Top Tips for Helping You Remember Your Travels

Getting away and travelling the world is something that many of us dream of doing. You could be seeing where the wind takes you or following a set itinerary – everyone is different! However, you do need to remember to document your travels so you can remember them a little better. Here are some of the ways that you can do so.

Blog as You Go

A great way to remember your travels is to create a blog as you go. You could do so on a traditional blogging platform, or you could use a social media platform like Instagram. Both can be easy and convenient ways for you to collect your photos and reflections whilst travelling.

The great thing about blogging is that you get to do it in the moment. Rather than try to remember everything after the fact when you are home, you should be able to write down your thoughts as they happen. No one might ever read your blog but your friends and family back home, but it can still be a great exercise to follow!

Collect Memories at the End


Once you are at home again, you should think about some of the ways that you can collate your memories so that you have something to look back on. For instance, how often do you scroll back through your own social media channels? Facebook and Instagram are common destinations for our holiday snaps, but they’re there for our followers, and not so much for us.

For that reason, using a site like to print Instagram photos within a beautiful photobook means that you will never again lose sight of the memories you made. It might be the perfect thing to take you back if you feel like reminiscing.

Grab a Souvenir Along the Way

You should also try to grab some souvenirs along the way too. From t-shirts to figurines, to postcards, there will be plenty that you can grab if you feel like it. When you get to a new area, make sure that you have a good look around to see what you can find in terms of souvenirs.

If you want to create one while on the go, think of a project that you will be able to carry around with you as go. For example, if you are going to be visiting a lot of beaches, you might want to create a jar with layers of sand from each beach. It can create quite a striking souvenir, and could be something that you treasure for a long time.

Deciding to travel can give you some fantastic memories and many a story to tell. However, you should ensure that you have some things that will always remind you of your travels, whatever they might be. Before you head out on your travels, make sure to think up some things that you want to find to help you remember your journey. It could take any form that you want – it just has to remind you of your travels!

Get Creative Along the Way


There’s something very aesthetic about the travelling artist. Whether they’re sitting in a Parisian café, drafting a poem in longhand, or leaning up against a palm tree sketching the boats that sail back and forth across the horizon, we all secretly want to be that person – but, surprisingly, it hardly ever occurs to us to actually be that person.

The thing is, you don’t have to be Rembrandt to feel justified in bringing a travel-size watercolor set, a couple of pencils, a few empty notepads and a couple of paintbrushes in your hand luggage, and it can be the perfect way to spend a quiet, sunny afternoon just soaking up the ambiance of the area.

Plus, it means you’ll return home with plenty of unique pieces that show quite how strong an impression your travels made on you. They don’t have to be perfect – just a product of some time well spent. A win-win.

Make a Playlist

Ever listen to a song, and find that it instantly transports you back to a certain time and place? It’s a pretty common phenomenon, but one that many of us don’t take advantage of quite as much as we could.

Making a playlist – and adding to it along the way – to listen to during your travels is the perfect way of preserving your trip in memory, and being able to re-evoke those memories at the drop of a hat, even if that particular vacation is years (or even decades) in the past.

Try not to focus your playlist on songs that you listen to regularly, for obvious reasons. Branch out a little, and make sure that they have got just the right vibes for some much needed time spent away.

Also, the hard part: try to forget about those songs for a few weeks (at least) following the end of your trip, or they might lose a little bit of the magic through repetition.

Get Lost in the Moment


Get lost in the moment at Nashville Tennessee, Visit VacationsMadeEasy

There are plenty of ways of making sure that you preserve as many memories as possible during your travels – and, while they’ll certainly help, you can’t forget the most basic rule of all: to enjoy the moment.

The best memories are those that are made when you let yourself embrace what’s happening around you. From colorful markets to tranquil coves, you’ll have plenty of profound and unforgettable moments even when your camera is tucked into your bag, and you’re not even thinking about hunting down the perfect souvenier.

Many of us aren’t used to the feeling of actively trying to let go and ‘live a little’, but it’s an incredibly freeing experience, and one that we feel comfortable guaranteeing that you won’t forget.

A trip is memorable because of the places and people you see along the way, the experiences you know you’ll only get the chance to enjoy once, and the feeling of stepping away from the usual routine in favor of something you’ve never done before.

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