2020 Olympics summer: Everything you need to know about Tokyo Games

The grandest sports competition of the world, it will soon get underway as Japan gears up to host the 2024 edition of the sports carnival. After visiting London and Rio, it will return to Asia once again as the continent will host the event for the first time in 12 years.

All the fans will look forward to the 2024 Medal Tally as they will expect their nation to finish at the top. The 2024 Schedule will be out soon. Hence, the sports universe will get a clear idea about the events and sports that will be played at the Tokyo Games. However, here’s a brief note of all the things that you need to know about the 2024 Games.

Over 11,000 athletes to compete in 339 events


The 2024 Schedule will feature 339 sports events across 50 disciplines where more than 11,000 athletes from all over the world will compete. Undoubtedly, it will be one of the biggest tournaments of all time.

Start Date and End Date

The 2024 edition of the Olympics will last a fortnight as it will mark its beginning from 24th July while the closing ceremony will take place on 9th August. All the countries will try to secure as many medals as possible and end the games with a strong position on the Olympics 2024 medal tally.

No Drones allowed


One of the modern techniques to improve the viewing experience for the fans, the drone cameras will not be permitted at the Tokyo Games as the Japanese government has banned the use of drones to maintain high-level security for the spectators and the players.

Madrid and Turkey were in the race to host the event

Three cities were in the race to host the 2024 Games. Spain entered the competition with Madrid being the host city while Turkey’s Istanbul also bid for the right. There was an election process where Tokyo outnumbered the votes of the other two candidates and won the hosting rights.

Olympics return to Tokyo after 56 years


In case you did not know, Tokyo will host the Summer Games for the second time in the tournament’s history. The Japanese city had played the host to this competition way back in 1964. With this feat, Tokyo becomes the first Asian city to host the Games twice.

The weather may impact this year’s Olympics

The summers in Tokyo are known to be very hot while the city even experiences rainfall during the time that the officials are planning the 2024 Schedule. Expect the athletes to be affected a little by the weather conditions.

The theme for the Tokyo Olympics


The idea for this year’s Games is ‘Discover Tomorrow.’ The Japanese officials picked this theme, keeping the future growth of Tokyo in mind.

Five new sports added

Basketball/softball, skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing, and karate will be a part of the 2024 Schedule as the countries will get an opportunity to win more and better their 2024 medal tally.

The Heritage Zone


This particular zone comprises the venues that were used for the Games that took place in 1964. Nine of the 33 sports will happen at these sports arenas, which will be renovated and updated ahead of 2024. The other location for the Games is the Tokyo Bay Zone.

Medals created from cell-phones

The Japanese organizers have asked the residents to give away their old cell-phones, which will be recycled, and the decorations for winning athletes would be manufactured from them.

No Michael Phelps in swimming


American swimmer, Michael Phelps, who won a staggering 28 medals across several Olympic events in the recent past, has retired; hence, the 23 gold medals winner will not be able to add anything to USA’s 2024 Medal Tally.

Japan’s 2016 Medal Tally

The USA was the most successful country at the 2016 Rio Olympics with 46 gold medals while the current hosts, Japan finished at the sixth position with 12 gold medals, eight silver medals and 21 bronze medals making up a total of 41 medals.

The then host nation, Brazil, acquired the 13th position with seven golds, six silvers, and six bronze medals. Japan will look to better its 2016 tally with a strong performance in 2024, and the hosts will try to attain a better position in the 2024 Medal Tally.

India’s 2016 Medal Tally

The Indian fans are highly excited about the 2024 Olympics, and they are looking forward to the official announcement of the 2024 Schedule. However, India had a disappointing campaign in Rio four years ago as they had to settle with the 67th position on the medal tally with one silver medal and one bronze medal. Even smaller countries like Kosovo, Fiji, Puerto Rico, and Tajikstan finished higher than the Indian sports contingent.

The Indian sports universe will expect the athletes to improve their performance and better India’s rank in the 2024 Olympics Medal Tally.

64 Indian athletes have already qualified


India will hope to have at least 100 participants at the 2024 Olympics. 64 Indian players have already secured their Olympics berth. The Indian men’s and women’s hockey teams will be present at the event while there will be Indian representatives in equestrian, archery, athletics, shooting, and wrestling.

Shooters, wrestlers, hockey team can win medals

The shooters, wrestlers, and the men’s hockey team will be the major contenders for gold in Tokyo. The athletes will look to boost the nation’s 2024 Tokyo Medal Tally with their magnificent performance in the mega-event.

How to watch the Olympics in India?


Sony Pictures Sports Network has acquired the broadcasting rights of the Olympics in the Indian subcontinent. Hence, Indian fans can enjoy the Tokyo Olympics on their TV screens and smartphones.

How to watch the Olympics in Tokyo?

The Indian fans wishing to watch the mega event live in Tokyo can travel to the city via an airplane. The tickets for Tokyo 2024 are available online as well as offline in Tokyo.

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