Best All Inclusive Vacation Packages in Belize for 2024

Tucked away and nestled right next to the countries of Guatemala and Mexico, the land area of Belize is somewhat smaller than the state of Massachusetts. Although the country of Belize is small in size, it’ majestic rainforests, a vast plethora of national parks, and shimmering, translucent Caribbean waters invite visitors of all kinds from around the world.

Being that the English language is the official language of the country, this makes it easy for American tourists to visit. And, for all of those avid vacationers out there, resorts like Sandy Beach Resorts offer many all-inclusive (affordable) packages to travelers who are looking for excitement.

Belize shows off an incredible variety of natural wonders and sincerely welcomes all visitors everywhere to venture out and precisely explore what we see as the “Jewel of Central America.” The second-largest barrier reef worldwide is located here, which is home to a large amount of marine life and incredible coral formations. Belize also showcases three of only four atolls in the whole Caribbean and is home to the mysterious bottomless Great Blue Hole. Belize is truly a divers’ and snorkelers’ earthly paradise.


The country of Belize is also the official resting place of the impressive Mayan Temples of Xunantunich and Lamanai. It is among the country of Belize’s most famous destinations for people who want to see the deep jungles and mysterious archaeological sites of the historic civilization. Vast jungle reserves, along with a large plethora of unique wildlife, can be seen in the lush rainforest that still covers around 75% of the entire country today.

All of Sandy Beach Resorts can serve as a starting point for many other experiences in Belize. The knowledgeable and courteous staff will be more than happy to help you and your family in planning and choosing for the adventures that await you at Sandy Beach Resorts. Sandy Beach Resorts are a stunning group of majestic, beachfront vacation resorts located on the breathtaking island of Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Right offshore from their gorgeous white sandy beaches, you will find the second largest barrier reef worldwide, which provides speedy access to exciting snorkeling, adventurous diving, fun-filled fishing, or just casual boating. Located only several miles from the actual mainland of the country of Belize, Sandy Beach Resorts is the precise launching point to view the beautiful rain forests or to go out and view the ancient Mayan ruins.

At Sandy Point Resorts, we offer classy and comfortable accommodations for the avid traveler or vacationer, amazing wedding parties for groups, and just about everything in between those two things.

Whether you are a lone traveler seeking adventure and excitement,

  • A family looking for a great vacation,
  • A couple scheduling a romantic vacation, or
  • A mere traveler who wants a beautiful private villa overlooking the stunning Caribbean,

Sandy Point Resorts provides the correct option for your next great vacation


If you enjoy a plethora of activity options and seek exciting adventure, then Sandy Point Resorts is one of the best all-inclusive vacation packages that should fit your needs.
The official Belize Barrier Reef has been dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and for a smart reason too. Vast stretches of beautiful coral formations and the world-famous Blue Hole are located here. Yes, Ambergris Caye is most definitely a portal to a unique aquatic paradise waiting for you and your family to explore and see.

Golf Cart Rentals


Venture out in tropical-style via renting a fun golf cart while you stay at Ambergris Caye. Whether it is a delectable local food venue, eclectic gift shops, or breathtaking site seeing, a quality golf cart rental can be sure to aid you in getting there.

Located right on the mainland of the country of Belize, beyond Ambergris Caye is found nearly 2.3 million acres of carefully protected wilderness land. Get to see the heavenly “Adventure Coast” of Central America and other beautiful views of the area. Believe it or not, the deep and mysterious tropical rainforest is the dwelling place to a variety of exotic and tropical animals. You might see the enormous Harpy Eagle, or you might spot the low-key wild Jaguar. Some of the exciting things to do on the mainland are things like Cave Tubing, Rainforest Zip Line, exploring Mayan Temples, and exploring underground caves.

Catamaran Cruises & Sailing Adventures


Chill out and enjoy the trade winds complete all of the work as you gently sail the shimmering island coast and enjoy the majestic sunsets. One can decide from taking private, professional cruises or going ahead and taking part in a scheduled evening cruise from one of our professional, certified tour operators.

The beautiful tropical climate is just right for outdoor dining, and the resort staff is delighted to help guide any special event on the quiet beach. We provide various locations where one can have a heavenly evening right under all of the shining stars on the beautiful beaches of Belize.

Included in this one of the best all-inclusive vacation packages are excellent spa services as well. The spa services offered are great for couples who want to relax and escape to a relaxed utopia. The spa services can be conveniently booked by way of our mobile spa partner, known as Escape Spa. Aromatherapy, reflexology, and natural local ingredients are carefully mixed to maximize your overall vacation and relaxation getaway. It is good to know that massages can be quickly set up via poolside, on your very own veranda, or just in the solitude of your very private suite.

All in all, Sandy Beach Resorts is one of the best all-inclusive vacation packages you will find worldwide. So bring the whole family and experience a fantastic getaway to the beautiful Sandy Beach Resort for an adventure-filled vacation.

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