Sinbad Net Worth 2024 – The Life Of Comedy

He was one of the most famous comedians and stand-up comedians a decade ago. He has been known by many nicknames, Red and Sinbad the Sailor being the most popular ones. However, he did not manage to keep up with other comedians and he simply lost it. All this resulted in the bankruptcy in 2013. He has appeared in many movies such as Good Burger, First Kid, Houseguest, Jingle All the Way, Necessary Roughness, etc.

Personal life


He was born as David Adkins on the 10th of November in 1956. His father was Baptist Dr. Donald Beckley and his mother was Louise Adkins. He has five more siblings, two sisters and three brothers: Dorothea, Donna, Donald, Michael, and Mark.


He finished Benton Harbor High School after which he enrolled at and finished the University of Denver. During his college days, he also was a member of the basketball team.

Personal life

Sinbad Family

His first love was Meredith Adkins a woman that he eventually married in 1985. Their marriage did not last long since they divorced in 1992. It should be also noted that they never forgot about each other and they started seeing each other again in 2002. After a while, they again got married. Their marriage resulted in two children.

We should also point out that Sinbad likes to have his personal life of the cameras and press. The reason for this is the Tax scandal that he has been involved in. We should also point out that he has not performed for a long time on TV or in movies. On the other hand, it has been reported that he has some stand-up shows in New York.


He was always interested in the world of comedy and he always wanted to get involved in show business. He succeeded in this in 1978. He has been so good and so influential that he was the No. 1 comedian during the 80s of the last century. Some people even talked of him as the greatest comedian ever.


As we have already said, he was very famous and everyone wanted him. So, he started to appear in movies and to have minor roles. Some of the movies that he appeared in are Gооd Вurgеr, Fіrѕt Кіd, Рlаnеѕ, Тhе Сhеrоkее, Тhе Меtеоr Маn, Соnеhеаdѕ, Nесеѕѕаrу Rоughnеѕѕ, Сrаzу аѕ Неll, Ѕtоmріn, Сlub Меd, etc.

Stand up

He was a very good stand-up comedian and everyone wanted to see him, listen to him and come to his shows. He always liked to make jokes around politics and there were instances of surreal humor. We should also note that he also did impressions of the pop starts at that time. Furthermore, he also used a lot of black and observational comedy in his performances.

However, these have not been the only topics that his comedy covered. He also used tings from everyday life as inspiration for his jokes. Also, race relationships, relationships, and racism have been also covered a lot by his jokes. We need to mention that many of his jokes are also centered on marriage and aging.


Apart from being a good comedian, he is also a talented musician. He can even play several instruments and he uses them in his performances. We need to mention that he also played with some well-known artists, such as Memphis Red and Journell Henry.


All of the work eventually paid off since he got nominated for many awards such as NAACP Image Award in 1996. And this is just one of them.


We should also note that he has big problems and that he is one of the biggest tax debtors in the country, i.e. he is among the first ten. We should also add that he owes more than 2.5 million USD to the authorities of California.

Net worth


Due to all this, his net worth in 2024 is -15 million USD. It was a smaller debt in 2009, i.e. -11 million USD when he announced bankruptcy due to his inability to pay 2.5 million USD of taxes. He owes a lot but he has also earned a lot, mostly by his performances and movie appearances.

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