4 Ways Online Casino Free Spins Can Be Beneficial to Players

The promo features represent one of the main tactics used by online gambling platforms to attract more players. There are several types of promotions, and the most common one is related to new players. For example, when you create a profile and make the first payment, the house will provide you with free credit that you can use to play games.

The great thing is that you can win real money this way. However, always check the additional requirements since it could be more difficult to cash out the credit you won this way. Moreover, a lot of companies decided to go one step further and offer an even more attractive deal, which is providing special features for free. For example, you can get 20 free games at some casinos, along with the free funds. If you are interested in this feature, read more at

When it comes to special features in games, they are often the main things where players are focused only on getting those features. There are different ways of winning in games, but this one is the most interesting, and often provides the best chance for winning more money in short time. Here are some of the main ways of how free spins can be beneficial to players.

1. Better Chance to Win


As we already mentioned, many games have a special feature with various symbols and wilds where you can have a much better chance to win more. In most cases, the system works in a way where there are various symbols with different values, but you can win a significant prize only if you align those most valuable symbols, and there are often only one or two of them.

On the other hand, the additional special feature offers some interesting in-game system with more symbols and wilds where you can collect a lot of funds in only ten or twenty rounds. Besides that, even if there is only a plain system with random rounds, you will save a lot of money by using this feature, which is especially important for players who are playing with bigger coin size.

2. You Can Skip the Boring Part


There are many options where the key is to get a special feature. Therefore, the whole point of your playing is to wait for it and hope for some good results. The fact that it is all random, and that a player might have to wait for a longer time to win such feature led many developers to introduce a new system, which is called bonus buy.

We can notice a significant increase of such games on many online gambling platforms. The price is in most cases x100 of your coin size. Still, it provides you a chance to win a lot even if you are playing with lower stakes. There are options where players often choose to use only this feature, and skip pressing the start button all the time.

The best example is Dog House Megaways, where the key feature is to get at least three special symbols that will trigger the additional feature. When you get it, you will be provided with at least seven free round. Also, the special wild symbols will remain on the position after they appear. Therefore, you could get a combination with a special symbol in each column, which is a guaranteed win.

3. Much Better Return Rate


If the key feature of some game is to collect special symbols that will trigger the additional feature, you should always aim of getting it. If there is no way to buy it, you will need to pay more attention to your coin size. The frequency of getting these symbols depends on volatility as well. In some cases, you might need to wait for a longer time to get it. However, you can expect an excellent return.

Furthermore, it might be the only way to win more. As we already mentioned, there are many options with only a couple of valuable symbols and it is a rare situation that you get to combine four or five of them. In that matter, focusing on additional features is the only way to win.

4. You Can Compete For Additional Prizes


A lot of companies are introducing new systems to awards loyal players, and one of the best ways to improve your rank and get more free funds is to play virtual games, especially those with special games. For example, if there is a competition where the key is to be in first 1,000 or 100 players who managed to win or spend a specific amount of funds, special features can help you reach those requirements without the need to spend a lot of money.

Besides that, it is common that many gambling sites provide several jackpot options, like the one linked to the game, and random prizes linked to the system. The fact is that you can play for a longer time when you get a special feature, which also leads to an improved chance of winning these special prizes.

The Bottom Line

Before you step into the playing any of these games, be sure to check the main features and requirements. Also, your money management and approach can be crucial. The best solution is to set the right coin size according to your balance. That will allow you to stay in the game for a longer time, and improve your chance of winning more special games.

A great thing is that many sites are now offering special features along with free funds for new players, which can be a great way to learn more about the main characteristics, and have an excellent start since you can expect a decent prize.

It depends on the features of the game when it comes to focusing on special awards. For example, if the volatility of getting three chatters is very high, there is no need to buy this feature since the prize may often be lower than the price of it.

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