Travel Guide for Ethiopia – 2024

Ethiopia is one of the oldest counties in the world and it is, for sure, a place to visit. Not only that it has an amazing cultural legacy, but nature is breathtaking. Since all countries have specific so-called street rules, it is important to know what is allowed and what is not in this country since as a guest you should respect the culture and rules of the country you are in.

1. The country itself


When it comes to foreign countries, most people first ask is it safe to travel there? Most people who visited Ethiopia stated that there is no place for concerns when it comes to safety; even though the people there are very religious, they do have a sense for the tourists and it is highly unlikely to feel unsafe when going there.

A very peculiar thing about this country is that there is a different calendar they use, as well as the clock. So the day begins at noon when the sun rises. Because of this, it is always good to double-check the times and dates, and if they are presented in the International time form.

Another very interesting thing about this country is that there is no store open during lunchtime.

Be sure to check if you need a tourist visa. As soon as you land, check with the embassy if additional paperwork needs to be done, such as checking the return tickets or buying additional tourist visas at the airport itself.

If you would like to explore the sights, it is good to hire a tour guide. Most tourists stated that the tourist guides here are doing an amazing job in presenting the famous sights to the tourists. Even though they have their own language, English is widespread and most people know the language.

There are at least nine places to visit since the whole country of Ethiopia has 9 UNESCO protected sites, putting it very high on the list of countries with this kind of protection of world heritage sites.

When it comes to prices, there are some underlying costs such as traveling around the country and some taxes, this can pile up, but when it comes to accommodation, food, and drinks they do come on lower price and you can get a very delicious meal for a very reasonable price. Not as cheap as you think, but still pretty low cost.

One of the things that tourists find distracting is the level of organization in this country; it is not a very high level, so be prepared to change plans when and if needed. Once you are prepared for this, you will have a plan B and not get upset if something throws you off track.

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2. Packing essentials


As mentioned, it is always good to come prepared. Ethiopian latitude and longitude are such that even though the days are pretty warm, the nights tend to gent chili, this is why it is good to pack some warmer clothes as well.

A few hoodies that you can throw on top of what you are wearing or sweaters, kimonos or similar will do the trick. If you are prone to having cold feet, socks are always a good choice. In addition, some long-legged jeans or trousers can come in handy.

If you are an outdoorsy person, you will enjoy the opportunity to explore the lands in the form of hiking since the offer for this kind of exploration of the country is available.

Depending on the part of the country you will be located, be sure to have a power bank with you, and set of batteries just in case since in some less developed parts of the country power can be scarce and some restrictions may occur. When it comes to power, it is good to consider a powerful camera since the whole country is painted and very photogenic.

When packing for countries in Africa, it is smart to pack products that will keep the moisture of your skin on high levels, since dry and hot air can lead to dryness of the skin which can be quite unpleasant.

3. Culture


When in a foreign country, be sure to follow up on the cultural rules set by the people living there. Even though they are all very friendly here, with enough knowledge of English and wish to master it, if you are wearing very short clothes, you will come across some disapproving looks.

Respecting the culture of the country you are in is a state of manner and it is not hard to do so since now trousers can be found to be made of a material that is very comfortable to be worn during the whole day. Also, maxi dresses that are covering the legs are always a good choice.

When it comes to different ways of saying hello and greeting people, some ordinary gestures are being used, but the one that will probably catch your attention is the shoulder bump. As very open people, when talking to one another they will touch a shoulder or hand of the one having a discussion with, so do not be alarmed if that seems to be the case.

Last but not least is the food, when it comes to it there is a lot of choices, and vegetarians and vegans will not stay hungry since the food is plant-based. Portions of fruits and vegetables are quite large, and most people do not use any utensils, meaning that food is being eaten by hands. They primarily use the right hand to handle the food and use their specific bread as a fork.


No matter where in Ethiopia you are going, do not forget to double-check the paperwork needed to come here. There are a lot of wonderful places to visit and be free to book a local tour guide to learn more.

Prices are not too high, and the food is delicious. Be sure to respect the religious rules of the people and treat them with respect, and you will return from this country with wonderful memories and a few new friendships.

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