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Jim Carrey Net Worth 2024 – The Legendary Comedy Actor

Canadian born actor and entertainer Jim Carrey is one of the most popular comedy actors in the last two decades. He is not only working as an actor, but he is also an impressionist, producer, and screenwriter. Since his career began, he became one of the most loveable actors, due to his popular roles in comedies that were very popular during the nineties and early twenties. Let us present you with a more detail biography of this prominent actor, with his personal life, career, and this net worth.

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Personal Life

He was born as a James Eugene Carrey in New Market, Ontario, on the seventeenth of January 1962. His parents are Percy Carrey, musician and accountant, and Kathleen Carrey, a homemaker. Jim is their youngest child. Jim has three siblings Patricia, Rita, and John. For a certain time, Carrey lived in Burlington, Ontario where he attended High School called Aldershot.

Jim married twice. His first marriage was with Melissa Womer. They married on the twenty-eight of March 1987. Melissa worked as an actress for a certain time, later she worked as a comedy store waitress. That same year she gave birth to a daughter, who they named Jane Erin Carrey.  Their daughter became famous in 2012 when she participated in American Idol. Jim and Melissa divorced in 1995.

Jim Carrey
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In 1996, Carrey married Lauren Holly. She starred in “Dumb and Dumber” with Jim. They divorced within a year. During the nineties, Jim Carrey had somewhat of a relationship with another actress Renee Zellweger, who acted beside him in several movies. At a certain time, he moved to California, where he reconnected with his ex-girlfriend Cathriona, who was married to Mark Burton. Her death in 2010, caused a lawsuit, and Burton blamed Carrey for her death.



Carrey had the help of his father during the early days of his career. They performed several times in Toronto in a club called Yuk Yuks. Also, his father helped him by buying Jim a house and continued to help him in pursuing a successful career in acting. Over time, he became acting in Atlanta, where he made his first serious steps to the career he has today.

During that time, he started working on his own tv comedy show called “The Tonight Show”. He became a stand-up comedian. However, shortly after that, he started acting in tv shows and movies. In 1996, he auditioned for NBC`s “Saturday Night Live”. His attempt wasn`t successful. Still, he got the position in 2011. He is remembered from comedies that marked one era, mostly in the nineties and early twenties.

Net Worth

Jim Carrey
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His professional career started when he was at a very young age. So, it is not a surprise that he accumulated over ninety projects, which are including movies, tv shows, stand-up performances, etc. Even with some struggles in the early days of his career, he ultimately succeeded. As of 2024, Jim Carrey`s net worth is estimated at $150 million.

Most Important Awards and Achievements

Jim Carrey
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During his long and successful career, he earned many awards. The most important ones are TV land award, 2 blockbuster entertainment awards, Kid`s Choice Award, and 7 MTV Awards.

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