How to Access Blocked Websites in 5 Easy Steps

A lot of us are frustrated because, although the internet is open, free and available to everyone, we do not have the access to everything we would want. There are numerous contents, sites and places that are restricted for many different reasons.

When it comes to the internet and access to things there around 80% is open and allowed to almost anyone. What is with the rest of it? Well, the fact is that we have particular things, services and sites that are closed entirely for the general population or that are closed because of certain regional limitations. The first two is not what interests us as regular consumer because there are things like the deep web and some government sites, information and places, we are most devastated that certain services are locking our access due to the fact where we are located in the world.

If you all thought of Netflix and other streaming services similar to it then you are right. You all know that Netflix and the likes are locking content based on your geographical position and location in the world. This means that some content that is based in the USA is not available to someone in China and vice versa.

Today we will tell you about a few simple steps you can make to allow yourself broader access to blocked websites and services that are excluded from your region so stay with us!

1. VPN


A virtual private network, or VPN, is a type of internet privacy service that was first utilized in commercial settings, organizations, and governments to protect sensitive data. Because most employees work remotely and need to connect to corporate systems, a secure connection solution was required. Virtual private network (VPN) services, such as WeVPN, are now utilized by practically everyone to safeguard their secret location and encrypt their data so they may surf the web anonymously. Another feature of a VPN is the ability to change your server location to anywhere in the globe, allowing you to access information or, in this case, blocked websites that would otherwise be unavailable to you. You can swiftly change your sever information and location, making a fool out of any service by making it think you are sitting in downtown London while you are in Hawaii trying to access your favourite show from there. This is all done in a simple few clicks and all the freedom you need is right there.

2. Google Translate


Now since VPN services, at least those good ones, cost money people have started searching for different methods of accessing blocked websites. Since we like to save our money wherever it is possible, people managed to find a way to cheat the system where you can use google translate and open nearly 95% of blocked websites. Now, this isn’t a foolproof technique for accessing the sites you want because it doesn’t always work… but for a free “hack,” we’ll accept it and explain how to get around the system. Open that website by typing in google translate. After that, put the site address in the area where you need to type the text to be translated and wait for Google to translate it into a link you can click. When you click the link after it has been “translated,” you will be able to enter the site and explore it freely, with the added benefit of it being translated into your language.

3. Chrome extension


This method of accessing banned websites now requires you to download a VPN extension from the Chrome store, although this VPN plugin for Chrome is free. Hola VPN for Chrome is what we used and tested, and it is free, though the service provider keeps pushing you towards the paid version, which should be a bit better and add free if you can tolerate all of that and if you want to save money. If you can tolerate all of that and if you want to save money, the free version is perfectly fine, and the way to use it is the same as using a third-party VPN software, or even simpler. All you have to do is install the extension and add the website you want to unblock, and you’re done. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you use Microsoft Edge, you may utilize the same VPN.

4. Opera/Opera Mini


Opera is a neat browser for so many things and this one makes it exceptional. The latest updates to the browser were awesome but an integration of a VPN setting in the browser itself makes it a bit more desirable. What you do is simply download the Opera or Opera mini, one is for PC other for your phone, and in the settings just enable the VPN service Opera offers and you are all set., all the blocked websites will be available and open to you.

5. Blockaway


Blockaway is a free proxy server that will allow you to get access to any website that was troubling you before. There is no install, there are no settings you simply visit the Blockaway site and type the address of the site which was initially blocked to you and, presto! You have the site available and open right in front of you. This is another free and simple way of accessing these sites, try it, test it and tell us how it went.

The last thing we want to state here is that none of these methods works for services like Netflix. If you want content from these services available to you whenever then you can only access them with a VPN as a third-party application that can change your server position and make you seem like you are browsing from a specific region or country.

This VPN software will truly open your door to the “hidden” part of the internet while at the same time enhancing your safety and protecting your vital information. Happy surfing everyone!

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