7 Practical Reasons to Charter a Boeing For Your Trip in 2024

Opting for a charter flight rather than a commercial one makes sense in a lot of instances. That’s especially true if you need to travel for work. When the goal is to get to the destination as quickly as possible, a charter jet is a way to go.

Did you know that you can even book a Boeing private jet such as Novajet for that flight? Here are a few reasons why choosing this option is worth considering.

1. The Amount of Room


One of the issues with commercial flights is that passengers sometimes feel as if they’re crammed into the smallest amount of space possible. While it’s one thing to take a puddle-jumper for a half-hour flight, can you imagine flying across the country having to chew on your knees practically? That’s not conducive to arriving in a gracious mood.

By contrast, a private flight on a Boeing means that you will have ample head and legroom.  Instead of arriving with assorted aches and pains that emanate from head to toe, you feel rested and refreshed.

That’s especially important if the plan is to go straight from the airport to a meeting with your significant client. If you like arriving without making a scene you can learn about the most private jet terminals here.

2. Range

One of the things that set Boeing Business Jets apart from the competition is the range of the aircraft in their fleet. They can make long flights without the need to land and refuel, like many other smaller private jets.

If you are making an international flight, then Boeing is simply a better solution, especially BBJ-737. With a range of over 6,000 miles, it is the only choice for many destinations for an uninterrupted flight with a heavy load. If you have a lot of passengers with plenty of baggage, it is a single aircraft that will suit your needs.

3. The difference from other aircraft


The sheer number of amenities Boeing Business Jets offer to their passengers make them the obvious choice for many travelers. Lounging area is equipped with a full array of entertainment systems, making sure that time in flight passes pleasantly and without boredom.

The dining room comes with a full bar, and there are private staterooms with queen-sized beds onboard. All bathrooms include shower and are full-sized. Finally, for those business meetings, you have a boardroom in the business center at your disposal. Various jets come with multiple configurations, so make sure that you ask about the amenities that you want in advance before booking.

4. Wide Selection of Aircraft

Boeing Business Jets includes several models designed for different purposes. This ensures that you will be able to find a model that best suits your needs, without compromising on the luxury of the flight. BBJ 737-200 is one of the oldest types, with a range of 2,300 miles.

With a capacity of over 150 passengers, BBJ 737-400 is another popular model. The private jet version can transport up to 60 passengers in the utmost luxury to destinations up to 2,160 miles away. BBJ 737-700 was designed in the 1990s, with the aim of increasing range and modernizing the ammonites.

It can fly up to 6,000 miles and carry 60 passengers. The latest model is BBJ 737-800, created in the 2000s. It has 25% more cabin space, and 100% increased baggage space compared to the older models. The range didn’t suffer, and it can travel a distance of 5,400 miles, despite the changes.

5. The Smooth Flight


You’ve likely heard the phrase “boneshaker” associated with motor vehicles that offer a less than a smooth ride. Did you know that the same term can be applied to some aircraft? There’s a definite difference in the way things feel on a Boeing compared to some of the other jets on the market today.

When you’re instead in something that helps keep you comfortable even when the plane goes through some turbulence, this is the only way to fly.

6. The Amenities

As long as you’re on the way to a business meeting, why not treat yourself to some pampering? There’s enough room on a Boeing to ensure that you can recline the seat and take a nap if you like. It’s easy enough to arrange for the charter company to stock the galley with good things to eat and drink.

You can also enjoy a movie, some music, or spend time browsing the Internet if you like. While the pilot is busy getting you where you want to go, there’s plenty of time to make use of every amenity that the jet has to offer.

7. The Speed


Boeings are noted for more than being luxurious. They also travel at impressive speeds. Combine that with the fact that most models can travel from coast to coast without having to refuel, and you have the ideal solution for getting to your destination sooner rather than later.

Think of what that means if a customer calls and wants to see you in person tomorrow morning. You can book the charter flight to leave after work today, fly to the destination, grab a few hours of sleep at a hotel, and be waiting at the customer’s door when he or she arrives.

When it comes to a romantic weekend getaway, Boeing jets may not be the answer you are looking for. The size and fuel cost simply don’t warrant a small number of passengers. However, if you are organizing a business trip with dozens of participants in a foreign country, there is simply no other solution. The comfort, range, and the luxury Boeing offers makes it the best solution for private jet charter.

The bottom line is that a Boeing charter flight has a lot to offer. Do you see a business trip coming up soon? Now is the time to call a charter service and start making plans. If they do have a Boeing available, book it. You won’t be sorry. If this all interests you to learn more about flying or how to become a pilot, check out SkyEagle for more information.

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