The Ultimate Strategy to Increase Your Slots Wins – 2024 Guide

Casino visitors will always gravitate towards the slot machines because who could resist those massive jackpots being advertised. Although they don’t exactly offer the best odds as table games, they are super fun and easy to play. Especially for those people that feel intimidated by approaching the baccarat or poker tables.

Moreover, they are fairly cheap to play considering you get the chances to win millions on them. Setting them apart from other games where you need to be a high roller risking quite a lot to win the same kinds of profits.

In this article we’ll go over all of the things you need to think about before you start playing slots. Whether you do that at a brick-and-mortar casino or check out some sites at Most of the following applies to you.

Are You Playing for Fun or Is Winning a Big Deal to You?


I know, this seems like a silly question, because of course your ultimate goal is to win some money. But rather think about if you care more about odds of winning than the game theme and features that make it enjoyable to play. A very large group of people actually enjoy playing slot games for fun. Which is why online casinos offer free mode games where there is no involvement of money at all.

Choosing the Right Casino

If you only play in land-based casinos, this usually isn’t such a hard decision. Because most people will just go to wherever is closest to them. However, go online and it’s a completely different story. Where you have access to virtually hundreds of different casinos and thousands of slot games. It’s a more exciting world to be sure, but it does come with it’s disadvantages.

Namely, having so many choices can be overwhelming. And you also have to make sure you are only choosing a legitimate and reputable online casino. Therefore, always check for licensing and background information before you join a site and add payment.

Set a Budget


Never approach a casino without setting a clear budget for how much you can spend. This number should never be more than you can afford to lose because there are no guarantees in games of luck.
Of course, it’s not fun to lose. But you must always be prepared no matter what. In the end think of it as what it costs for the minutes or hours of amusement you get playing slots. If you’re playing online, there are many tools that help you with setting a budget for yourself.

For instance, you can utilize account limits, time-off or time limits. You also want to think about which games you’re playing and how much the minimums and maximums are per spin.

How Will You Treat Your Wins?

Another clear plan you should have before you start playing is what you’ll do with your winnings. One of the most common occurrences reported by casino employees is people losing back all of their winnings. This is due to a lack of self-control or not even considering what they would do when they win.
Don’t let that happen to you, by clearly envisioning what you’ll do if you end up winning that jackpot. Will you play back up to a certain amount on a different game or get up right away and call it a day?

Pay Attention to Casino Benefits


All the online players understand exactly how beneficial welcome and reload bonuses can be for slots. You see, online casinos have a lot of competition, so they offer players special incentives for signing up and returning.

These can be anything from free spins on certain games, or match bonuses of 100% on your deposits. For example, a standard one is a casino offering 100% match when you make a deposit up to a certain amount. Which gives you twice as much money to spend playing whichever games you like on the site.

There are also the less common no-deposit bonuses, which is just a set amount of money that you can spend on the site. What these offers all have in common is that you do get to keep whatever you win using them. Although there are usually wagering requirements involved before you can withdraw your winnings.

Whatever they may be, even with the wagering requirements. These bonus offers usually give you the advantage of being able to play more or for longer. Which in turn gives you more chances to win.

Classics or Complicated Slots?

Slot developers don’t hold back these days in adding features and in-game bonuses to their games. Additionally, they have evolved very far past the classic fruit machine games of the past. You can now find a game with just about any theme you can think of. However, many players will always go back to their classic favourites and there might be good reason for that.

You see, casinos don’t need to work as hard to attract users these exciting new games. So they often don’t feel the need to offer the same payout rates on them as they do on the old games. Therefore, sometimes it’s even better to stick to the originals instead of hopping on the trendy new slots.



Whenever you see a slot game with a huge jackpot attached to it, chances are it’s a progressive slot game. As the name suggests, these jackpots “progress” to larger amounts every time players put money into it. And for this reason, there will always be many people vying for that main prize. Which also means the odds are less than stellar compared to other types of slot games.

We don’t want to say avoid progressives altogether, because they have been known to create new millionaires out of lucky players. Just understand that you should probably play them much more sparingly than you would regular video slots.

Also, no matter which kind of game you decide to play, always take a look at the pay table to determine what you need to bet in order to win certain prizes.

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