How to Come Out of the Closet

If you are afraid to come out to your family members about your orientation, you might just prefer to keep it as your secret. But there’s nothing for you to be afraid of. Coming out from your closet is not easy. You need to prepare yourself and everyone around you.

If you have just made yourself clear about your orientation, you might be asking yourself what you should do to come out. Chances, why you are here, is that you want to show to your parents or everyone around you for who you are. But you are afraid of when to start, how to do it, who’s the person you want to share it first and what should you say when you come out.

If you are one of them, worry no more! We got you covered. In this post, we are going to provide you with effective ways on how you can deliver your orientation to your family members or anyone around you properly.

So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading!

Before the Conversation


Take Note: We Have Different Journey

For each time that you think to come out, you need to keep in mind every time is perfect timing. Some individuals prefer showing their real orientation at an early age, while others never take the risk. Some people share it with everyone around them, while others are only select few.

When you Think for Coming Out, Go for It

Individuals think that you are straight, not unless you are going to come out. Remember, coming out of your true orientation is both an exciting and liberating experience. There are loads of reasons coming out is a good choice. The following are some of them;

  • You want to tell everyone who you are
  • You want to make friends with the other individuals who have the same orientation as you]
  • You are considering taking your relationship with your girl or boyfriend to another level
  • You have a relationship with the same gender as you and you want to introduce him or her to your family

Gathering reasons to come out is not necessary. When you feel that you need to go out of your box, then just think that we are here to give you our full support.

When You Think You Have the Guts to Share


Start Sharing to a Trusted Person

You might consider sharing your sexual orientation to a loved one or close friend who is open-minded and compassionate. This might also be a person who successfully comes out of his or her orientation. These people will support you for your coming out plan and will also help you to tell others about your true sexual orientation.

Opt for a Method that You’re Comfortable With

It is not always necessary to have a formal conversation with your family members when you are coming out unless you want to do so. You might consider coming out by talking with your parents and other family members casually, you might also mention the name of your partner, be part of any LGBTQIA+ parties, or any occasion with a similar theme. Take note, coming out does not require you to create an in-person conversation unless you prefer to do so.

How to Move Forward


Do not Take Negative Comments Personally

We cannot deny the fact that all of us have a hard time preventing ourselves not to take negative comments personally. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that their comments will reflect their personality, and not you. If someone spills you with negative reactions about your coming out, remember the quotation, “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”

If You Have Doubts About Your Safety, You Have Different Choices

If your parents did not accept your true sexual orientation after you come out and ask you to come out from their house or one of your family members are threatening you, consider looking for an LGBTQIA+ shelter that will welcome you. You might also consider asking your closest friend to shelter you even for a short time only.

If you are still young, it would be a good idea to try counseling for the LGBTQ community (you can read here all about it). They offer you support and help for individuals who are suicidal and experiencing a hard time.

Things to Keep in Mind


It Is On Your Terms

When you plan to come out of your sexual orientation, it is important to keep in mind that coming out is all about your identity and yourself alone. The whole process is being done depending upon your terms.

This is a Life-Long Process

Sadly, we are living in a society wherein everyone thinks that you are a straight girl or boy unless you come out. We can say that coming out is an unending process since you need to introduce yourself and your true sexual orientation to the new people you encounter.


For some, coming out is not an easy decision. You need to consider a lot of things; your family, your friends, and other people around you. But one thing is for sure when you share your true identity: You can be free as a bird. No matter what comments you receive from the people around you after coming out, just accept it. The only important thing is that you are now free.

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