How to Do Voice Overs in 12 Easy Steps?

Voice over is an audio recording, which is necessary to dictate any story, dialogues, and other important clips. You need an expert with a clear voice for audio projects. Voix Off Master helps in providing great artists that can become a perfect voice for your projects. Preparing such a thing is not a difficult task until you recognize the procedure.

In the following write-up, we will discuss how to record high-quality voice-overs in some easy steps. Before starting anything, you must have the necessary equipment, like a computer, microphone, recorder, software, headphones, etc. Let us start discussing some important steps to record high-quality audios for your project.

1. Get a Peaceful Room


Initially, you have to search for a peaceful room without any disturbance and noise. The size of the room must be fine so that your audio does not echo. Make sure that the room consists of soft furniture instead of reflecting surfaces.

Remember one thing that whenever you record any audio, the microphone will gather your voice along with background sound. Make sure that there is pin-drop silence when you start working on your project.

2. Test Your Space that You Found Ideal for Recording

After deciding the chamber in which you will sit, and you must check it once again. You have to go there and clap your hands to listen to the echo sound. When you experience no noise, then you can finalize the place and start doing your job properly.

3. Installation of Your Equipment


Now, gather all the accessories and install them in that space. Take your time for installing a mic stand with a microphone plugged in. You can also plug in your microphone to your desktop directly. Check whether you can access everything on your computer or not. If yes, then you can proceed further.

4. Start Your DAW Recording Program and Arrange Levels

There is plenty of software available for audio recording, and you can choose anyone you like. Many people prefer to use Audacity, which is quite available on any platform. Now, set the levels by speaking something on the microphone.

You must know how to manage the levels so that your audio sounds loud and clear. You can also ruin the sound quality if your pitch is either too low or high. Now, you have to switch off your fans, electric equipment, and shut down doors and windows before recording.

5. Place the Microphone Properly


Many people do not know the microphone’s right position, and hence, they lack recording high-grade audios. It must keep the mic at a distance of 5 inches from your mouth. The voice tone affects when you move towards it or go far from it. You have to test everything to check how your voice is appearing before doing anything.

6. Start Preparing Yourself

After setting up everything, you should prepare yourself for the recording. Ask everyone in the area to move outside and shut all the doors. Make sure that no one disturbs you in between. Tightened your mic stand and keep your mobile phone in silent mode. Have some water to make your mouth wet.

Start preparing yourself mentally and think about the character of whom you will record the voice over. Study about the character and get a brief idea about it. You can also change the pitch, as well as, speed of voice for a different tone.

7. Start Recording


When you are completely ready, click the record button and start recording. Stay normal and speak dialogues in the way that character delivers. You can either record in various sections or do it at a long length and break it later. You can decide how to do your job conveniently. Your software will maintain the list of sessions and save it together. If you miss anything or want to re-record, then also you can do it again and insert that clip in between. There are so many things to do within the software.

8. Listen to Your Recording and Make Notes

After completing your task, you must take a small break of 10-15 minutes. You must take some water and start listening to the clips that you have recorded. You need to be patient and make notes whenever you realize any mistake.

It is important to check whether there is any disturbance or not. You have to check whether your sound is quite clear and loud or not. If you do not understand anything once, you can try repeatedly till you prepare notes.

9. Edit Your Audio Clips


After taking notes, you need to eliminate your mistakes. It is an easy process if you are operating a good DAW. You can remove incorrect words, long silence, background noise, and other stuff with ease. Now, you have to balance the sound by doing some automation. Manage your tone and make it perfect for the character.

10. Use Compressor for the Consistency of Sound

Any loud parts in the clip are easy to compress to make it consistent. Whenever you increase the volume, those peaks will not sound worse. This step is important to get a perfect finish for your audio. Make sure that you do not overdo the compression because it will make your voice unnatural.

11. Export Your Recording in an Audio File


After editing, you can check how your voice is recorded. Now, you have to export it to a compatible audio file by using the features of the DAW. It will save all the edits and give you a perfect voice over. Ensure that 16 bits must be the bit depth and 48KHz must be the sample rate.

12. Sync the Voice-Over to Your Video

The final step is to sync the voice-over to the existing video. Make minor edits in the video editor to make the voice-over look perfect on the character.

The Bottom Line

The process of recording a voice-over is quite easy if you have all the accessories, a peaceful place, and determine how to do it. You must follow the steps mentioned earlier to make a perfect voice over for your project-

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