10 Tips for Designing your own Engagement Ring as a Couple

Even though it cannot be denied that a surprise proposal is the most romantic thing that you can do for your partner, yet pulling off the proposal with a ring that your partner will not end up hating can be extremely difficult. After all, if your partner has to wear the ring for the rest of their life, then they better love it to the core. Nothing screams your love for your partner more than an engagement ring that you have either taken the effort to design yourself or let your significant other design it as per their choices. Custom made rings signify the uniqueness of your relationship with your partner and display the effort that you have taken to ensure each other’s happiness.

When you design your own engagement ring, you can adapt all your fantasies into the ring and make it in such a manner that it suits you perfectly. You have the absolute freedom to choose every last detail of the ring, from the design to its materials. If you want to make use of your family’s heirloom jewellery and modify it into a modern design, then you can easily create a bespoke ring. Or if you want to design an engagement ring from scratch to make it more personal and exceptional, you can go for that option too. Gone are the days when custom-made engagement rings were available only for the rich. With recent technological developments such as 3-dimensional printing and CAD CAM, designing of jewellery has become easier and comparatively affordable too.

So, if you are looking forward to getting a custom-made ring for either yourself or your partner and need a head-start on how to go about it, this article puts forward 10 tips for designing your own engagement ring as a couple:

1. Start as early as possible


If you wish to design your own engagement ring, then one of the most important steps is to keep a note of your timeline. Customized engagement rings take much more time to be made as compared to pre-designed rings. Creation of a customized engagement ring can take anywhere between a few weeks time to a few months, since it will take a significant amount of time to design the ring, then approve each step of its creation, etc. Therefore, it is essential that you start the process as early as possible to achieve the best results before your proposal.

2. Have the source of your inspirations at hand

You will want to start your custom design process with at least a little bit of research even though you can always take help of an expert later. Some platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram offer great opportunities for you to review some designs that attract you the most. Once you start surfing, you will get a wide idea about your personal style, such as if you like a classic piece better than a quirky one, if you prefer platinum over gold, etc. You can always mix and match and come up with a unique design favourable to your choices.

3. Prepare a budget


Even though the costs of customized engagement rings have decreased significantly, yet they can sometimes be much more expensive than ready-made rings. It is not necessary to shell out your entire bank account balance to get a ring for your partner. You can decide on a considerable budget as per your capabilities, and stick to it.

4. Find a good and highly recommended jeweller

It is very important to find a jeweller who will be able to do justice to your choices and can match your aesthetic. You can consult your family as well as friends regarding their recommendations of jewellers. It is essential that you can trust your jeweller and that their style matches your idea of the ring you want. Flawless fine jewellery is one of the trusted jewellers in Hatton Garden, London. Click here to see a plethora of options for the perfect engagement ring you are looking for online or in-store.

5. Keep note of the trends but be original


When you start surfing for the right ring, you may find similar designs and styles in many online platforms as well as stores. However, you need not get influenced by those trends and believe it to be the right ring for you without good deliberation. The entire point of a custom-made ring is to make it unique. So, this is the time to hone your creativity skills and design a ring which is original and different.

6. Think outside the box

When it comes to designing of the ring, the number of possibilities is endless. There are endless amounts of options that you can go for as per your budget and choices. It is not necessary that every ring has to have a diamond. You can go for stones such as an emerald or ruby if it suits you. You can opt for engraving, which is common in case of wedding bands. You can also match your ring with your partner’s even though the designs may be different. However, it is important that you keep the practical requirements in mind.

7. Choose the Metal of your ring


The types of metals that you can opt for your ring are many, ranging from the traditional silver, platinum and yellow gold to the more unique ones like rose gold, titanium, etc. which are gaining high popularity these days. You can try on rings by yourself and decide which metal suits you the best and then customize your ring with that metal.

8. Choose your Stone

Even though diamond has always been a classic choice, yet it is important that you analyse which stone suits you the most. Choosing a stone which is perfect for you is difficult, keeping in mind the differences in relation to infusions in the stone, cut of the stone, colour as well as clarity. It is absolutely essential that you choose the perfect cut for yourself since it will refract the light from the stone. You will also need to keep in mind the colour grading scale.

9. Give ample time for Casting and Customization


The entire process of creating a customized engagement ring is lengthy even after the design is finalized. Once the design has been approved, jewellers will move to casting of the ring. Once the ring is cast as well as cleaned, the selected stones are set on the ring. It takes a good amount of time to finally set it and get the ring polished so that the bride-to-be can wear it on the specified special date.

10. Warranties and Aftercare

After the ring is finally ready, it is absolutely essential that you have details of all the information required with yourself, regarding the aftercare and precautions to be taken to avoid damage to the ring. You will have to talk to the jeweller and see what offers for warranties as well as aftercare he is providing. You can also go ahead and get your ring insured.

All these tips may seem cumbersome at first, but it is absolutely worth it to see the ring you designed in the finger of your loved one for an entire lifetime. The sheer happiness about the ring has a lot more worth than its monetary value. It shows how much you care and love each other and the distinctness of you both as a couple.

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