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9 Spring and Fall Property Clean-up Tips for New Homeowners – 2024 Guide

New homeowners usually feel under a lot of pressure when the weather changes. The look of the property can change instantly if you don’t maintain it and if you don’t do the needed clean-up. All of that can sound stressful, but if you do the right things in the spring and the fall, you will realize that you can keep the beautiful look in and around your house without too much effort.

To help you do the needed maintenance, we created this guide. Follow our tips and learn how to prepare for the winter, and what to do before the weather gets too hot.

  1. Clean the gutters

You should maintain and clean the gutters at least two times per year. This is crucial because things can get clogged and you may need to spend a lot of money to get that damage fixed. Even though you should clean the leaves and empty the gutters at least once per month, you can still postpone that and do it depending on the weather.

If there is a storm and if you notice that you have a lot of fallen leaves on your property, you should clean them right away, so you don’t risk the wind blowing them in unreachable places.

  1. Trim the trees

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Experts like suggest that you should do the trimming in the late fall or when the winter starts. This will help them grow and protect themselves for harsh winter. However, you should maintain them and trim when needed. In the spring the trees start growing faster, so if you want to maintain your lawn and make it look beautiful, you should trim the excess branches when needed.

  1. Prepare trees for winter

This process depends on your location. If you experience harsh winters with a lot of snow and ice, then you should prepare the trees. There are a lot of products that can help you with that. Start with some tree trunk protectors that you can wrap around the base of the tree. This process will not only protect it from ice, but it will also improve the general tree health. If you want to learn more about trimming, pruning, and preparing your lawn for winter, you should consult with professionals.

  1. Prepare the flowers

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Some flowers are made to last the whole winter, but some will die in harsh weather. If you want to protect all of your flowers, then you need to move some inside and you can keep the rest outside. If you have seasonal flowers that don’t last for more than a few months, you should remove them now and not wait for them to start drying out.

The same goes for preparing the flowers in the summer. Late spring, before the temperatures rise, check to see which of them can survive in the heat, and which need to be protected. If needed, move them inside, and make sure you water them regularly.

  1. Remove fallen leaves

Even though fallen leaves look beautiful, they are not good for your property. Animals, insects, and pests can hide in them, and they will do a lot of harm in your yard. If you let the leaves stay on the ground for days, they will damage the grass underneath.

To make sure your yard looks beautiful and everything is healthy, you should clean the leaves at least once every few days. You can invest in some of the new devices that will make the whole process easier and protect yourself from mold, fungus, and pests.

  1. Watering

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Watering is crucial if you want your property to look nice. But, there are things as too much water and too little water. Many people think that they should not water the trees when the seasons are changing and the leaves are falling. That is a huge mistake. If the weather is dry, then you should continue to water your plants.

You should also prepare your sprinkling system for the winter. You can do that on your own by following a tutorial, or you can contact a professional service that will do it safely and correctly.

  1. Soil

This is a thing you probably didn’t know before – you need to make holes in the ground to let the soil breathe. The process is called aeration and it helps with the compaction that is created when you walk on it. It also helps the plants receive the needed water and minerals.

When you start doing this you will notice that the whole place looks, better, the trees grow higher and the flowers look better than ever before. You should do this at least once per year. It is said that if you do it once, you should do it in the autumn, but if possible, try to aerate the soil two to three times per year.

  1. Fertilizing

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Experts say that you should always fertilize the soil in your yard in the mid to late fall. This will help all the plants survive the winter, and in the spring they will blossom. You have to combine the watering with the fertilization process, so if you do it in dry days, then don’t forget to put the sprinkles on or to use the hose to help all the good products be absorbed by the roots.

  1. Grass

You should maintain your grass regularly if you want it to look beautiful. Before the winter starts, make sure you clean out all the fallen leaves and then cut the grass short. It will be protected from harsh weather and the snow will keep it safe from the ice.

You should set your mower to cut the grass to less than two inches in height. Depending on the type of grass you are using, you may need to change it, fertilize it, or cut it shorter or longer. Prepare the grass before the summer starts so it does not dry out or turn yellow. Artificial grass is recommended for people who live in places with really hot summers, or extreme winters.

Don’t forget to prepare your patio as well, maintain it regularly, and protect it from harsh weather. You may need it to wrap it with foil in the autumn or put the furniture in the shade in the summer.

Cleaning your whole property at least two times per year will make the difference between things looking mediocre and everyone admiring your whole yard.

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