Top 10 Tips for Designing an Effective Leaflet for Your Business

Designing and starting any business, regardless of the activity, is demanding and not at all easy. Developing a basic idea, researching the market, planning, finances and finally realization, are an engagement that significantly occupies our time and intellect. Awareness of the visual identity of a company must exist before or in parallel with its establishment. The role of marketing, presentation and image of the company is huge and unavoidable in the formation of a company, especially at its beginning.

All kinds of advertising of your products and services are necessary. This lays the foundation for your business and spreads information that should reach potential customers. Also, the way you appear on the market and your competition assesses your seriousness and business acumen.

Advertising on TV, radio, billboards is effective, but it is quite expensive. For beginners in any business field, it is often too expensive and difficult to reach. Digital marketing remains, which today is extremely represented by I leaflet as an excellent example of direct marketing.

What is a leaflet?


Leaflets are printed material that aims to inform the public about an event or someone’s business, innovations in company business, a new product, service, and possibly a change of address. It is a cheap form of advertising, it is no problem to distribute it and share it in large numbers. That is why it has been so represented and popular for decades. When they have a good idea, design, and even offer a quality product or service, they can significantly participate in the growth and expansion of any type of business.

How to best design a leaflet and improve your business:

1. Hire a designer

Many companies have designers and marketing experts within their circle of employees. However, this is not the case with everyone. Sometimes companies hire experts as needed. Although making a leaflet seems to be the simplest job in the world, for those who do not do it, it is very important to be aware of how complex the job is. Especially nowadays, when people, both individually and within work, are overwhelmed and oversaturated with advertising materials of all kinds. So, your leaflet must be a reflection of your business, but also original in terms of advertising content and design. That is why it is best for an expert to deal with it, and not a group of employees who can only guess and improvise. If you don’t want to pay professionals, you should at least take a look at to see how professionals create leaflet and thus get some ideas.


2. Size

The format of the leaflet will depend on what you want to say and the occasion you want to draw attention to. Size generally varies from A3-A7.

-A7 is the smallest format and is convenient for sharing on the street, when people are passing by. Then it is convenient to put a leaflet in their hand, and they read it mostly later.
-A6 is a little adequate when advertising is done through mailboxes. It is the size of a postcard, just right for a mailbox, neither too small to be seen, nor too big to fall out.
-A5 this format is adequate if you are advertising a fast food or takeaway menu. It is conspicuous enough to clearly see the offer and prices, and yet it is not impractical and too big to carry and share on the street.
-A4 is a standard paper size and provides more information, drawings and photos related to advertising a product or service.

The A3 is the size of a poster and is very eye-catching. It can be pasted on the entrances of residential buildings, billboards in the city, elevators, inside public transport, and many other various points, where advertising is allowed.

3. Type of paper

And this is an important factor. If you have a big enough budget, print a leaflet on the quality paper provided for it. Cheap variants, of poorer quality do not leave a good impression on potential users of your services or buyers of products. In the beginning you will act like someone who loses the race with the competition and has limited opportunities.

4. Effective slogan

Along with the very basic idea, this is the most important thing for an advertising campaign, regardless of the way and through which media it is placed. A slogan that is original, interesting, sometimes witty, often surrealistically associative, that draws attention, you recognize what it is about as soon as you hear or see it, it is considered a successful marketing business. So it is with the leaflet. If you have a good slogan, everyone who takes your advertising material will pay attention to what you offer and remember, more importantly. Maybe he will tell his friends, colleagues or family how he got a leaflet with an incredibly good slogan and here are the customers in the announcement.


5. Art solution

This item can directly match the importance of the slogan. A striking artistic approach in terms of color, layout of the text, choice of font, regardless of whether the solution is striking or decent, it is very important how it looks. People notice that first. When they take a quick look at leaflets, which they take by inertia and what they encounter every day, they need something extravagant or elegant and sophisticated to attract their attention. Your designer should consider the topic and make an adequate solution based on it.

6. Photograph or drawing

Sometimes something is nonverbally more effective than words. An interesting and original photo related to your offer or an inspiring drawing can be more attractive, at first glance, than pretentious sentences. Of course the drawing or photo has to be high quality and not some smudged copy. Consider also this item, which can significantly raise the quality of leaflet design.

7. Text

The content you are advertising should be interesting, but not too long. It is not advisable to give a lot of details, be boring with unnecessary listings of facts or brag about the achievements of your company. Explain briefly, in selected words, which will describe what you want and attract attention.



This acronym, well known to all, in the world of marketing marks the main points to which full attention should be paid. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. It is the supporting structure of the leaflet design, everything else is an extension. So, attracting attention is number one, then interest the client in your program, impose yourself as someone who will fulfill some of his wishes and last but not least, stimulate him to get in touch with you and become a user of your services or products.

9. Details

Particular attention should be paid to grammar, spelling and good sentence construction. There is nothing worse and worse than grammatical errors and bad spelling in advertising material. They refuse, at the beginning, and you get a negative impression. So, check more and more.

10. Print

The print, too, must be perfect. Gone are the beginnings of bride improvisation and amateur leaflets. High professionalism rules in everything, even in this area. The look of your leaflet can be both matte and glossy, and smooth and embossed… it is up to your team to choose, but the print must not be flawed. High resolution is imperative, so that everything looks flawless.


Leaflets and flyers are a practical and effective part of direct marketing. A large number of companies are advertised through them. They are applicable in many places where newer types of advertising and advertising are not. That is why they are still very common and marketing experts are counting on them. In this way, companies communicate with their clientele, their image in the public is improving, the business itself is on the rise and so all aspects and needs of various types of business are met.

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