9 Simple Tips for Saving Storage Space in Your Bathroom

The bathroom provides you the convenience to clean yourself and get ready. Whether it is your master douche or an additional one, it should have some storage. If your tub lacks storage space, then you need to apply some techniques to utilize the available space area.

In your douche, you need space for towels, soaps, shampoo, hair oil, sunscreen cream, and toiletries. The storage space is not huge in all lavatories, because not everyone has an ample area. We are here to give you some tips and tricks to make most of your toilet area.

1. Create Shelf Above Door


Space is always remaining empty above the washroom doors. When you are inside, take a look at the door, and you will see enough space above the door. You should add a shelf to utilize that space as storage. You can keep extra towels and other stuff on that shelf. It would be best if you rolled up the sheets to store them properly in the shelf storage.

The storage above the door is convenient for most young and adult users. However, the kids and people with small height may have trouble to reach the shelf. But it’s okay, you can arrange another storage for them too. The door above the room is useful and provides great convenience in a small washroom.

2. Add In-Wall Cabinet


It would be best if you bought a wood cabinet when your toilet has ample space. But it may be uncomfortable in a small lavatory. The in-wall cabinet design is suitable for a small area. First of all, storage is a built-in wall, and it won’t take up much area.

You can do one more thing, don’t add a door if not required. The in-wall cabinet without door will take no space; it is just like a wall with some storage area. If you don’t want a door-less office, then you should add a curtain on the in-wall cabinet. It will hide the storage, protect things for dust, and won’t take up so much space as the door.

3. Utilize Space Above Toilet


Whether you have a standard toilet with a tank or a tankless shower, you can use the area above it. I have seen in many lavatories that people complain about the lack of space, and they leave an ample area empty right above the toilet. Don’t you think it is contradictory in itself?

Well, the area above the toilet has a wall where you can create a storage section. You can make a shelf or add a small cabinet to store a variety of useful things. You should also use the flat surface on the tank lid to keep toilet paper, cleaner and other stuff you need when you are nearby the toilet. you can also check space saver toilet or small toilet reviews here.

4. What’s Behind the Mirror


A mirror above the sink is necessary, but have you ever thought you can make storage from it? Yes, the mirror can work as a door of your storage cabinet. You can make small storage and use the mirror as a door with a handle to open and close the office.

There are two main benefits of creating storage behind the mirror. The first one is that the room will be invisible to all the new users. Nobody will recognize that there is a cabinet behind the mirror. Another benefit is that the place above the sink had only a mirror, but you have used that place and created new storage for your important stuff.

5. Get A Shower Caddy


A shower caddy an excellent tool to keep shampoo and hair oil bottles near the shower. It is simple to hang on the shower arm and utilize the area available near the showerhead. When you keep multiple containers on the shelf or sink top, they often fall because of their shapes. But you can fix this issue with the help of a shower caddy and make most of the capacity in your toilet.

6. Hangers Behind the Door


It is good to make a shelf above the door and keep the extra towels there. But what happens when you are taking a bath or under the shower. It would be best if you had a place where you can immediately get the sheet. Don’t worry. You don’t need another shelf or cabinet, you need some hangers.

You can choose any wall or the door of your toilet to install hangers. The hangers are the best storage options for towels. Because they don’t take up much space and still provide great convenience to hang towels while you are taking a bath.

There are a lot of alternatives here. Instead of hangers, Pegs For Life suggests that you use pegs for your towels. They will keep them fixed and since they are made of stainless steel, they are just perfect for your bathroom. Often, you shower there and humidity is high, but you can rest assured that they will keep their initial look.

7. An Empty Wall or Corner


You need to check all the four walls and corners of your bathroom. If you find an empty wall or corner, you should think about using it as a storage. You can create a shelf, add a cabinet, add hangers, or do something to utilize that room. It will help you get enough storage space even if your bathroom is small.

8. Change or Remove Bathtub


The bathtub is useful equipment but not much for the small toilets. When you have a lack of storage scope, what will you do with a massive bath in the middle of the shower? We advise you to replace it with a small bathtub or remove it.

You can manage bathing properly under the shower, and there is no extreme need for a bathtub while you are running out of scope. So you should remove the tub and get a lot more clearance, which you can use for other equipment or storage purposes.

9. Avoid Additional Lighting and Decors


The lighting effects make your bathroom look more beautiful. It helps to change your mood entirely while taking a bath, and the shades are on your face. But the lighting and decors also take up so much leeway. So you should know which stuff to install and which ones to avoid.

Therefore it is good to get small lights and avoid leeway taking decors to free up storage clearance in your bathroom. Some people like to add paintings, plants, TV, music system, etc., these things add luxury to the bathroom, but you know that they are not mandatory, you can easily manage without them.

You should follow the above-given tips to save and make more storage in your bathroom.

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