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A Company’s Guide to Buying Tablets to Use in the Office – 2024 Tips

Every modern company that wants to increase productivity and to embrace the new technology, should consider buying smart devices for office use, that will help with productivity and business growth. You need to decide how that technology will be used in your job, so you can choose the best devices for your employees.

Tablets are becoming more and more popular for office use because they are bigger than smartphones but lighter than PCs and laptops, which makes them super portable from one office to another. If the tablet fits your business needs, the next thing you need to decide is what model is the best and what features and settings the device needs to have, so your coworkers can work on it.

This guide will help you buy the tablets that are best for your office:

What will you use it for?

The answer to this question will help you determine and choose the proper settings and features. Do you need it for stable communication only? Or they will use it to create online presentations and different types of documents? If you need it for basic tasks like sending and receiving emails and small files, don’t buy high-profile tablets. Midrange devices will work great for these tasks.

How do I protect the device?

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Many people are not careful with the company’s belongings like they would be with theirs, so you may need to buy protective cases. A good, waterproof case will protect the tablet from scratches and coffee spills. To find the best protection for the company’s devices visit, and choose the best option for you. You can even brand the cases with your logo, so they can be more representative when used at client’s meetings.

Set your budget and stick to it

As a boss, you need to hold everything in your hands. Calculate your money power before investing in a lot of expensive devices. Look for all the aspects and determine the priorities. How many tablets per office do you need? Does every employee need a separate device or they can share with their coworker? Do they really need a tablet to be more productive?

Depending on the employee’s role, you can decide what type they need, or if they can still stick to their personal desktop computer. You don’t need to buy company tablets by any price, especially if you think that your budget won’t hold that expense. You may need to wait, because cheap basic models often don’t support 3G and 4G, or don’t have memory card slots. That tablets are pretty useless, even for the kids that only want to play games and listen to music.

Choose the operating system

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People today separate the devices in two general groups: Android and iOS. As we already know, Apple’s devices are more expensive and you can find cheaper Android tablets with the same features. Here are a few basic things you need to know about both types:

  • Android

Android is an open platform operating system that works with devices from different brands, including Samsung, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Asus, and so on. But, that also means this operating system may have more bugs that you will need to fix. The latest Android versions are always better and improved compared to the older ones. Android’s Play Store is full of different kinds of business and productivity applications that can be used for your work.

  • iOS

Apple named its tablet devices iPad and iOS offers you a clean operating system design that is easy to use. AppStore is even bigger than Play Store and you can find tons of suitable applications. The iOS platform is also more secure but closed and locked-down, so you can’t install third-party applications.

You can also choose Windows devices, but they are less popular than Android and iOS, even though Windows is still number 1 for computers.

Do I need more accessories and utilities?

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In the best case, you will only need a good protective case. But, be ready to spend money on detachable keyboards, protective display glasses, power chargers, light pens, and many accessories your employees may need so they can work with the tablets. Make a plan and decide if it’s worth the money. Some jobs are better done by using computers and laptops.

Choose a better battery life

If you are sure that your company needs a few tablets so the business gets better, good battery life needs to be your priority. You don’t want the tablet to die during an important task, so you may need to invest in cases with built-in chargers or portable power chargers that will always be fully charged.

What size do I need?

Consult your coworkers, so you can decide what display size to choose. Too big or too small can be useless. Write down the specifications and that will ease the choice. Also, you need to buy tablets with better RAM and memory, that support SD cards. Ask some of your employees for tips and suggestions, because many of them already have experience with tablets. They will suggest you the best model for your working requirements.

Will they use it for work?

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Company’s tablets are for work only and you can suggest your employees not to play games or log in to their social media accounts while using it. If you think that these devices will affect badly productivity and general performance, you can always change your opinion and keep using computers and laptops.

We hope this guide helped you decide whether your company needs new tablets or not. If you can’t remember all of these instructions, you can always write them down and remember them when you need to choose the devices. It’s proven that when used properly, these devices can increase productivity and motivate your coworkers to be better at their job. You can download plenty of useful applications that will help you organize the working process better. But if you’re still not sure about this, you may need to wait for a little and research the market, before you buy the first bunch.

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