Save Money on Drugs Using a Canadian Pharmacy

It is estimated that more than 15% of the male population of the world is facing the issue of erectile dysfunction. Many researchers claim that more than 300 million men will be having this issue by the 2025 and it is double of the patients which were estimated in 1995.

The issue is supposed to be spread more in older men but young men also find some kind of ED symptoms in them. If you are also suffering from the same issue an online Canadian pharmacy could prove to be beneficial for you.

Here we are going to tell you the benefits of buying medicine for ED from Canadian online pharmacy:

Drugs are more affordable


Comparing with the United States the drugs bought from Canadian online pharmacy are always cheaper. Talking about the US, the consumers pay four times more for medication compared to any other country. At times, they also end up paying more than 65 times for the same drug. And because of that around 80 per cent of Americans find US prescription drugs to be unreasonable.

Various studies suggest that the costs of patent drugs in Canada are 40 per cent less compared to the US. Also, a reliable Canadian online pharmacy sells branded and generic both kinds of drugs and you might understand how much you would be able to save if you order medicine online.

You will save enough if you buy Viagra and Cialis in Canada


The cost of Viagra will be increased by 190 per cent in the span of five years from 2012 to 2017. The price of Viagra climbed up to $370 from $127 per monthly prescription similarly the cost of Cialis also climbed up to $365 from $127 in the same period.

Buying a branded Viagra from a reliable online Canadian pharmacy you could get four tablets at the price as low as $60. It costs you only $15 per tablet compared to us where the same tablet costs $80 per tablet. Talking about the Cialis you can get this tablet at the cost of $150 for 28 tablets from an online Canadian pharmacy.

Comparing the price you would know that you can save almost five times while buying Viagra from an online Canadian pharmacy compared to the US and the price of Cialis are 14 times less compared to US prices of the same. The big saving could be a sufficient reason for you to get medicine from an online Canadian pharmacy.

Availability of low-cost generic ED medicine


We all know that generic drugs cost much less compared to branded products. Though they are as much effective as the branded ones are, the reason for that is the ingredients used to make them are same as used by the brand names and they also have the same effect.

The major factor for generic drugs to be so low cost is that they are no longer new inventions. The manufacturers pattern their drugs with existing branded medication. So they don’t have to spend too much on research, marketing and distribution.

Safety and Efficacy of Generic medicines in Canada


All the generic medicines are required to meet the standards and protocols of Health Canada’s stringent in Canada. The health Canada than tests these generic drugs to ensure the safety, efficiency and quality, only after that generic medicines get approval from the health department.

So the generic drugs available in licensed Canadian pharmacies are safe and efficient. The same goes for the generic ED drugs like generic Cialis and generic Viagra. But to buy these generic medicines you would still need a valid prescription. Being affordable generic medicines are regulated by Health Canada and because of that, you would need a prescription to buy them online.

Generic Viagra in Canada


The generic substitute or counterpart of Viagra is Sildenafil. It’s not only used for ED but it is also helpful to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

Sildenafil increases the circulation to the penile blood vessels, the main reason for ED is the issues in blood vessels and too little blood flow creates ED.

One can get four tablets of generic Viagra at the cost of $16 from an online Canadian pharmacy and if you compare it with the branded Viagra you would know that it has a difference of $11 per tablet.

Generic Cialis in Canada


The generic version of Cialis is tadalafil and it works similarly to Sildenafil. Many patients also use it to get relax in the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

However, tadalafil is slightly different from Sildenafil as it has longer life compared to Sildenafil. Tadalafil remains in the blood and the system longer, the half-life of it is approx. 18hours whereas the life of Sildenafil is approx. 4hours.

Buying generic Cialis online would cost you $20.50 for 30 tablets of 2.5mg if you have been prescribed Cialis 5 mg then you can get it at the cost of $28 for 30 tablets. You will end up saving a lot of money for a month’s supply.

Low price branded alternative medicine for ED


In case if you don’t want to take generic Viagra or generic Cialis you could find branded alternatives. The alternative for Viagra is Revatio, it uses the same ingredient Sildenafil and it’s from the same company. One can get Revatio tablets at the cost of $6.5 per tablet and that is almost the difference of $10 compared to original Viagra.

Similarly, the alternate for Cialis is the Adcirca, from the same manufacturer and it costs $15.86 per tablet if you buy it from a licensed Canadian online pharmacy.

Buying in quantity could save you a lot more


In many countries, the maximum time allowed to get the medicines is 90 days and that means that you can buy up to three months of ED medicines. So the longer your prescription is valid you can get the advantage of big saving by ordering them in big quantities.

Most of the medicines cost a lot less if bought in big numbers and same goes with the medicines of ED. You can check online pharmacy for more information.

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