Is the User Experience Key to Digital Marketing Success?

The consumers of today are smarter than ever, not to mention better informed. It is not enough to correctly identify customers’ needs to guarantee satisfaction and loyalty but to deliver a product or service in an instant. Meaningful user experience is an essential element in creating happy customers. Unfortunately, user experience is not a priority for digital marketers who prefer to focus their attention on other aspects such as search engine rankings or content production. Just so you know, the biggest successes are gained when user experience is combined with digital marketing.

It is necessary to focus on the people you are creating the services or products for. You should always think about what is the need behind them. Give the customer the best possible experience to determine them to come back. In today’s competitive environment, you must maximize your efforts to gain people’s attention.

What exactly is the user experience?


Before discussing the interconnection between the user experience and digital marketing, it is important to understand what user experience is in the first place. User experience, commonly abbreviated as UX, refers to the perceptions, reactions, and feelings that someone has at one point or another when interacting with a product or service. When applied to digital marketing, user experience designates the way a person feels when coming in contact with a system, which can be a website, a web app, or desktop software. It combines various principles such as information architecture, visual design, usability, user search, and content strategy.

The perfect online customer journey comes in the form of a user-friendly website that guarantees seamless navigation, a smooth buying journey, easily digestible content, and top-notch customer service. As visitors interact with your website, you can adjust the strategy and guide people in the right direction. User experience is gaining more and more importance within the digital environment. If you have been ignoring user experience until now, do not worry because sometimes it can be difficult to know what is relevant and what is not. What matters is that you change your mind and start paying attention to user behavior.

What are the different ways in which user experience impacts digital marketing?


In case you are still wondering why user experience matters to digital marketing, you should take a look at the various ways in which user experience impacts digital marketing goals and strategies.

User experience is about the relationship between people and technology

It is tempting to think that user experience is limited to interfaces. The aim is to ensure that things flow logically from one step to another. Choices are not based on personal preferences, but on what people want and need. According to the experts at Salt & Fuessel, designing beautiful interfaces represents only a small part of the process. To enhance the customer journey, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel but to understand the problems that visitors have to solve. User experience experts have to work in tandem with digital marketing teams to optimize campaigns.

User experience increases conversion rates


Marketing offers information about what a product or service does. If a person finds this information helpful, they will undoubtedly follow through to the website and want to find out more. After they get to that point, the user experience takes care of the rest. You can improve the user experience by simply giving people an opportunity to go straight to actionable tips. It is not easy and takes a lot of work, yet the rewards can be tremendous. It does not take long for users to decide whether or not they will stay on the website, which is why you have to provide a positive experience. A simple CTA placed in the right spot is enough to do the trick.

User experience is much too lucrative

Solving problems in people’s lives and assisting them in attaining their goals brings about numerous benefits. Some of the advantages of usability and user experience include improving users’ quality of life, boosting sales, validating concepts, and obtaining a clear vision about what to do next. There is no better time than now to adopt user experience as a digital marketing strategy. It is a lucrative opportunity, which means that you cannot afford to turn it down. Transform your website or web app into a reliable marketing tool. Keep in mind that it is not about technology, but about people.

Tips to improve the user experience


Taking note of the importance of user experience in the digital marketing field is only the beginning. If you combine the two, you will make your business stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips that you should consider to win customer contentment and loyalty.

Make sure the website design is in tip-top-shape

If the interface is much too difficult to understand, the user experience will undoubtedly be appalling. In addition to being pleasing from an aesthetic standpoint, the website should ensure a seamless experience for first-time visitors. The efforts of the marketing team will be in vain if the interface does not ensure a fulfilling experience.

Highlight information with lists


Listed information offers an optical break, helping the eyes to take a break. Using bullet points is a good idea because you demonstrate that you can be concise and to the point. When the information is presented in a precise manner, it is easier for people to identify the value proposition. Do not mix and match sentence structures. Your points ought to be consistent.

Do not ignore microcopy

The little bits of text can really make the difference by guiding people and creating pleasurable experiences. Microcopy refers to the words and phrases scattered around the website that give customers indications. Using microscopy will put people at ease, especially when they are giving their personal information. It is important to remember that persuasion involves a great deal of interaction. The role of the microcopy is to persuade.

The bottom line is that you need to give user experience the attention that it rightfully deserves. As the social web becomes dominant, ease of use and design enables people to share and purchase. It is simple, yet effective.

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