What Makes Slots the Most Popular Casino game?

Casinos are hugely popular, and the move online has further expanded their reach to a whole new demographic. Those who would not consider themselves gamblers and would not have taken the time to visit a land-based casino will play casino games online. The online market in 2019 was worth around US$60 billion and is predicted to grow to over US$90 billion as soon as 2024.

Players really are spoilt for choice when visiting a provider like DraftKings Online Casino, with all manner of games at their fingertips. Players can play on a range of themed online slots, enjoy live dealer games, experience the thrill of the roulette wheel, and even win big at poker. Slots are by far the most popular games in casinos, both online and land-based; in US land-based casinos, approximately 70% of casino revenue is generated by slots, a figure mirrored in the online world.

Why are slots so popular?

Simple and fun


Online slots are really easy to play; they require no skill or knowledge unlike other casino games like poker. A true casino beginner can play without worrying they are going to get it wrong. Slots are purely luck-based and can offer hours of fun, and their simplicity is part of their universal appeal.

Slots give a rush of dopamine

Slots are fun and shiny! When players sit down (metaphorically) at a slot machine, the combination of sounds and lights, reels spinning and tension building soundtrack makes the brain release dopamine, the happy hormone, making people feel good. This is especially true with every win, no matter how small.

Quick and easy


Slot machines can be played on the go, dipped in and out of as and when and do not require waiting for spaces on tables to become available or for a dealer or other players to be ready and take their turns.

High-quality games

The popularity of slots is in part linked to the fact that the games on offer are of very high quality, and as they have become more and more popular, operators have invested more and more in development, creating even better games. Many operators are leveraging new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to offer players truly immersive experiences.

Casino bonuses go a lot further on the slots


Pretty much every online casino offers some sort of welcome bonus, be it a free amount to play with, or an offer to match a players’ initial deposit. These bonuses will go a lot further on the slots than in other casino games as the required wagers are considerably lower than in other casino games. Additionally, many operators offer a certain number of free spins as a reward for playing on their sites on a daily basis, further channeling players to the slot machines.

High Return on Investment

Slots allow players to turn mere pennies into many thousands. As well as the elusive cumulative jackpot, which has paid out life-changing sums in recent times, including a 92-year old army veteran who netter over US$21 million, slots have the potential to turn a small amount into a fairly sizeable win on a regular basis. The Return to Player (RTP) in slots usually sits above the 95% mark (meaning that for every US$100 in, US$95+ will be paid out).

Variety of themes


Slots have become so popular that many developers and operators are providing themed games to their players. This works by attracting new players because they are intrigues by the new themes, or attracting non-slot machine players attracted by their favourite movie or TV show, as well as offering the opportunity to diversify the intricacies of the game.

The most popular themes are films, TV shows, and music, though more generic themes including horror, under the sea, mythology and history are also hugely popular.


Slots are a great introduction to casinos. Players do not need to have prior knowledge of how to play, they can simply turn up and play. This can be great for those who are unsure of a casino, and may not want to feel the pressure of potential humiliation if they get things wrong on a table or in front of others.

Slots are also great for those who are shy and want to immerse themselves in a game to unwind and relax. They also don’t have to worry about doing the wrong thing or looking silly, as there is no real was of going wrong on a slot machine.

Can be played anywhere


The beauty of online slots is that as long as the player has a device and internet connection, slots can be played anywhere, at any time. There is no restriction on time as the online casino will always be open, there is no waiting in a queue to use a machine as is possible in a land-based casino, and it is easy to switch between different games to find the best one to play.


Online slots are very popular, offering a variety of games to suit all players. Slots are a great way for novices to start frequenting a casino and offer hours of entertainment. The look and feel of the games help individuals unwind and relax, and the release of dopamine that comes with it activates the brains pleasure centers, making playing slot machines a pleasurable experience.

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