Life-Changing Hacks of Laundry

After a long day at work, you can’t wait to go home– but, for what? For a laundry mountain! That’s ridiculous. As you embrace your laundry mountain, you realized is not fun and you can’t take it anymore. You want your laundry life to change.

There are life-changing laundry hacks you need to know to save you from stress. Make laundry time not as dreadful as it was!

Laundry Hack 1: Schedule Laundry Time


Hectic schedule at work? Whether you are doing the laundry at home, in a self-operated laundromat, or hiring a laundry service. You have to choose the best time and day of the week for laundry time. Schedule laundry time that’s convenient for you. Choose one day once every week or two weeks for laundry.

Mark the best time and day for laundry. When the day comes, prioritize your needs. You are expected to finish your laundry that day. If you do it as scheduled, you will have more free time to relax or do other productive things.

2. Wash Clothes Less

This hack is probably everyone’s favorite– wash clothes less. However, some clothes have to be washed after each use.

This hack is probably everyone’s favorite– wash clothes less. Although some clothes have to be washed after use, there are items like towels, jeans, bedsheets, that do not need to be washed every day. Unless you spilled or soiled them.

If you wash your clothes frequently, it will quickly become dull, loose, its color will fade and it will lose its soft texture.

You can hang towels on a clothesline to let them dry after every use, you can use it for a week. Fold and place pajamas at the end of your bed or under your pillow so you can use it the following night, or hang your jeans on a clothes rack so you can wear it again the next time you go out.

Wash your clothes less and help them last longer.

3. Divide and Conquer


The hack name sounds fun, but if you skip this laundry hack, laundry time becomes no fun. You have heard the frightful story of an unnoticed red shirt in a load full of white shirts? You know how the story turned out. Avoid the bloody red shirts by dividing or sorting your clothes by material, color, grime, and care label.

Invest time, money, and effort in doing laundry with more than one load. Separating your clothes properly will not only save you time but it saves you money by negating the risk of having your color bleeding.

4. Soft Scrubs

When clothes and garments age, its beautiful, soft, and fluffy texture becomes faded, stiff, and rough. Who wants a rough and stiff towel? No one! You probably want comfortable towels. Check the speed of your washing machine. High speed flattens the towel. If you apply a faster speed spin, it will flatten out the towel. Your towel becomes rough and stiff. Thus, try adjusting your speed spin to 800 to 1,000rpm.

If you find your towel lacks softness, there might still be excess detergent residue on your towel. You can double the rinse cycle to ensure that every soap sud is out to make your towels even softer!

5. Hire Laundry Service


Sometimes, we cannot handle anything at once. If you do not have the time and energy to do this week’s laundry, the fifth laundry hack is your go-to! Although it will cost you, you are saving your time and energy.

What’s nice with laundry services like is they offer laundry pickup and delivery services. You only have to book a laundry schedule with them. It is your choice to drop off your laundry or have it picked up at your address.

6. The Bigger, the Better

That’s the motto for those who hire laundry services– the bigger the load, the better. Although you have to do bigger loads, there are things you should still consider. You still have to sort the clothes by their color, grime, wash label, and material to avoid color bleeding.

Moreover, a bigger load does not mean you have to exceed the maximum load weight. You need still need to maintain the appropriate weight for full load laundry to ensure your clothes will be cleaned thoroughly.

7. Do Not Fold Everything


Folding and putting away laundry takes up most of your time. Do not fold all your clothes. There are some garments that have to be hanged. When hanging clothes, ensure that you are using wooden hangers and not plastic ones, it will misshapen your clothes.

If you have a closet, store your clothes properly. Give an appropriate storage environment for your clothes. Put a space in between each clothes in the closet to let the fabric breathe. If you are putting away seasonal clothes, do not place them inside a plastic container or in a vacuum-sealed container. The fabric needs air to keep a pristine condition. Use breathable garment bags for long-term storage.

8. Organized Laundry Room

If you do your laundry at home and you have a laundry room or space, you need to do this hack– laundry room or space organization. You have to clean and organize your laundry room.

A clean environment will make laundry more organized and enjoyable. Ensure to keep the laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and other laundry essentials in place. A tidy environment will make everything fast, organize in a manner, and enjoyable.

Final Thoughts


These life-changing hacks of laundry will help you have more time to spare for other productive things or to relax from a busy week from work. Do not stress yourself when you can do it efficiently without using most of your effort and time. Much more if you can hire a laundry service to do it for you. Make use of these life-changing hacks and have a stress-free laundry time!

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