2024 Guide on How to Protect Your Patent and 5 Cutting-Edge Inventions

Although we have become accustomed to the fact that everything is possible in the 21st century – we remain amazed to find out how far science and innovations have advanced. It is almost unbelievable that something we couldn’t imagine to be realistic even in our wildest dreams – is now true.

So in medicine, a head transplant had already taken place, and a Tesla car went on its way into space, and robot vacuums such as these ones – – are a thing. However, this is not the end either – in the last two years more has happened in the world of science, which has further pushed the line between the possible and the impossible. Find out below what scientific breakthroughs and technology innovations of the 21st century can change the world as we know it!

Innovation And Discoveries Are Changing Our Lives


Just like many other previous inventions – science, technology, and innovation have changed our lives in this century as well. Sometimes it all happens in ways we never could imagine. Thanks to such advancement, the world looks completely different.

Our perceptions of reality and habits have changed, and numerous discoveries have also brought us endless possibilities. For example, we are increasingly relying on technology today, so we can no longer imagine our life without it.

How Has Technology Changed The Way We Learn And Transfer Knowledge?

Technological developments have completely changed the former methods of learning and education. Previously, finding information was a long and difficult process. However, today technology has made education and information available to almost everyone. On the other hand, our lifestyles, communications, and our usual daily habits have completely changed – thanks to some very useful inventions.

Inventions Which Have Everyday Application


Technology and innovation have created countless opportunities over the years that have completely changed the way our homes function. For example, thanks to robotic vacuum cleaners in use today – users can now enjoy the day seamlessly, leaving their “little helper” to thoroughly clean their homes.

These vacuum cleaners are programmed to calculate the most efficient route, reaching all inaccessible places that ordinary handheld vacuum cleaners cannot reach – under and behind beds or other pieces of furniture.

Also, several kitchen innovations have been developed, including those that help reduce the amount of waste produced in homes. There are also so-called Family Hub refrigerators with smart shopping lists, making every cooking experience far easier and more fun.

Protecting Innovation Projects

The first two decades of the 21st century defined the accelerated development of science, technology, and numerous new inventions –  which will certainly continue to happen. We are yet to see what the future will bring us, but one thing is for sure – the world will be much different in the next 10 or 30 years from the one we live in today.

However, even in the 21st century, inventors often make mistakes by failing to properly identify “legal boundaries” when it comes to their inventions. This is why it often happens that one’s invention or innovation ends up in someone else’s hands.

How To Protect Your Invention If You Have One?


Legal protection and licensing is of immeasurable importance. When it comes to patenting, licenses and legal regulation – this is where you have to be very careful and smart. In this regard, it is always advisable to contact some of the reputable companies who are dealing with this issue.

On InventHelp YouTube channel you can find a lot of useful videos about inventions. Such and similar companies have decades of experience in advising their clients on patent protection – as well as ways to market your invention or innovation.

This kind of help is extremely valuable, especially in these times when it’s far easier to alienate someone’s idea and sell it as your own. So do not even consider entering such a venture alone. You will certainly need the help of a good expert team to guide you throughout the whole process.

What Significant Inventions Has the 21st Century Brought to Us?

Now, let’s turn to the things that have emerged in the 21st century. Most of them have already found their place in science, technology or application in our everyday life. Certainly, there are many of them, but we have highlighted only a few.

First color X-rays


Scientists from New Zealand, using standard black and white X-ray technology – have succeeded in patenting 3D color X-rays, which have already been applied in medical practice. Their importance is enormous in this regard, as they give a much clearer picture and a clearer distinction between bones, cartilage, and muscles. They also provide accurate information on tumor size and position.

A Vest That Warns Us Of A Heart Attack

It is a special smart waistcoat that operates on the principle of electrodes and sensors. These sensors monitor ECG, blood pressure and heart rate for 24 hours every day.  Also, whoever wears this vest should install a special application on their phone – which records and stores all the data. The inventor of this unusual vest claims that it can diagnose and even predict and alert us to serious conditions such as heart attack.

Flying Taxi In China


The Aerocar EHang 184 looks a bit like a drone – but it can carry 2 passengers, up to 15 kilometers, and go 130 km per hour. However, what is interesting about this flying taxi is that it does not have a driver – but that it works or flies alone, that is automatically!

Robotic Hand Controlled By Our Mind

Robots have long since become our reality, but the 21st century has taken us one step further. The 21st-century scientists have invented the hand we can control as if it were our hand – by using our mind. They achieved this by placing certain electrodes underneath human skin. Although it is still a prototype – it is only a matter of time before it will come to life in practice.



Cryptocurrencies have made a huge impact and they gained huge popularity. For example, many people who invested in cryptocurrencies about 10 years ago – have managed to earn more than a decent amount of money. Economic experts say it is a completely new model of the economy – which could change a lot in the way we function daily.

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