Tree Care: The New Gardening

Gardening has always been known to be a great hobby and it was considered a forgotten hobby for a long time. However, over the last few years, people have slowly started discovering gardening again, and a lot of people are now getting into it. Even people who do not have a garden in their property and live in apartments end up buying potted plants and then take care of them. Gardening also happened to join the list of hobbies that people around the world had taken up during the pandemic and a lot of people are going to continue that love even after lockdown ends and things go back to normal.

Now, when we think of gardening we usually think of grass and plants, but there is more. If you happen to have a tree or two in your property, then they also fall under the category of landscaping. Of course, taking care of a tree is wildly different than taking care of a garden, but it is also a necessary task. A lot of people only tend to their tree in the beginning as it is growing, and once it starts looks stable people stop caring for it, and that really should not be the case.

Your tree will continue to require care if it is going to continue growing in your property and it is your job to ensure that your tree is properly taken care of or else your tree will start dying and in worst-case scenarios, become a potential safety risk for you or your property. These are some aspects of tree care that you can manage on your own, however, for the sake of both you and your tree’s safety, you need to have professional tree care experts come in and handle some of the more complex aspects of tree care. You can ask people you know if they can recommend any tree care company based on their personal experience with them to get a basic idea. If you still find yourself feeling stuck, you can check out and contact the experts there for a consultation or more information on the subject.

If you are looking to keep your tree healthy, then there are a variety of things that you need to do periodically depending on your area and the type of tree you have in your property. This can include tasks like.

Pest & Disease Control


A lot of people forget that their trees are still susceptible to both pests and diseases. You can only hope to take proper care of your trees and make sure that it isn’t moist from the base up and if you do notice that your tree is beginning to look weak or different, you can call in expert tree care professionals for a consultation, have them inspect your tree and then let you know whether or not your tree has been afflicted by disease or anything else. Quick action is what matters in these situations. If you respond too slowly then the pest or disease can end up ravaging your tree from inside out. You can have your tree care experts come in and use pet and eco-friendly pesticides on your tree to keep it safe without causing any harm to your property or the environment.

Tree Trimming


Trimming your tree is one of the most important tasks that need to be done when it comes to tree care. If you want to keep your tree healthy than getting the overgrowth trimmed is how you will accomplish that. Trimming your tree helps you deal with unnecessary overgrowth that can end up meddling with wires, nearby houses, poles, etc. Trimming your tree will also help to make sure that it is balanced and not leaning in a particular direction either. Trimming should also be done on time if you know that your tree is sick or dying. This is all-important and if you end up neglecting this task then your tree will start growing out of control. Tree trimming can be pretty risky since it requires using sharp tools at a certain height. This is why we strongly recommend hiring tree care experts and letting them handle this particular aspect of the job. Depending on your tree type, your tree can need a trim anywhere between 1-3 times a year.

Tree Pruning


Now a lot of people tend to confused tree trimming and pruning, and that is why most people end up using the term interchangeably. However, there is a difference between the two. Whilst tree trimming is about trimming excess branches and overgrowth, tree pruning is mostly just about shaping and working on the aesthetics. The purpose of pruning is to help your tree branches have a pleasing shape and overall look. So, tree trimming can be considered a heavy job whereas pruning is fine-tuning and making everything look prim and proper.



You will need to get your tree storm-proofed if you happen to live in an area where hurricanes, lightning, and heavy rains are frequent. Before the start of every storm season, you will need to make sure that your tree is adequately protected. You can of course try to do this yourself, but it is always strongly advised to have a professional do it for you since storm-proofing requires a lot of work and knowledge about the task. Your tree care expert will know which parts of your tree are especially vulnerable to damage and how to protect them, be it the crown, the branches, the trunk, or the base of your tree. A lot of people are usually tempted before storm season to thin out the branches of their tree and this is something we will strongly advise against. Branches can sometimes serve as a protective barrier for trees so thinning them can end up causing more harm than good. It is better to get approval from a professional before you attempt to do anything yourself when it comes to a matter as delicate as this.

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