How to Get the Greatest Eyeglasses for Your Face

It can be difficult to learn how to choose glasses frames. If you’re not sure what to look for, and without professional help, you could end up picking glasses that look awkward, feel uncomfortable, or could even mess up your vision. However, finding glasses that fit your face shape is one of the simplest methods to get started. So in this article, we will get you through how to choose glasses for your face shape.

What are the finest glasses for your face?


Face shapes are usually described as having a round or circle-shaped face, a square, a rectangle, an oval, or having a heart-shaped triangle face. It’s a waste of time to spend too much time worrying about your facial shape or attempting to figure it out. It’s best to look in the mirror and get an overall feeling for what type of facial features you may have.

The general rule for selecting glasses for your face shape is always to pick the drinks opposite to your face shape.

1. Glasses for round face

So if you’re somebody who is looking for glasses for a round face, you should choose spectacles with a boxier appearance and angles, such as a square glass frame or a rectangle pair of eyeglasses. The glasses won’t drive so much attention to how round your face is and give you a more balanced overall look.

2. Glasses for square face

It’s similar to someone who has more angles in their face shape, so if you have more of a square, a rectangle, or even a triangle-shaped face. In this case, finding frames with more of a circle or oval shape will probably work the best.

3. Glasses for oval face

In the case of most of us who have oval-shaped faces, you are in luck because pretty much any glasses shape will work with an oval-shaped face. So feel free to mix and match and find something that looks cool for you. Now again, I wouldn’t worry too much about your face shape because the fit matters.

Some Men’s Eyewear Brands that you may want to know:


Men’s glasses are available in a variety of ultra-stylish styles these days, allowing you to appear and feel your best everywhere you go. You can shop a great collection of the following designer eyewear brands with online retailers like SmartBuyGlasses.

• Persol is an excellent eyewear design brand, has created an incredible array of men’s glasses frames that never fail to impress. With classically cool colours and interestingly detailed manly designs, Persol offers some of the hottest trends you see on billboards as you travel to and from work.

• Versace men’s glasses collection is another option to consider when shopping for glasses online. This collection features a variety of bold and confident appearances in a variety of colour combinations.

• Ray-Ban men’s glasses range is totally timeless for a more classic style. There’s something for everyone, from the Wayfarer to the Clubmaster, the round frame to the famous Aviator.

• Arise Collective is your best choice if you’re looking for adventure. Every frame in this line is named after a different region throughout the world, emphasizing the brand’s focus on travel and discovery. These glasses give you long-lasting results as their frames are made of high-quality materials.

• Oakley & Nike men’s eyewear are strongly recommended for sports lovers. These glass frames are one of the most top ones right now because it suits any complexion, face shape, or outfit. Both of these brands are well known for producing more durable frames that are often impact resistant. This is particularly beneficial in racket sports.

How to pick glasses frames


Here are some pro tips that will help you find the best glasses.

1. Get right-sized glasses

The first pro tip is to find glasses that are the right size and width for your face. This is probably the number one issue that the most people making, and wearing glasses that are either too big or too small. You’ll need to find glasses with the edge and frame perfectly aligned with the sides of your face. If you have to turn your spectacles all the way outward like this, your glasses are too small. Alternatively, if you find yourself turning your temple arms inward toward your face, the glasses are too wide.

Two ways you can get this measurement right is to one either try on many frames at an optical so that you can figure out just what fits right for you. The numerals on the sides of the glasses frames can also be used as a guide. The standard numbers you’re going to find are the eye size, the distance between the lenses known as DBL, and then you will have the temple length. The temple is the name for the arm that reaches back to rest on your ear. In this situation, you may determine the approximate distance over the entire frame by doubling the eye size and then adding the DBL together. And you can match that with your measurement with a ruler from one temple to the other.

2. Match your glasses to your nose shape

The second pro tip is that you can match your glasses according to your nose shape and your bridge size. If someone has very narrow set eyes, then glasses with a smaller DBL will be better. Usually, if you have more narrow set eyes, you want numbers between 14-18mm. And if you are somebody with wider set eyes, you will look for numbers that are usually 19-22 on average. But it’s also essential to consider the shape of your nose. If you have an extensive set nose that is very large, then perhaps having glasses that have more angles that are closer together wouldn’t be right for you.

3. Get glasses that make you feel comfortable

Another pro tip is that if you’re someone with a prominent nose bridge, frequently plastic frames work excellent for those people as their nose works perfect at holding those frames, and they don’t necessarily slide down super easily. If somebody have a flatter nose profile that’s very flat to the face, then finding glasses with dedicated nose pads usually work better. That way, you can make significant tune adjustments, and the glasses won’t just slide easily down your face. Otherwise, your glasses may end up resting on your cheeks, and then you’re pushing them back up, and they’re hitting your eyelashes and things like that.

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