Top 9 Tips for Selling Your Yacht – 2024 Guide 

Selling a yacht is not as easy as selling your old car or your apartment. Some people are really close to their boats and yachts, and when they are in immediate need of selling it, that may be too difficult for them, and they will look for some ways to keep it. Those who are interested in buying will easily find you through social media and websites where you announced your sale. Luckily, you will always have potential buyers, but you don’t want to give it for less money than its worth.

Also, you may ask yourself should you sell it directly to the potential buyer, or maybe you want to trade it for something different. But, most of the people will recommend you to offer it on services like MotorYachts or similar websites, so the potential clients can easily find you and contact you as well.

But, before you offer the yacht, you need to pay a lot of attention to these things:

1. Why do you need to sell it?


It’s understandable that you have a special connection with everything you own, but if you somehow got the idea for selling the yacht, you really should have a strong reason why you are doing that. It’s very easy to change your mind or question your decision, but you must understand the motive and the reasons behind it. Do you need money? Is this your final step to pay some debt? Do you sell it so you can buy something even better? Will you use the yacht in the future again? You will have a lot of questions, and you will never be sure that you’re doing the right thing. There will also be some emotions, and you should be ready to change your mind a few times or even get sad, but the right motive will help you sell it without (a lot of) hesitation.

2. Are you ready for this step?


When you have a motive and strong reason to let some things go (selling a motorboat in this case), you also need to know if you are ready for that step. Most of us are never ready to separate from the things we love, but if it’s necessary, you should let the emotional luggage go together with the vessel. Maybe you will soon have a chance to buy something even better.

3. Setting the price


Things that are important and meaningful for us are also priceless. But, when you decide to sell something, you need to put a price on it. In this case, you need to take every aspect and condition, how old is the vessel, how long did you use it, find similar products online, and compare the prices. Sometimes you can ask a broker or agent to finish this job for you, so everything can be less emotional.

4. Fix some little things


Every vehicle and vessel that is used at least once should be checked with a mechanic expert, so they can estimate if anything needs to be fixed. Don’t try to sell a broken machine, or if you decide to do that, you will need to lower the price a lot. But, when the vessel is fixed, with no sign for technical problems, you can sell if for a great competitive price.

5. Offer it on a few places


Previously we mentioned that you can offer the yacht on a selling service online, but also, you can print some flyers with a photo and your number, or even use the power of social media so you can target the potential clients who will be interested in it. With one word said, you should expose it, so people can see it, visit you, and make a deal.

6. Be ready that you won’t sell it in a day


Sometimes this process can last for days, weeks, or even months, until the right buyer finds you. People are often disappointed because they expect they will have a lot of interested clients, but in reality, they may not receive any call in weeks. And you know what? That’s pretty normal. But, if you don’t have potential buyers after 4-5 months, you may need to ask yourself what are you doing wrong? Did you take care of the marketing? Did you offer it on the right websites and platforms? Check every aspect, and you will get the answer.

7. Prepare an attractive offer


It’s not enough only to tell the people you have a yacht for sale. You need to list all the necessary and helpful information, like the year the vessel was manufactured, how long did you use it, the price, the features, and combine all of that with some nice photos of the yacht. People are always interested in these details, and you will save a lot of time if they don’t ask you the same question every day. Again, don’t forget to include the price in the offer. When serious buyer hits, you will simply know it.

8. Clean the yacht before showing to the buyer


The thing you are trying to sell should be attractive to the potential new owners. You can’t expect that people will get interested in some dirty old vessels. So, take a little time, clean it properly, wax the surfaces, and make it look like new. This little investment will help you get a better price and more potential customers who are ready to pay for your vessel.

9. Offer a free sailing


In order to show the customers how it works, you can invite some of them for free sailing. Schedule the appropriate time and show them how it works and how happy will they be when they buy the yacht. Many people are more likely to buy something after they see how it works.

This is only a simple and short guide on how you can get ready to sell the vessel you own. There are a lot of things you must pay attention to, so we hope this article was helpful for you.

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