Top 7 Inventions and Technologies That Changed Human Life Forever

The world is truly an amazing place, and it has been further enhanced by numerous inventions and technologies. Each of them actually represented a turning point that forever changed the way the world functioned. That is why that world is even better today. If you stop for a moment and think about all these milestones, you will embark on a very interesting journey. What actually happened from the advent of the dot to the internet? Anything, and we have listed some of the most popular inventions and technologies that we are all aware of.

1. Apple iPhone


The Apple company has not only dramatically changed the circumstances in the world of technology, but also the everyday lives of billions of people. Keep in mind that entire generations will not know life without the iPhone. The reason is that the iPhone has put the whole world in our pockets. For example, a lot of people use this phone as the only computer, camera, bill payment device, etc. We can say that the first phones are a great imitation of a BlackBerry device only with much better features. After Apple released the first phones, everyone started copying them.

Its main features are a wide screen, a beautiful design and a perfect camera. Huge networks of companies around the world have now been launched and parts are being made for drones, video surveillance, etc. In addition, there are devices that integrate perfectly with phones. It’s definitely a smart watch, but also an AirPod. The biggest advantages of this device are software solutions, but also hardware resistance to falls, shocks, wetting and similar things. So, Apple phones are not only of good design but contain many more things and bring a wide variety of content.

2. Wi-Fi


No matter what the devices are, they would not be what they are today without this option. Smart phones and the internet we have access to today would not be possible. Imagine being able to go back in time to the 90s. If you then wanted to access the Internet as you do now, you would need to connect to a network cable. A few years later, only Wi-Fi was available to consumers, and over time it got better. This primarily refers to speed, but also to the possibility of connecting to computers, mobile devices, as well as cars. Wi-Fi is something without which we would not be able to get through the day, which means that it greatly affects our personal and professional life. That is why today it is in every public place and in every home.

3. Internet of things


This is definitely the core of the process of digitizing society, because it has changed the way people view things. Just look around and you will see various smart devices that are in your home or anywhere else. So it’s no longer just smartphones or watches. These are smart toasters, refrigerators, houses or smart cities. All these things can be networked, they number millions of applications, and more is being invested in their development.

The Internet of Things changes not only individual human lives but also a multitude of industries. Especially when it comes to the healthcare industry, because the emphasis is on the development of a number of devices that enable better diagnosis and treatment. Then, change includes smart cities. For example, these are built-in sensors in bridges, roads, buildings, etc.

4. Voice assistants


In recent years, voice assistants have experienced a real expansion. We can say that they have definitely changed the interaction with smart devices. However, their use began before they reached the peak of popularity. One of the first launches was a program to recognize voice commands, and it started in the 90s. After that, there were more attempts at similar programs. They allowed dictation and writing based on dictates. Of course, precision was not their strong suit.

Many interesting anecdotes emerged from such a program, but it was not abandoned. The real boom happened in the 2000s when Siri appeared on the market, which was backed by Apple. Of course, this advanced software perfectly recognized commands, gave clear answers to questions, etc. Now there are a large number of these assistants in all smartphones, but also cars, sound systems, etc. You can do everything with them, talk, ask them questions, research and much more.

5. Artificial intelligence


We must not forget about artificial intelligence. These are machines that simulate human intelligence, and that is really something that directly changes people’s lives. Although this used to be science fiction, it quickly became a reality and it is one of the most important technologies of today. You can see traces of that technology in face recognition, solving critical transport problems, etc. Just try to look at the internet and you will understand that artificial intelligence is applied everywhere. From speech recognition to mail management. So it applies everywhere. It is equally useful in crime security and in trade, health and other areas.

6. Wheel


It takes us back many years when everything seemed so unattainable as inventions and technology advanced far. Although the wheel is a seemingly simple device, it has changed people’s lives forever. It made it easier to transport goods, as well as people. Also, for many countries, the automotive industry is the most important industry.

That is why this is a historical turning point, thanks to which agroeconomics has flourished.

7. Internal combustion engine


Of course, we must not forget this invention, because with it begins the era of industrialization. Chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy that drives all other parts. For example, a car uses fuel that may be different. During the work, you go from the farthest to the nearest point. The work consists of suction, compaction, combustion and blowing. Transport after this becomes something completely different and the traffic revolution begins.


Even though smart devices are a part of us today and we think we can’t live without them, remember the inventions before that. On our list are just a few of the many inventions that happened in the earliest years and that brought us to where we are today and if you check this you will see even more invention stories.

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