Best Folding Electric Bikes in 2024

As time goes on, more and more people opt for bikes as a transport method instead of sitting for hours in the concrete jungle. Electric bikes are a great option for people who care about the environment and for those who want to make their commute faster and less taxing.

There are so many different companies on the market who are trying to create the ultimate mini-commuter machine. The best thing they’ve come up with are the folding electric bikes. That’s a type of bike that can pretty much origami down to fit under your desk. People who live in apartments or don’t have too much space in their garage love these bikes because they take up almost no space.

If you are one of the many who want to get a new folding electric bike, made a list for you that will help you choose the best one. You can see the category the bike is top-rated at and why it is number one.

Best Folding Mechanism – Brompton Electric


This smart, wholly and plucky British Brompton Electric looks and feels so sleek like it came out of a Bond movie. The bike folds in three pieces and in just a matter of seconds it gets really small. The tests show that it can get down to 3 cubic feet of rubber and aluminum in less than 30 seconds!

The difference between this bike and others is that this one has an amazing hub motor of 250-watts and it propels up to 16mph. It also does burnouts. When the battery is off, the Brompton Electric weighs about 5 pounds more than a regular Brompton. It folds to the same size, so the battery didn’t’ really ruin the capability as a folding bike.

The price of it is $3,639 and if you want the two-speed model, it will cost you $3,499. This bike may make an average-sized adult look a bit funny because of the 16-inch wheels. However, you cannot find a better portability bike that’s really good and easy to ride.


Available in 2- and 6-speed models

Folds to same dimensions as nonelectric Bromptons


Maximum pedal assist is 15.5 mph

Lightweight – Jetson Metro


If you are looking to buy a bike that you need just between the train and the office or if you need it to travel short distances, then you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a bike.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then this electric bike is the right for you. The 250-watt hub motor takes you up to 16 mph; the battery, hidden in the frame, supplies 40 miles of range on a single charge.

The only negative thing is that the handlebar of the e-bike does not stay secure when the bike is folded. You should know that with this bike you will get a one-year factory warranty, so you won’t have to worry if anything breaks in the first year.


40-mile range

38 pounds


No rack or fender mounts

High-Torque Motor – Civi Bikes Rebel 1.0


Even though this bike is not really designed to be carried around, at 40 inches long when folded and weighing about 60 pounds, you can still fit it in the trunk of your car and it won’t take too much space in your apartment.

The best thing about this e-bike is that you can go off-road and up hills, thanks to a 500-watt, 80nm Bafang hub motor, and 4-inch-wide fat tires. There are also mounts for optional steel fenders and front and rear racks.

If you are looking for folding bikes with the best reviews, you should know that Folding Bike Guru recommends the Rebel 1.0 because the drivetrain is far better than anything you will find on most electric bikes. That makes this unit a capable ride on many different surfaces.


500-watt, 80nm rear hub motor

Fat tires for off-pavement riding


60 pounds

Not very small when folded

Tiny and Cheap – Swagtron EB7


This $600 e-bike is one of the cheapest bikes that you can find on the market these days. This single-speed folding bike has 14-inch wheels with a maximum speed of 18mph. The range of it is 15 miles.

It also has a throttle for lazy cruising and it comes with a headlight as well as a port so you can charge your phone as you roll. Even though this bike does not give some of the options the other folding bikes have, for this price, it offers more than enough.


350-watt hub motor

18mph top speed


15-mile range

Light and Easy to Carry – Qualisports Volador


This bike has a back-to-basics take and it offers 20-inch wheels, 7-speed gearing, and quick-release levers for fast size adjustments after unfolding.

It is usually marketed to private pilots because it becomes really small when it is folded and takes up almost no room. The selling point of the bike is its weight – 36 pounds for a full-function folder.

People who are looking for higher-featured and faster bikes may want to look elsewhere. However, this e-bike will help you if you are using ground-bound modes of transportation like subways and you need something light and easy to carry to help you get to the office faster. Simplify and add lightness was the motto the manufactures followed when they created this bike.


36 pounds


25-mile range

Other best-rated bikes

In other categories, these are the best folding e-bikes available on the market:

  • Real Mag Wheels – E-Joe Epik Carbon
  • Elegant Frame With Integrated Battery – Sondors Fold X
  • Looks Like No Other E-Bike – Gocycle GS
  • Deluxe Build for Daily Use – Tern Vektron S10 Gen 2
  • Goes Where Others Won’t – Rad Power RadMini
  • Great Value – Blix Vika+

Now you know which e-bikes are the best on the market, at least for now. If you have a personal favorite you can read more about it and see if it fits your wishes. If you don’t know what kind of folding bike you need, you can compare them by price and see which one fits your budget the best.

However, before purchasing any of these units, it is best to ask around and ask the professionals from for opinions. You can read a lot of reviews on any of these bikes online and find testimonials from people who are already owning them. Have fun and a safe ride!

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