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Underwear That Hides All Your Imperfections

When it’s not going with exercise and diets – you can easily and quickly shape your body with bodysuits and shapewear. They have become so popular that they are used by every other woman in everyday occasions. Some products reduce body volume by up to two sizes, and some work to shape body parts that women would like to focus on.

Tight underwear, whether in the form of high-waist panties, a bodysuit with the bra, or shaping shorts, plays a fantastic role. It presses the abdomen, lifts the buttocks, magically achieves complete disappearance of cellulite, and enlarges and lifts the breasts. It is this magic trick of tight lingerie that was immediately recognized by numerous celebrities who never even go out on the red carpet without it.

From Corset To A Bodyshaper

Although body-shaping lingerie is more popular than ever and it can look seductive, its history is long. Historically, women have worn tight lingerie for hundreds of years. We still the corsets that women practically wore until recently? However, today’s lingerie is worn by everyone, and besides – it looks great under glamorous dresses. Especially those tight ones! It also goes well under daily fashion combinations. Another essential element that makes tight lingerie so popular is its comfort.

Namely, the old-fashioned lingerie was quite uncomfortable. Although it shaped the body, it often made it impossible to move freely, and in extreme cases even to breathe. Today’s styling body-shaping lingerie is soft and comfortable. It is providing the perfect balance between flattering body shape, comfort and modern design. Also, today’s models defy all stereotypes about underwear for body shaping.

How To Wear And How To Buy Shapewear?

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If you want to get the best results, always buy body shapes in your usual size, never smaller nor larger. Specifically, their effect is best when it fits you perfectly. You can wear body-shape lingerie for special occasions, at work or even in the gym. In short, you can wear it anytime and anywhere.

Practical And Seductive

Until recently, women around the world would have sworn they would never show up in any form of shapewear in front of their partner. But, today, the situation is much different. The new forms of lingerie showed their brand new face. In a variety of colours, from trendy-season to classic black and white, embellished with sensual lace or simple without details – the modern body-shape lingerie is completely irresistible and throws a whole new light on femininity.

The popularity of body-shape lingerie is not waning, and almost all well-known lingerie brands now have it in their offer. In HauteFlair, you can find a wide offer for the largest range of lingerie. Whether you need shapewear or swimwear, sportswear or a tank top – you can find just about everything.

The Most Common Types Of Shapewear

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Shapewear is designed for all women. Even women in the best shape can improve their figure and the way their clothes are styled with the help of body-shaped lingerie.

T-shirts that shape the body will fit best when they are pulled in, not when pulled over the head. Specifically, this tactic shapes the waist and creates a beautiful bust, and the same small rule applies to tight dresses. When planning to dance or move around a lot, you do not have to leave your body-shaping lingerie, as there are types that are made with quick-drying properties for a feeling of freshness and dry comfort.

Emphasize the waist, the most feminine part of a woman’s body, with waist shapewear. It fits invisibly even under tight clothes. However, if it makes you feel insecure, there are different shapes of bodysuits that will straighten your belly, lift your breasts, but also lift your butt. A great solution to all the problems is wearing tummy control panties.

They will tighten your belly, thighs and butt. Some of these models are designed to even wipe-out cellulite and are ideal to wear under tight pants or tight skirts. For some more elegant occasions, a full-body shaping slip is a great choice. Do not worry because it will fit perfectly even under tight dresses. A full-body shaping slip will hide all the imperfections, and can also be a great solution for dresses of transparent materials, so their role will be double effective.

If you want a quick change of figure, it’s best to go out for some of the magic pieces of laundry that instantly shape your physique. You may try some of the pieces we have chosen…

1. Hide Your Belly Imperfections

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The easiest way to cover your belly is with belt waist shaper or panties with high latex lace inserts. More compact panties that squeeze on the stomach are more appropriate to flatten your belly. Ultralight seamless shaping brief panties under clothing will discreetly conceal a few extra pounds on your stomach or thighs. Therefore, they are a quick solution to form a beautiful body line. They are made of a solid elastic material that fits perfectly to the body. Panties are available in frappe, black and almond colour as well as in regular and plus-sizes.

2. Butt Lift Underwear

Butt Lift panties are for seductive buttocks. They are invisible under clothes. Discreet foam pads in push up briefs will emphasize the buttocks, making it even more full, rounded and more desirable. Seductive Latin curves will make sure you attract the looks and sighs and you will have your confident appearance.

3. If You Have Wide Thighs

For this troubled region, it is ideal to wear mid-thigh full body shapers. Opaque inserts provide an optical reduction effect. Otherwise, taller cutouts or functional leggings that squeeze your thighs are more appropriate for wide thighs. Slim thighs panties will emphasize your legs.

4. Smaller Breasts

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There are already many different push-up bras on the market that you can help yourself with. Otherwise, the neckline is optically enlarged by luxurious, large jacquards and lace patterns or lace inserts on the lower parts of the bra. For small breasts, it is always good that the lace is lined with opaque material.


Ideally, you should have one piece in black and one in skin colour when you want your laundry to be less conspicuous. Manufacturers are also providing you with the opportunity to choose between “ordinary” and more provocative models with lace and transparent materials. It is only important to decide what you want to achieve!

Thinking that body-shaping laundry cannot be seductive is an absolute mistake. Still, what matters the most is how you feel when wearing it.

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