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Will Ferrell Net Worth 2024 – Famous Comedy Actor

Will Ferrell has a lot of talents. He is an actor, writer, comedian, and producer. During the nineties, he hosted a tv show called “Saturday Night Live” which earned him many awards. More recently, he appeared in various movies such as “Anchorman”, “Anchorman 2”, “The House”, “The Internship”, “Get Hard”, “Daddy`s Home”, “Campaign”, and “Zoolander 2” and many more.

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As a comedian, he was a member of “Frat Pack”, a collective who featured various comedians from Hollywood who became popular in the 90s and 00s. Will Ferrell is a part of Hollywood for many decades now, and he is considered to be one of the most popular comedians and comedic actors in the whole industry. We will present you with his short biography and his net worth.

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Personal Life

John William Ferrell, which is Will`s full name, was born in Irvine, California in 1967. His parents are Betty Kay, a teacher, and Roy Lee Ferrell Junior, the musician. He was educated at Rancho Saan Joaquin and Cloverdale schools. Later he went to University High School where we played soccer and basketball. His interest in acting also started during his High School.

In the year 1990, he graduated, and he has a degree in sports information. Will is married to his long-time love Viveca Paulin, who is also his colleague. Their wedding occurred in 2000. Today, Will has three children, Axel, Mattias, and Magnus Paulin Ferrell. Ferrell stated several times that he is a family man and that his family is his main source of strength and will.


At the start of his career, Will Ferrell was a stand-up comedian. His specialty was mimicking personalities around his, but his favorite on for mimicking was Harry Caray. After some time, he became a part of The Groundings, which he formed with his fellow stand-up comedian Chris Kattan. They started to dance in various clubs, under the name of The Butabi Brothers.

Shortly after, he started working as an actor. His breakthrough project was him appearing in the “Saturday Night Live” from 1995 to 2009. He had the task of imitating guests of the show, and some of the most popular persons that he imitated were Robert Goublet, Fidel Castro, George Bush, Hames Lipton, etc.

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Will Ferrell was starred in various films like “The Internship”, “The House”, “Anchorman”, “Anchorman 2”, “Daddy`s Home”, etc. For a certain amount of time, he worked as a stage performer, and one time he hosted the show who had George Bush as a guest. That tv show debited in 2009.  In 2007, he founded a comedy platform named “Funny or Die”.

Net Worth

Will Ferrell
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Will Ferrell made his money mostly from acting, performing or hosting tv shows. According to some information, he has an income of $20 million per movie. He is the co-owner of a soccer club named Los Angeles FC along with various other celebrities. As of 2024, Will Ferrell`s net worth is estimated at $120 million. We are pretty sure that he will continue to work on various, box office hit projects, and that his net worth will only increase throughout the time.

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