Best Apps That Everyone Should Have

Are you reading this on your smartphone or on the computer? You might even do it on a smartwatch! We live in an era when technology has become usual and accessible. Most of the things we do these days depend on the use of various apps or devices. It’s amazing that we have an app for every aspect of our lives: they help us monitor health, follow our schedule, watch movies, series, and sports games, create workout regimens, stay in touch with friends and family, and even find partners.

With each passing day, we have more and more people working on developing new and amazing apps, and sending them our way. The number of users also grows, as it’s a big trend to monitor our daily obligations through apps. So, let’s check out the best apps everyone should download.

1. Sleep Cycle Power Nap


Sleeping is vital for our well-being; taking a nap during the day might be an amazing way of recharging batteries. But, you shouldn’t do it for too long. If you plan on taking a nap, it’s better to have it short and sweet. This is called a power nap, and it’s better to shorten it, than to sleep for too long. In order to avoid any inconvenience and oversleeping, try install this app. It’s better than an alarm, as it will alarm you when enough time has passed, and your power nap is done. The best part is that it’s so sophisticated that it will not wake you up during the REM phase of sleep.

2. VPN

A VPN is an ideal way to hide your IP address, encrypt the data on your end, and send your signal through various services, servers, and countries; making it impossible for anyone to track your presence. You should always use it on public Wi-Fi when you want to protect your data privacy, when you’re testing an app that you don’t trust, or when you simply want to see content that isn’t available in your region. This should be enough to convince you to use a VPN, and if you don’t have a clear-cut favorite, according to online reviews, ExpressVPN app is the one with the best features. You can click here to download it and see it for yourself.

3. Dropbox


Let’s talk about apps that can make your life much easier. Dropbox is one of those apps. It is useful when you’re about to to sync your files across various devices you use every day, at home or work. The best part is that it’s available across all platforms, so Dropbox can be used by both Windows and Android users, and also by iOS and macOS ones. What this app allows you is an interrupted access to all of your files, regardless of the device or a platform you use. The basic version offers up to 2GB of storage and the ability to automatically back up all of your data to a specified folder or a cloud system.

4. Bitwarden


Most people have too many accounts to keep track of all of their passwords. Of course, using the same one for all platforms is not wise, and in today’s day and age, we hope no one is doing this anymore. The worst thing you could do is to have more variations of one password. This could create a mess you won’t know how to get out of. So, if you need your passwords managed, we have a great solution for you in Bitwarden. This app is an amazing password manager. While it comes with a premium option, the basic one should cover the needs of most of you in this department. It’s great in the password-generating domain, it can sync your passwords across all applications and devices you might be using, and much more if you’re eager to explore it.

5. Action Movie FX


We live in the age of social media platforms, and this is not going to change any time soon. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have taken over the world some time ago. Now, we have TikTok making its way up. Do you use this app? If you do, you could use Action Movie FX to your benefit. If you’re keen on making videos on a regular basis, this app could help you do it by using movie special effects. With this app, every video you make will seem like it was made in Hollywood. What more an avid video-maker could ask for? Not much.

6. Plex


If you’re more into watching videos than making them, you should download Plex. With this app, you can stream any content from your computer to your mobile device. To be able to do thi,s you need to have the application installed on both your computer and your smartphone or tablet. When this is done, no content is off the limits anymore. The one downside is that larger files require you to use the premium version, which is priced at $5 per month. A small price for a great service Plex offers.


As you can see, the number of apps is vast, and it keeps growing. Here we have a small sample size, but you can see how useful they are in every aspect of life. It doesn’t matter if you need to manage your files or passwords, protect your data while surfing the net, watching videos, or making them, it’s all possible with the right application. In the modern era, it’s practically impossible to function without the right application. To be honest, you’re probably using one to read this article, aren’t you?

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