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How to Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool?

Having a business these days is pretty hard by itself. What is even harder is to successfully promote that business and reach as many people as possible.

Marketing plays a huge role in any business, and it shouldn’t be neglected. Some even state that 80% of business is good marketing, everything else is easy if it fits together nicely. What is even more interesting is that marketing isn’t as hard and as expensive today as it used to be and it is mostly due to a lot more options for promotion. Most of those options come down to social media and the online world, whereas before you had commercials, radio and billboards.

Since social media became a thing of obsession for all of us, marketing strategies shifted toward the most popular apps. Businesses now target social media and private accounts to get into your face. Facebook and Instagram are probably two of the most used marketing options and are two of the most successful ones. Today we are discussing Instagram and the ways you can utilize it as your marketing tool. Thanks to this article is here before you, and if you want to find out just how you can benefit from Instagram when it comes to your business, please, keep reading!

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  1. Have a plan

Anything you do has to have a clear plan. When you have a plan you will easily guide all of your efforts into something that will become something much more fruitful. To make a good plan you must ask yourself – What is your primary goal with Instagram?! The one thing it shouldn’t be is growing your follower base. You have to think bigger than that and focus on getting more traffic to your site, maybe growing your email list and even make a sale of your products or services. Decide what is important for you and act upon that. This is what will motivate you and all your new content, every caption you write on Instagram will have that goal in mind, and with this success is guaranteed.

  1. Identify your target market

The most important element of every business is knowing your target marketing. When you know who you are aiming at, your business operates easily and you will have no troubles bringing your product/service to the market that needs it. If you miss your desired market then all the time you spend creating ads, content, captions – pretty much everything you do on Instagram will be futile. Instagram does seem easy but it is a very time-consuming platform and you have to pay attention that every minute you spend there has a purpose. Your target market should always be a person you believe will benefit from your content and your offerings. This of course is different for everyone depending on what your business or brand represents.

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  1. Strategic content

When you understand who your target market is and when you go into details about them like, age, gender, education, personal traits, shopping habits and places, creating strategic content simply goes by itself. Each photo and caption you make should speak directly to the people in your target market and always provide value and solution to that particular persons’ problem. If you manage to create content for a specific demographic you will naturally attract them to your feed, wow them with your product/services and instantly convert them to real paying customers. Random content without real directions will get you some traffic but it will be a mix of people that don’t end up doing actions that you want and need.

  1. Regular engagement

Okay, so you have established a plan, identified the market, made your content aiming at that market and, now what? Well, the job doesn’t stop here and onetime content update, or onetime story or news feed will not be enough. This is where you put in the work and be as consistent as possible. You have to be there daily and have to post daily. Luckily if you have done all the previous steps flawless, this also doesn’t have to be that tough. You will utilize Instagram and look for other accounts your target market people are already following. Breeze through those accounts, check their feeds and posts, leave a like or comment. They will be notified of your actions, and they will instantly be interested, as we all are when someone new follows us or comments, and they will be inclined to check you out just like you did them. They will hop in your feed, posts and, presto! Job is done!

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  1. Meaningful activity

The one thing that is more important here than likes and followers are actions like website clicks, post shares, and DMs that inquire about what you are offering. Instead of posting a simple picture and hoping that you get more likes than on the last one, you should be calling to some sort of action and ask your audience to do something that is going to help your primary goal and by doing so you will send them to the next step of your funnel. The easiest example of that is encouraging them to click the link in your bio to check out your website, newest blog, or your latest offering. When you think about it these kinds of actions are so much more powerful than collecting likes and followers.

So as you could see marketing isn’t that tough to figure out. If you have time and if you love social media apps, like Instagram, have a business and some inspiration you can easily turn any social media account into a full-time marketing service on your behalf.

Some of these things seem a bit scary, some a bit difficult but in reality, if you take them by these steps by the end of the first two the rest will fall into their place by themselves. Take it easy, sit down with yourself first and make a good plan and figure out who are you aiming at. After that everything else is easy you just have to be consistent.

If you fail, try again because if you haven’t failed at least once it means that you haven’t even tried.

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