When It’s Time to Do Tree Removal?

Having trees around your property can actually have a number of benefits. First of all, we need to keep as many trees as we can for the sake of the environment because trees not only produce oxygen, they also shelter for other habitats and the like. If we look at their benefits in terms of property value, then you need to know that properties that happen to be landscaped or have trees have a 5-15% higher market values than properties that do not.

There is clearly some benefit to having trees around your property, however, you also need to remember that your trees might not be able to stick around forever, and if anything, they might need to be removed voluntarily in certain instances. This is not exactly a desirable course of action, but some situations leave us with no other choice but that.

There are a number of reasons or signs that might indicate that it is time to get your tree removed, and we will be talking more about these signs below, but before anything else, it is important that you call in professionals to remove your tree and avoid trying to do it yourself because you can put yourself and your property at risk. So, look for professionals like Pensacola Tree Service LLC that offer their tree removal services instead of trying to go at it yourself.


Like we mentioned before, there are a number of signs and indicators that you should look out for when dealing with trees because there can be numerous little things that might be hinting that it’s time to let go before your tree actually gives out.

– This is really obvious, but you know you need to get your tree removed if your tree has died. Dead trees do not offer anything in terms of aesthetic or functional value, in fact, it can actually end up causing more damage because dead trees happen to lose their structural integrity over time as the root system begins to weaken and so on. Similarly, your dead tree, especially if it was already diseased, can end up affecting the other plants and trees in your property, so it is advised to get the tree removed as soon as you can once it has died.

– If your tree has sustained some serious damage after a storm, then you should consider getting it removed. If you were not able to stormproof your trees and they now have major damage in the form of stem failure, root failure, a blow-over, etc. then your tree cannot be saved and it is better for it to just be removed.

– If you are approaching storm season, and you notice that one of your trees does not seem like it would be able to hold its ground, you can have an inspection done and if the expert tells you that storm-proofing the tree would not help to protect it either, then it is better to just get the tree removed or else it might end up damaging your property because of the intensity of the storm.

– It is important to get your tree inspected as it keeps growing every year to monitor its growth and to make sure that it might not stand a risk to your property. If you find out in one of these inspections that your tree is growing in a manner that might cause damage to your property through aggressive root systems or branches that are out of control etc., then you will need to get that tree removed in order to protect our property.

– If your tree happens to shed everywhere, and in places where it is getting tedious, then you might have to get it removed if it becomes too much. So, if our tree is shedding fruits, leaves, needles, pests, etc. then it can become a problem if it is constantly happening on top of your car, driveway or in other problem areas.

– If your tree is overgrown, regardless of whether it is the branches, the base or even the roots, then there is a risk that the tree might fall, and this can be very dangerous. So, if your tree is overgrown and might be at risk of falling, then it is better to just have it removed.


If the tree happens to be infected with a disease and it does not look like the infection can be stopped or contained, then it is better to just have the tree removed before the infection and diseases end up spreading to all of your other plants and trees.

You will need to hire a professional arborist or anyone that specializes in tree services and have them inspect your tree and then help you make the decision of whether or not to remove the tree because it should not be the immediate solution, and should only be a last resort.

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