Identifying the Difference Between PEMF and TENS

Many people are now discovering innovative treatments for their body pain. The orthodox and medicinal treatments often have many side effects. If you are one of the people looking for pain relief therapy, you have probably come across the PEMF and TENS treatments. These therapies are well-known to cure body pain. Are these therapies the same? The answer is No! Both these treatments serve similar purposes i.e., body healing and pain relief. However, they do it differently. In this article, you will read about both these therapies and the differences between them.

PEMF Therapy


Acronym for the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, this therapy uses exactly that for the treatment. The pulses enter directly into your body to heal any pain or inflammation. This therapy has recently gained popularity because of the introduction of portable PEMF devices. These machines allow the patient to do this therapy themselves anywhere and anytime for instant relief. You can find the device according to your need at How Does This Therapy Work? The electromagnetic pulses directly influence your body cells. It is a well-known fact that cells are the building blocks of the body. When a muscle or tissue gets damaged, on a microscopic level, your cells get damaged. The malfunctioning cells lead to pain and inflammation. This therapy aims to treat your body at a cellular level. The tiny pulses reach deep into your cells and revitalize. The science behind this therapy is to regenerate cells to kick start the natural healing process of your body. Is PEMF Effective? This therapy has been proven quite effective in treating several body-related issues. PEMF therapy can relieve body pain due to any reason. People have used this treatment for reducing body and joint pain due to osteoporosis, arthritis, or any injury. Apart from pain relief, it helps to heal your body fast, reduce headaches, and improve sleep. The pulses increase the oxygen supply in the body, healing it harmlessly and naturally.

TENS Therapy


TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. As you can tell by the name, this therapy uses electrical pulses to relieve pain. This therapy is intended for pain relief only. How Does This Therapy Work? The electrical pulses enter your body directly through your skin. The device is designed with channels that are put on your target body area. This therapy blocks the pain receptors in the body to provide instant relief. Some theories suggest that this therapy activates the endorphin (natural painkiller of the body). Is This Therapy Effective? This therapy is widely used to reduce pain due to arthritis, osteoporosis, labor pain, and back pain. However, this therapy has some limitations. You cannot get this therapy on your own without consultation.

Difference Between PEMF And TENS

Here is the difference between both these therapies.

It uses electromagnetic pulses. It uses electrical currents.
You can get this treatment at any body part. It is used in specific body areas only.
You can get this therapy at home. You cannot get this treatment yourself.
Is usually safe and has little risk. Risky for some conditions.
Reduces pain and heals your body. Only used for reducing pain.

Both treatments can have some side effects, and it is better to get a consultation before getting either of them.

Applications And Mechanisms Of PEMF Therapy And TENS


The mechanisms used by these therapy types are complicated. TENS facilitates neurons and generates the opioid system to alter pain perception. Whereas PEMFs restores cells and tissues at the mitochondrial level. Due to that, TENS units have little effect on genuine healing as they only control the pain of the wound. PEMF therapy not only relieves pain, but it also aids in the healing of damaged cells, neuron activation, inflammation reduction, and cell regeneration. It accomplishes all of this while also managing pain. This reason is enough to select PEMF therapy over TENS therapy. As for the convenience factor, TENS devices are more harder to use because they need direct skin contact. However, PEMF devices may be worn over light clothing, allowing them to be employed in a broad range of situations. For instance, you can use PEMF therapy in your cubicle at work or even while riding. Based on where the applicator has to be placed, it may be problematic with the TENS unit. The electrodes in TENS units must be put in particular positions and transferred from one place on the body to another. It takes a long time and requires a lot of effort. On the other hand, PEMF devices are available in a variety of delivery formats, including entire body pads, chair pads, smaller rings, and paddles. Many PEMFs are relatively portable and convenient to take with you when you go out. Because of all these elements, PEMF devices may target more body at once than a TENS unit.

PEMF VS. TENS: Which Is The Best?


Although PEMF therapy and TENS therapy have certain similarities, the distinctions show why PEMF therapy may be a better long-term investment. PEMF devices are more effective because they do not need direct skin contact. They may be used more frequently and encourage healing rather than merely pain relief. PEMF devices are completely safe with no known side effects. PEMF devices are a better investment than TENS units because of their capabilities which are beyond pain control. A TENS unit, which is solely effective in the treatment of pain, is likely to go unused more often. PEMF devices have the capacity to treat a wide range of health issues and can also be used to prevent illness, which implies that they will be used much more frequently. In addition, one unit can be used by the entire family, which gives more return on investment. Even if you buy a PEMF device to treat a particular condition, the wide range of capacities it provides makes it a wise investment. Here are some benefits of PEMF devices, which support and explains why they are better than TENS units.

  • It can lessen pain.
  • It can facilitate cell growth.
  • It can eliminate cell waste.
  • It can enhance cell function.
  • It can curtail inflammation.
  • It can increase cell oxygenation.
  • It can promote cell restoration and redevelopment.

As you can see, there are several other benefits associated with PEMF technology. The study proceeds to disclose the advantages of using PEMF therapy for relieving pain and other objectives.


To conclude, both these therapies are similar in some ways and different in others. TENS therapy can instantly reduce pain but can cause complications in some situations. PEMF therapy is usually safe and easy to get. This therapy is non-invasive; however, the TENS therapy can cause some irritation. As for the difference, you might have anticipated that PEMF is better. Usually, for extreme pain, TENS is used, but PEMF is a better option to treat common pains and injuries.

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