Your pet “talks” to you through body language, so make sure you pay close attention to what they may be trying to tell you.

Make sure they aren’t overwhelmed


Most pets, especially dogs, enjoy attention from their owners and strangers. But, just like some humans, your pet can become overwhelmed easily if there are a lot of people interacting and playing with them. If you are bringing your pet out in public dressed in a cute outfit, it’s almost a guarantee that they will get attention from others. Watch your pet carefully and take them out of the spotlight if they are getting agitated or anxious in a crowd.

Your pet will look adorable with their special clothes on, but be cautious of their feelings and needs while they sport their new look. With some patience and commitment, we bet your pet will come to enjoy their fun clothes and revel in the attention!

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