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How to use Lanyards as a Marketing Tool

Lanyards started its journey as a simple material used to protect items carried by people from falling. It all began in the 1500s in France. Solders wanted to ensure that the weapons always stay near at hand by hugging to the body even during rigorous activities like engaging in combat or climbing up the rigging. To achieve the goal, they used a cord or strap to tie it around the weapon and hang it around their waist so that there were no chances of the sword, pistol or knife slipping away.

More versatility

As time progressed, the utility of lanyards kept expanding and its usefulness spread from the military to civilian life.  Gradually, the humble cord proved its immense versatility always ready to help in the most unexpected situations.  Then came a time when businesses started using lanyards extensively as identity cardholders because the need for security became very important. Who enters the business premises and knowing the identity of that person became very important for businesses. To track all people who move around the premises, organizations started using identity cards that revealed who is an employee and who is a visitor.

As marketing evolved and marketers sought more aggressive techniques for branding and business promotion, they started using lanyards more innovatively for marketing. This ushered in a new era of trendy lanyards, colorful and vibrant with the company logo and brand message printed on it that became very useful for promoting brands and send across the message more effectively.  When used in events and tradeshows, they can enhance the brand and help to gain mileage in marketing. To know more about the promotional abilities of lanyards, you can explore some websites that ask you to click here to gather more information about it.

Lanyards as a marketing tool

To use it effectively in business promotion, it must be simple and engaging besides having enough clarity about the message printed on it. You can use your creativity to develop attractive lanyards printed in a myriad of colors that uphold the brand identity and create a compelling attraction that connects the brand to consumers almost instantly. While they perform the basic task of displaying identification badges, it doubles up as a potent tool for marketing for those who know how to use it correctly.

Lanyards as free giveaways

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Although they are mostly known for its use with identity badges, exploring its potential for use in marketing has brought to the fore more innovative ways of using it. You can use it at seminars, expos and trade fairs in various ways that include identification of your staff by using badges hung around the neck with lanyards. Since these are places where you can interact closely with customers and attract potential customers, you can create some small gifts for visitors to your stall and tie lanyards to it printed with a suitable marketing message. For example, you can create little mementos like a tiny flashlight that looks attractive and useful when used with a lanyard from where it hangs securely and carries the brand alongside. You can also check out Custom Lanyard for more information.

A lanyard that functions as a charging cable

Another good idea of business promotion is to explore the multi-faceted use of lanyards and put it to good use for business promotion. 2-in 1 charging cables that serve as lanyard too are now available on which you can imprint the brand name and distribute it free as a novel measure in brand promotion. The usefulness of the gift is undeniable, and as the recipients take much interest in the utility of the item, they will always recall the brand name that shines brightly on it.

Lanyard and key chain combo

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Key chains have been a very attractive item that businesses use as a promotional item by printing the company logo or brand on it. Key chains are quite small, and the design and style might not allow the brand to gain enough prominence. Are you looking to expand the scope of messaging by overcoming the small surface of key chains which might not always be adequate to grab enough attention? You can attach the keychain to a printed lanyard that carries a powerful marketing message and serves your marketing cause much better. By adding it to the keychain, the simple gift looks much more attractive. The utility in preventing keys being lost or misplaced enhances the interest of customers in the gift and the brand it represents.

Lanyard for Carrying Emergency Toolkit

Experts believe that maintenance personnel could consider carrying small light tools around their neck using a versatile lanyard. They could carry an emergency toolkit in a pouch or a tiny case attached to a customized lanyard that could be easily accessible when an emergency arises. Some of the critical tools that could be carried around, are Allen wrench set, hex key set, small screwdrivers, and some other small emergency tools. Custom-tailored lanyard help in carrying watch repair tools, computer repair tools, jewelry repair tools, etc. in a pouch.

Apart from letting people consider carrying essentials easily all-around their neck, lanyards come in handy for promoting your brand and boosting marketing opportunities. Many organizations use customized lanyards for boosting brand familiarity. These are distributed often during special events to the common people. Some special events include conventions, tradeshows, conferences, etc.

For Identification at Trade Shows

Organizations often participate in trade shows several times every year for exhibiting their latest services and products. We know that the trade show floor would be full of guests and vendors hence, lanyards are a must to sustain in this environment. Everybody attending the trade show must have his name tag and relevant information about the company they are representing.

Thinking out of the box will help to discover new ways of utilizing lanyards that can be as useful for holding digital items and even acting like a hygiene helper by attaching a hand sanitize with a chain to it.


There are many more ways to attract people and use the opportunity for business and brand promotion in which lanyards play a stellar role.

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