10 Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge

Playing casino games is primarily for fun but also for winning money. The house edge of different games determines their pay rate. And you can observe the difference between the pay rate and house edge between different playoffs. So if you want to gain more profit, you have to pay attention to the information about that game.

The house edge of different games varies from 1.5 percent to 6.39 percent. So we are providing you with the list of the top 10 games that offer you the best rates.

1. Backgammon


The house edge of this game is between 4.82 percent and 6.39 percent. Backgammon is a table game that you can play online casinos. It has also been one of the old games among the table and dice ones. Players have to goal for the jump bar.

There is a designated shooter in the gamble that throws the dice. Afterward, the players make their wagers, and then the shooter again throws the dice. In the end, there will be a jump bet. And whoever makes the jump bet first will win the competition.

2. Caribbean Stud Poker


The house edge of this game starts from 5 percent.

This game focuses on beating the house. Whoever players will do that first will win the game. The first move of the players in this gamble is to place the ante bet. Whether you are a player or the dealer, both of you will have 5 cards each.

And one of the dealer’s cards will be facing upwards, and all others will be face down. You can check out the dealer’s visible card and decide which card you want to fold afterward. This game also provides you with a progressive side bet.

3. Pai Gow Poker


The House edge of this game starts from 2.5 percent.

This is also a card gamble. You can call it the mixture of the poker and Chinese domino games. This gamble will allow you to have two winning hands. Thus, you will have a double chance of winning the play. You will get a twist in the classic card play. There will be a total of seven cards for each player. You should definitely try out this amazing card casino and check out your luck.

4. Roulette (Single zero)


This game is having a lesser house edge than the previous ones. Therefore, it starts at 2.5 percent.

The highest benefit that the players can get is through the single zero version. So if you want to get more benefits, you should seek out this version of the wheel gamble. You only have to pick a number. It does not require much brain. Only simple and basic mathematics will let you win if appropriately calculated.

5. Slots


You might get a house edge between 2 % to 10 %.

This is an interesting and fun casino plays. The only lacking point of this casino play is the lesser pay rates. But considering the winning chances and it is having the undisputed king of the online casino games, it is good.

You will be getting jackpots, free spins, and also some interaction having bonus rounds. Thus, you can reduce the advantage of the house by trying out these additional things. These will play a vital role in determining your win or loss of the game.

6. Video poker


This casino game has the house edge in between 0.5 % and 5 %. There is a chance that you will get a 0 % house edge.

If you want to win this game, you have to apply the strategy first. And this gamble is not only based upon your luck. You have to use the brain because you want to win it; you have to have the skills for it.

Instead of going for a higher difficulty level in the game, you should try out the simple versions. These include the Better, Deuces Wild, and jacks. These simpler versions are more rewarding and also give you a higher chance of winning.

7. Three card poker


This is another card game having a house edge starting from 1.5 %.

It is yet a speedy game, and that is the reason behind its increasing popularity. House and every single player of the play will get 3 cards. You will get the pay rate according to the cards that the dealer has. For winning it, you will have to apply the basic poker strategy here.

8. Baccarat


It is having the same house edge like that of the previous one that is 1.5 percent.

This is a basic strategy game and does not require much action around the gaming table. What you will have to do is to select a player, Tie, or a Banker to make a bet on. And that’s it. You won’t have to use your brain, and you won’t need any skills. It will only be you sitting against the table and having your luck let you win the bet.

9. Craps


The lowest house edge of this casino game goes to 1.4 percent from 5 percent.

It is considered as one of the exciting games that you will get to play in online casinos. The rules are different in these gambles. Because you won’t be able to try out your luck, if you are a beginner, you will have a higher chance of winning this gamble. It is much easier than the other ones. It also has a low house edge.

10. Blackjack (Single Deck)


1.5 % of the house edge will be provided in this online casino.

The difference between the blackjack and other card bets is off the cards. Also, the number of cards is also different than others. If you have a single deck game, the chance of winning it will be higher. In addition, the house advantage in this gamble will also be reduced significantly. You will only need a basic strategy to win this and not muck skills.  


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