Beginner’s Guide to AR-15 Folding Stock Adapters

Many rifle manufacturers offer standards such as the A1, A2, or Mil-Spec Carbine buttstocks attached; many firearm owners have valid reasons for needing to fold the stock. When picking a folding-stock it is important to note that it will have to allow you an easy sight picture and work in conjunction with the rifle scope. This website has a variety of AR-15 optics that will function holistically with your stock, which can save you time and unnecessary expense.

Traditionally, an AR15 with a buttstock removed or folded won’t fire as intended. These needs are also in direct contradiction to what you know about how a standard AR15 operates.

This article should shed some light on AR folding-stocks and folding stock adapters that get the job done.

Why Choose a Folding Stock Adapter


An AR15 with a properly functioning folding stock provides the ability to make your rifle more compact. Having a folding buttstock often reduces the overall length of your AR15 by well over an inch and can be more easily concealed.

If you intend to include your rifle as part of your bug out equipment, an AR15 with a folding stock can be stored in a bag and remain undetectable until the time comes to deploy it.

Portability is another reason many opt for a folding stock. When folded, the rifle becomes much shorter and easier to transport.

Lastly, a folding stock that’s mounted and operationally functional can negate the need for a semi-automatic pistol carry unless you choose to do so.

So far, while you now understand the reasons for an AR15 folding stock, you may still be overwhelmed at the sheer numbers of buttstock adapters on the market today and which ones will work the best for your needs.

If you plan to install the folding stock yourself, you’re probably going to want something that’s drop-in ready.

Or you may prefer a more lightweight version in a polymer configuration. Then again, you may wish to have a heavy buttstock adapter forged out of steel for that added layer of durability.

Here are a few of the best adapters to consider if you decide to mount a folding buttstock on your AR15.

Law Tactical LLC AR-15 Gen-3 Folding Stock Adapter


For many AR15 enthusiasts, the Gen-3 folding stock adapter from Law Tactical LLC rates near the top of the list if not a number one pick. Law Tactical LLC builds the AR-15 Gen-3 out of high-quality steel that’s diamond-like carbon-coated to resist corrosion caused by inclement conditions in the field.

Not only is the Law Tactical LLC adapter durable and dependable, but the installation process is straightforward and can be performed in a matter of minutes. Many firearm enthusiasts who installed a folding stock with a poor-quality adapter find themselves growing accustomed to a bit of wobble.

However, you’ll quickly discover that this adapter from Law Tactical LLC eliminates that with adjustable hinge tension capabilities, so you can make the stock as loose or as tight as you need.

The Gen-3 adapter fits not only an AR15 but also most single bolt carriers and even the. 308 AR10 platform and is compatible with both gas impingement systems and gas piston configurations.

Although some adapters may shift, creating an instant issue during deployment, Law Tactical resolves the problem with a solid setscrew to ensure your folding stock remains where it should and operates as intended.

Modular Driven Technologies Folding Stock Adapter


What keeps this folding adapter at the top of the list is not only that it handles the rigors of practical use in the field, but it provides a few more options than most on the market.

First and foremost, the MDT adapter is forged from aerospace-grade aluminum to withstand harsh environments and remain lightweight and durable. This feature alone makes it a preferred adapter among the ranks of AR15 owners.

Modular Driven Technologies also offers different locking configurations with this adapter. First, the one-way lock ensures the stock is straight and stiff to promote a more accurate shot when deployed. Then, a two-way lock keeps the buttstock securely in place when folded.

This folding stock adapter from MDT also features a rugged and dependably solid interface that guarantees a bolt won’t pass through it and will fit most requirements any rifle owner may have.

The only drawback to the MDT adapter is compatibility, as the Modular Driven Technologies adapter won’t work with either an MDT Tac21 or ESS style of chassis.

Aside from this, the MDT folding stock adapter offers ease of installation, flawless operation, and a simplified method of storage and transportation.

Brownells AR-15 GEN 3 Folding Stock Adapter W/ Pistol Buffer Tube


Last on the list but offering top-shelf qualities most other adapters don’t, is this folding stock adapter from Brownells. Priced at under four hundred dollars, this folding stock adapter from

Brownells is easy to install and offers smooth and flawless operation when either deploying or folding the stock.

Then Brownell takes things up a few notches with the addition of a pistol buffer tube, providing AR15 pistol owners the capability of converting their pistol into a short barrel rifle PCC or pistol carbine.

The AR15 Gen 3 folding stock adapter is the best solution for firearm enthusiasts who wish to satisfy their AR15 rifle and AR15 semi-automatic pistol needs with a single solution.

Deciding on an AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter


Although these folding stock adapters represent the best of the best, you may be the kind of shopper who likes to validate things for yourself. If that’s the case, then there are three primary decision factors you’ll need to consider before making your purchase.

Remember, deciding to invest money in a folding stock solution means finding the best solution for your needs without damaging your budget beyond recognition. First, what platform do you need this solution for, AR15 rifle, AR15 pistol, or both?

The next determining factor will be how easy the installation process is. Suppose you’ve been gunsmithing for a while, and you know your way around budget builds of AR15 rifles and pistols.

If that’s the case, the installation process’s complex or straightforward installation process may not be the deciding factor. However, most firearm enthusiasts may not have that kind of knowledge and don’t want to spend extra money on top of the cost of the adapter to have a gunsmith install it.

The best way to beat this will be to purchase a folding buttstock adapter with drop-in installation capabilities.

Finally, there’s the price. With enough investigation, you should be able to determine how much you’re willing to pay for the solution you need.

Although price shouldn’t be the only determining factor when purchasing a folding stock adapter, doing some research beforehand will help you eliminate sticker shock.

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