Jaime Morton-Hawley: Interview with a Dubai Social Influencer

We want to know all about what it’s like to be and Beauty/Lifestyle influencer in Dubai. We talked with Jaime Morton-Hawley about that topic and we asked her some interesting questions, keep reading this article and learn more about it.

How does one become an influencer?

I’m still not quite comfortable with the term influencer. It’s a bold claim. I can tell you how I began and perhaps that can inform. I began my career as a photographer in the US where I went to university for digital media and communications, studying super-8mm film, directing, editing, producing, cinematography and 35mm film photography, moving into digital photography, video production, editing, and post-production as well as basic animation techniques and graphic design. It’s a bit much, I know.

Whenever I find myself passionate about something, I like to study it and get good at it. It’s just my nature. And if that’s not enough, I am also certified in real estate sales and have a KHDA certification in makeup artistry.

Did you develop your follower count based on everything you’ve learned?

Well, yes and no. I post about my passions, like beauty, style and a bit about my personal life. Everything I’ve learned and done helps me cultivate that content into the Instagram account I now have.

What is it like collaborating with brands and working with PR companies?

I really appreciate being privy to advanced details about product releases and speaking to marketing executives and brand owners about the brands. That truly is a value to me. Events to tend to provide “swag” to attendees in the hope they will show them to their audience. I like to give those products away to the very community that makes it possible for me to attend such events. To me, it makes sense.


Are there any negatives to being an influencer?

Being a public person in any capacity can have negativity connected to it. Judgment can get a bit overwhelming at times regardless of my personal confidence. I try not to entertain that type of energy. People also tend to assume a lot based on the photos and videos I post not realizing they’re projecting their life on me.

I try to come at it with compassion and it usually works out. Having a public platform comes with a variety of potentially negative experiences. The more public one becomes, the more one can tend to lose the public’s understanding of simple human understanding and decorum. Inappropriate comments, DMs, and general presumptions can cause anxiety, stress, and depression. I try my best to block those accounts and just be aware of what I’m sharing and exposing publically.

What are some assumptions people have made about you?

That I don’t have a job or education and that I don’t do anything. When you look at someone’s social media, it’s easy to see their followers and engagement and assume they’re rich based on the “highlight reel” that many develop their accounts to resemble. You don’t see the content strategy, expertise, investment, time, networking and everything else involved in creating the posts.

Knowing the negatives, why do you think so many people still want to be an influencer?

source: thewrits.com

Most people say they want to be an influencer because they want the benefits of the job without understanding or sometimes even caring about the work involved. Sometimes the benefits are based on assumptions in the first place. For me, all that is just empty aspirations.

What I typically say is: don’t have “being an influencer” be your goal. If you think you’re the type of person who can provide consistent value to a community that trusts you, that’s a good start. Before you even start, I think it helps to know your brand, be prepared to be authentic to your brand and just be your authentic self.

What do Influencers in Dubai get paid?

Like any job, it can fluctuate depending on the brand or company that you’re working with, what they’re requesting of the influencer, the influencer’s reach/engagement/audience and a few other factors. Campaigns aren’t typically identical. Brands have different requests and what I provide can change based on their requests.

How can I find out what my post is worth?

There are websites online that can give you general numbers but keep in mind that each city, country, and region is different. You can also divide the average number of likes + comments by your follower account to get your engagement percentage. Anything above 2% is good and above 3% is considered strong.


How do you make the most money being an influencer?

Easy answer: you can’t just be an account. You need to do more than that. Having a business sense and other skill sets and talents will make you more valuable to clients.

What else do you do other than have an account?

I’ve been a professional photographer for about 15 years now. I also shoot professional video, edit, and create other digital content for brands. This year in 2024, I am to add a “drone pilot” to my skill set. At this point, I’ve worked with notable brands including Nokia, Empire Movies, Nars Cosmetics, Fujifilm, Dell Computers and UAE Tourism Boards. To grow my online presence, I’ve been contributing to Zomato.com, TripAdvisor, and growing to over 1.5 million views as a Google Local Guide.

What is 2024 looking like for you?

I always love to keep expanding into new things. My social media account is very lifestyle-driven, but I am looking into developing a beauty youtube account and a movie/entertainment podcast. 2024 is all about potential so I plan on developing and learning as a creator.

Jaime Morton-Hawley is an American ex-pat living in Dubai with her husband and 2 sons. You can follow Jaime on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok: @JaimeMortonHawley and visit her blog: JaimeMortonHawley.com.

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