Incredible Technology Behind Kn95 Masks

In a year’s time, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought new behavior and changed the way we interact. You are now allowed to work from home and always carry a sanitizer whenever you leave your house.

Besides, grabbing a mask on your way out has become an everyday norm. Your consciousness and awareness of the danger that COVID-19 poses create an automatic impulse that drives you to always wear a mask whenever you are in crowded places or just outside the house.

Even though numerous types of masks exist, many people opt for Kn95 ones because of their effectiveness in protecting against the virus. See more to learn about the KN95. So what makes them preferred for preventing COVID-19 infections?

It is known that facemasks are only effective when they offer an adequate seal on the person’s face such that the air inhaled is filtered. The different types of Kn95 face masks are uniquely designed such that they can stop at least 95% of 0.3 sized microns, including germs, dust, virus, or any other infection-carrying particles. Moreover, these masks are reusable.

Kn95 Filtration Principle


These face masks are designed with five different layers that enhance their ability to keep away pathogens. The various layers of Kn95 mask filters have tiny pores that enable them to trap any impurities while at the same time allowing an individual to breathe in clean air. They are made using three principles that enable them to achieve this feat.

  • Inertial Impaction: The filters can trap microns or larger particles through inertia. As such, it stops them from seeping through the fibers in the filtration layers. This enables the masks to prevent the COVID-19 causing virus from reaching your nose.
  • Diffusion: Much smaller particles between 0.1 and 1 micron are not subject to inertia. Such particles are therefore subjected to diffusion. This process traps such microns on the fibrous layers on the mask’s various filters while undergoing Brownian motion around the porous matrix of the filter fiber.
  • Electrostatic Attraction: Their faces are designed with fibers with electro-charged polymers that attract and trap both large and small particles.

Most clothes used in making masks can achieve the first two processes. However, most of them are not as effective in electrostatic attraction as Kn95 ones are.

What Are The Materials Used In Making Kn95 Masks?


These masks are made using five layers of non-woven fabric, usually from polypropylene. The covering of the inner and outer layer are made using spun bonding. You can even buy covid-19 kits online if you wish. Just click here and stay safe.

This process is based on a melt spinning technique that enhances the fabric’s ability to filter various particles. The fibers are then bonded using mechanical, thermal, and chemical techniques.

The outer layer of them is dense. This enables it to protect the wearers from outside environmental impurities. They also have non-woven prefiltration layers that are usually run through a hot calendering process.

This mask also has a layer of melt-blown polarized non-woven fabric that enhances its efficiency in filtering the air you breathe. Visit PrimoDentalProducts to get your own high-quality masks and other PPE.

Examining the Effectiveness of Kn95


Various authorities have approved them as being effective protective wear against Covid-19 infection. The following factors explain why this mask is effective:

  • They can retain their filter fiber even when they are decontaminated. This feature makes them reliable even when contaminated, given that they can retain their integrity.
  • This mask has a dense dipole charge density, enhancing its ability to filter out harmful substances such as dust, germs, and other microorganisms.
  • Reusable: They are reusable for a certain amount of time before they become defective. This is helpful, especially for front-liners who are usually in need of a durable and reliable mask.
  • These are designed with standard-sized pores that enable them to tolerate a high exhalation rate. They are therefore suitable for a pressurized environment where there is a need to breathe faster.

Other impressive features of this masks that come about as a result of the amazing technology with which it is made include:

  • They are easy to clean: There is no need to purchase them daily. You can clean them and reuse them. However, you should ensure that you replace it with a new one when showing signs of deterioration.
  • Comfortable: They are made using soft fabric that is friendly to the skin. You can then comfortably wear them for long periods.
  • Adjustable nose clip: They have easily adjustable nose clips. You can therefore adjust them to fit the level of comfort you need.
  • Effective for stopping different types of particles: They can prevent dust, germs, and other microorganisms from penetrating.
  • It’s a better performer: Compared to other types of masks like N95 and other clothes masks, KN95 ones are better equipped to protect you from the COVID-19 causing pathogens.

Certification of Kn95


The skills and attention to detail in these masks have earned them a certification from the FDA. There have been cases of people designing fake Kn95. Below we have outlined the FDA-approved KN95 masks.

  • Powecom Kn95 face mask: This mask has a 95% filtering efficiency, high-quality ear loops, and an adjustable nose clip. Moreover, they have a high capacity of inhalation and exhalation allowance.
  • Healthily kn95 mask: This five-layered is not only comfortable but also liquid and dustproof. It is embedded with an adjustable metal nose clip and an elastic strap that ensures it is firmly held on your face.
  • WW DOLL kn95 mask: some of this mask’s features include five layers of filter, breathable cup dust, and a 3D design that makes them comfortable to wear, and a piece of soft fabric that is skin-friendly.
  • ApePal Kn95 face masks: These masks have five layers of protective fabric and a wide and elastic ear loop that enables them to fit you perfectly.

The danger posed by COVID-19 infection is dire. However, with expertly designed face masks such as Kn95, your chances of getting infected with the virus are minimized.

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