6 Pieces of Tech to Boost Productivity

Did you know that you may be able to use different pieces of technology to boost your productivity? Productivity increasing can be immensely important for a company or an individual. The company can help their employees become more productive thus allow them to earn more profits. Individuals that produce at high levels not only have the potential to make more money in sales or commission type gigs, they also can receive promotions.

At companies that recognize hard work on a consistent basis a promotion is rarely given to a person that is average in all forms of their productivity. To help you to understand how to increase your overall productivity at the office, this article delineates the different items you need in your work area.

Get a Speakerphone for Your Office


A speakerphone can help you talk with your co-workers over the phone while walking around your work area. By getting a bit of exercise at work, you can improve your mental health and your productivity while you’re working.

Use an App Like Calendly to Schedule Your Appointments

One of the most significant problems facing office workers is keeping up with all the different appointments that they may have throughout the day. Many individuals face a number of meetings during the workday. Sometimes these meetings are necessary, and missing one of these meetings may set you back in your work.

To prevent that problem, you should keep track of all your different meetings so that you’ll be aware of any issues and be able to make it to all your meetings on time. The good news is that you can find an app that will help you to schedule, reschedule, verify, and otherwise keep track of all your different appointments.

To help you with remembering all your meetings, the Calendly scheduling app can come to your rescue. Calendly is an excellent app because it has an easy-to-use interface. Moreover, Calendly boasts all the essential functions a scheduling application needs.

As an illustration, with Calendly, you can easily set your schedule so that someone will not be able to set up a meeting that involves you without giving you sufficient notice before the meeting starts. This feature and more make Calendly easy to set rules to help you better manage your schedule. You may include rules that can make your life easier, such as stopping someone from setting up a meeting with you unless they notify you a few hours in advance.

Purchase an Air Purifier for Your Work Environment


Did you know that office workers often have to deal with an issue called “sick building syndrome”? The symptoms of this syndrome can include health issues such as headaches, coughing, eye irritation, and chest tightness. This particular syndrome is especially common among many office workers who may often find themselves stuck in an office for hours every day.

A significant number of different scientific studies have demonstrated that fresh air is something that can reduce the likelihood of individuals who work in office settings from developing the sick building syndrome mentioned above. You should be aware that purchasing an air purifier can help you to remain healthy. You can reference many resources to help you understand the many benefits of breathing health air according to the experts at

Use a Time Tracking Software

The world of technology has made it far easier to get exact answers on how long we spend doing specific tasks at work. Productivity is all about getting into a flow during the work that you have planned for the day. Time tracking software can allow a person to see if a specific task takes them far less time at work. This can even be used in the case of a distracting coworker as you will have data on productivity when this person is and isn’t in the office.

Not only can this help you support a request for a changing in seating arrangement but this can also help the productivity of other employees around this human embodiment of a distraction. For management, this will help cut down on time being wasted on websites that are unrelated to work. Not only can this be done, but the other aspect of this is also that management can see where top performers are spending more of their time.

App to Block Social Media


There are apps that will help a person that struggles with distractions of social media or personal emails that helps block these apps for a set period of time. The amount of work that you can get done without the distraction of a smartphone could be staggering.

This might not be possible at companies that specialize in marketing but sign out of personal accounts. Timers that allow you to see how much time you spent on social media browsing per day can give you a realistic view of time spent on these apps. A tactic that can also work to eliminate a distraction like that of a work email as you are doing something important is to check your email on a schedule. You might be doing an expense report that takes you far longer as a manager emailed about something that can be handled later. Finishing what you start due to lack of distractions will allow you to be productive as ever.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems can make it easy for those doing the hiring at a company to sift through hundreds of resumes. These systems also contain business intelligence which helps identify applicants similar to top performers already at the company. Using data to hire can help increase the quality of hire on a consistent basis. The fact that these can post on multiple job boards at once allows a person to be far more productive. The best APS platforms also allow for automated emails to be sent to invite someone for an interview or let them know it is not a good fit.

This article has presented a few different ideas for pieces of technology that you can use. Take advantage of the tips presented above to improve your productivity in the workplace. Remember, your productivity is important to getting things accomplished.

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