Closet Space-Saving Hacks 2024 – What to Keep, What to Toss?

You may be having trouble fitting all your clothes, shoes, and accessories into your closet without them overflowing to your bed, chair, and bedside table. It is important to keep only what you need inside your cabinet. You can de-clutter your closet to save on space and make way for new clothes in the future. For you to have enough closet space, you can heed these tips.

Have an inventory of your clothing

Make a list of all the things that you have in your closet. Group them into several items: clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories, etc. You may find that you already have the same things without knowing that they exist. You can then decide which ones to keep and which ones to let go.

Donate or sell unused clothing and accessories

Getting rid of unused clothing and accessories does not have to mean a waste of money. You can donate them to charity, or you can get back a portion of what you spent on them by selling them. A lot of people will still find a use for your unused clothing.

Garage and online sales will be your ally

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Deciding which ones you no longer need will give you plenty to make money out of. See if your clothes and accessories can still be used by others, and set a price for each that potential buyers will find hard to resist. Also, do not expect to sell your wares that are near their original cost. If you want to dispose of them quickly, sell them at cheap rates, and you can expect to see them go at a rapid pace. You may not get each item’s original value, but overall sales will allow you to buy more stuff that you deem necessary, be it for your home, your family, or for yourself.

Keep classic pieces

Classic pieces will never go out of style. Keep classic pieces of clothing handy at all times. You can never go wrong with a white button-down shirt or a little black dress. They can be your go-to outfits when you don’t have enough time to mix and match. For classic white outfits, make sure they don’t discolor by keeping them in clothes liners to prevent dust and dirt from adhering to them. They will always be ready to be worn that way. The best thing about classic pieces is that no one will notice that you wear them multiple times; they can be versatile and can pair up with anything in your closet, such as jeans.

Stop buying more

To ensure that your closet does not overflow, you can halt your shopping sprees for a while until you have organized your wardrobe and have freed up space for more stuff. Not only do you get to save space in your closet and save money, but you get to use the things that you have already forgotten are in your closet and are still fashionable to this day. Halting your shopping sprees is not only good for your wardrobe and wallet but your self-discipline as well. You can decide whether you need more of the same stuff or if the ones in your closet will serve you already.

Use shelf dividers and extender rods

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Using closet accessories such as hooks, shelf dividers, and extender rods in your fitted wardrobe like those from will add more space to your closet. Choose ones that will complement the color of the closet interior so that they become part of the cabinet itself and do not become an eyesore.

Use baskets for end-of-shelf spaces

You may still have space under the last bottom shelf in the closet; you can place baskets that will fit underneath so you can store other accessories in them, such as socks, undergarments, bags, shoes, etc. The top shelf can also be used for luggage storage.

Keep small accessories in clear boxes

For trinkets and whatnot, opt for clear containers where it is much easier to see the contents. If you keep your accessories in containers where you don’t know what’s inside, chances are you will take out more than you need and neglect to take them back in again, resulting in more clutter inside the closet. And let’s admit it; we often take a long time to put everything back in their place.

Spring clean regularly

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If your closet is overflowing with clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, a lot of which you no longer use, spring cleaning is the way to go. Doing so at least twice a year will allow you to free up space in your closet for new stuff. Schedule a spring cleaning right before you go on a shopping spree, usually during Christmas time. If you don’t get rid of unused items, you will end up a pile of clothing, and the ones under it will be forgotten they exist.

Use the closet door as additional storage space

Use door hooks to hang a transparent container with multiple pockets. You can store jewelry, accessories, and other small things that need putting away. You can also attach a big hanger with hooks to store scarves, belts, and the like. They do not take up a lot of space, as they are small and thin.

Why you should not hoard

Sometimes it can be hard to keep yourself from buying clothes, especially if you are updated on sales, discounts, and deals that are hard to say no. A lot of people make the mistake of hoarding things, most of which they no longer have a use for.

The best way to have enough closet space is to have one as big as your bedroom can accommodate. You can achieve this by hiring a company to make a fitted wardrobe for your bedroom. You can relay your design idea, and they can make it into reality. You can have them design a wardrobe with your specific needs in mind. This way, every single thing that you own will have its place inside your custom closet.

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