Difference Between Citation and a Ticket

Citation and ticket to a large extent are synonymous, but depending on some contexts or jurisdictions, there can be a slight difference in meaning. The link between these two terms is the fact that they are documents used to summon an individual. In this article, we will look at the main differences and similarities of these 2 points in the field of car insurance. The main aspects that will be covered in the context of this article are listed below:

  • Will a Citation or Ticket affect my car insurance premiums?
  • Types of Citation or Tickets
  • Different Meaning of tickets and Citation
  • Will a Citation or Ticket affect my car insurance premiums?

The effect of citation or ticket on car insurance premiums depends on an individual insurance company. Some car insurance companies penalize their client when such a person has been issued a single ticket or citation. Regardless of the gravity of such an offense, it will affect their car insurance premium.

Insurance companies’ policies differ as regard offenses that could affect an individual’s rates. Some insurance companies may choose to totally overlook some citations especially if it is a minor citation when calculating insurance premiums. In this case, when an individual has a clean driving history, and such a person is issued a citation, the insurance premiums may not increase. Other insurance companies increase rates when any type of citation is issued to their client regardless of it is minor or not. Once a citation of any type is issued, the companies increase rates sharply.

Regardless of if an individual has a clean driving record, if a more serious offense citation is issued, then insurance premiums will increase. American Insurance suggests it would be great to check out everything before going to switching car insurance after an accident.

When it comes to clean driving records, insurance companies’ policies are different. An individual may lose his or her driving bonus after a single citation. Other premium status remains unchanged after a single citation.

Types of Citation or Tickets


Traffic laws may differ by state and, in some cases by country, notwithstanding, there are three major types of tickets or citations; Written Warning, Fines or Penalties, and Criminal Violation.

  • Written warning

A written warning is issued by police or law enforcement agency, there are no further actions required, but the individual needs to address the cause of the warning. The positive side of it is the fact that such an offense will not appear on an individual’s record, but will be noted down and affect how future violations are handled by the law enforcement agency.

  • Fines or penalty

If a citation issued to an individual includes a fine or penalty, the individual has to respond within a stipulated time-frame. Failure to respond to such a document can attract a higher fine or consequence. By responding to the document, an individual can plead guilty and pay the fine stipulated in the document usually online, mail, in person, or by phone. Or plead not guilty and as a result, elect to appear in court to contest the charge. Or the individual can pursue a deferral by paying a fee and after a period of time, if the individual is not issued a citation, then the ticket will be dismissed and as a result, will not appear on the individual driving record. But if a citation is issued within an individual deferral period, such individual will be held responsible for the charges on the original violation. As a result, both the old and new violations will have to appear on an individual’s driving record.

  • Criminal Violations

Criminal Violation mandates that an individual appears in court to attend an arraignment. During the arraignment, the individual will be notified of the charges against him/her and has the option to plead guilty, plead not guilty, or explore other legal options. Offenses that can attract criminal violations are driving recklessly, under the influence of drugs or alcohol or without an insurance or valid driver’s license.

Different Meaning of tickets and Citation

  • Meaning of Ticket and Citation outside the United Sta

A citation is a document that can be used to officially summon an individual to court, while a ticket is a legal document used to summon an individual who has violated a rule or law to appear in court. For proper understanding, a citation can be issued to an individual to appear as a witness in court, while the ticket is issued to an individual who has violated a rule or law to appear in court.

  • Meaning of Ticket and Citation in the United States

The words Citation and Ticket have different meanings depending on the context they are being used. However, in the United States, there is absolutely no difference between these two words; Citation and Tickets, as regards vehicle-related offenses. They are used interchangeably when it comes to a traffic offense.

Citations and tickets are documents that notify an individual of violating traffic laws by a law enforcement agency. Failure to honor citations and tickets could attract penalties. Some of the offenses that can attract a citation or ticket are over speeding, noncompliance to traffic lights among others. Within the legal jurisdiction of the United States, failure to honor both documents could attract penalties.

In a nutshell citation and ticket varies in meaning depending on the jurisdiction, however, in the United States, there is no difference between these two terms. The effect of citation or ticket varies as regards insurance companies been used by an individual. However, the more serious offense will absolutely affect the car insurance premiums. We hope this article has answered all your questions regarding the finer points of auto insurance. Now you will not be confused in terms and can be experienced in matters that affect these professional terms in the field of insurance. But always remember that in any situation you do not understand, it is best to contact your insurance agent and consult in difficult decisions for you.

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