6 Things you Didn’t Know About Online Casino Games

The games are created to entertain people, but the casino games to make them addicted. We all know that gambling would hardly bring us something positive but we keep searching for the best online games to play ( We sure you know a lot about online casinos and their constituent parts. However, let me tell you something you would barely learn by your own gaming experience.

Cards equal money


The biggest delusion of online casino games is that slots can make you a millionaire. Slot machines look so easy, even plain. And this is their exact role. They attract players by simplicity and visual appeal. But they are more profitable for casinos than for players. On average, slots bring 6-10% of your money to the casino wallet. If you don’t want to feed the casinos, you’d better play card games instead. Any type of table game, whether it’s a live roulette or online baccarat game, will leave more dollars to you than to the casino. Just bear it in mind and learn to play with cards.

No counting in Blackjack


Speaking of card games and gambling sites that include Blackjack games in particular. If you are good at it, you probably know how to cheat using cards. Of course, it’s possible in the land-based casinos. You could count cards before and have winning rounds one after another. But in online gambling you can hardly deceive a computer driven by the precise algorithms. You never know which card will be the dealer’s next because you neither know how many packs of cards he is using. So if you were hoping to cheat the game this way, think over another method.

Volatility doesn’t really matter


Perhaps you’ve noticed that some games have a volatility function. You can fix its level like you wish. You can make it either low, middle or high. The fact is that no matter which tempo you select, you get the same results. For example, you choose the low volatility. Basically, you win more often but only small sums. Then, when you switch on high volatility mode, you get the big win rounds, but they happen too rarely. So, you might get bored while you’re waiting for the win. Eventually you even quit the game, and this will be your biggest mistake. If you want to stay with a positive balance, you have to keep playing until you hit it.

Low house edge doesn’t boost your wins


Just for your information, the house edge is the percentage of your money that goes to casinos. This is the opposite part of the game’s RTP. For example, a game’s RTP is 94%, then the house edge is 6%. But even when the latter is as low as 0.5% (yes, it’s possible), it doesn’t mean you win more. It only means that the casino will take less money from you or from another player. You never know, it depends on the randomizer. Basically, what you do with a house edge of 2% and house edge of 10% is the same. You have the same probability of winning – 1 to 1000, say. You won’t ever have the 10 to 1000 chances at an online game with the RTP close to 99%. It doesn’t work this way.

Lotteries or slots?


Lotteries have enormous house edges, about 40%. That’s why people prefer slots with the 95% RTP than lotteries with just 60%. But here’s the hitch. If you played only lotteries, how much time would you spend on it? I bet it would be just once a week, to say the least. And you’d pay just around $20 for this one time. But what about online casinos? You can play the games every day. And probably $20 is an unacceptable sum for this. You can lose away all $500 in just an hour! So, think properly what you spend your money on. It can save both your time and your wallet.

What’s wrong with the roulette table?


The roulette is a game known for good odds and RTP. You should probably know that there are at least two major types of the famous game: European and American. The difference between them is in the 0 number. The American roulette has an extra zero number, it’s a 00. However, it is not the only prominent thing in this type of roulette.

Let’s speak about the house edges of these games. Generally, the European roulette has got 2.70% while the American type brings 5.26% to the house. In addition, there is one bet with a house edge of 7.89%. It is active only in the American roulette, and it is the 5 number bet. It is clear now that there is absolutely no point to place a bet on this number. It would harm your budget eventually. So, it is advisable to skip the 5 bet at all. However, it is even much better to play the European roulette instead.

Sum it up for the casino games


The games in a casino lobby seem so funny and interactive, especially with the special features and bonuses. Any player would just carelessly play them and bet the money. However, even the experienced gamblers, say nothing of the newbies, cannot understand which games tend to make profit. Online casinos and software providers collaborate to give us a high level of entertainment, but they keep silent on the essential issues of all the games including slots and table games.

We, as players, feel such a huge lack of information about the casino games that we do not even understand what the volatility is and what connection it has with the house edge. We do not expect that some games like the American roulette have specific bet amounts that completely change the gameplay. Therefore, our goal is to learn the hidden secrets of the casino games and follow the back-way to avoid mistakes which consequently lead us to failure.

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