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5 Most Important Tips for New PC Gamers in 2024

Ready to dive into the magical and incredibly addictive world of fictional characters, fights, strategies and puzzles? Then you are definitely ready to become a gamer. How could we even define one? Well, we could call them a person dedicated to playing video games, or basically any other kind: they have the necessary equipment, know essentials of this sphere, culture and language of play.

Yes, we know – everyone thinks they’re just sitting and ‘staring at the screen for hours’ and, to be honest, there are no many people who believe it’s useful. However, some of them are using that time to learn the main tricks and become experts in the field. Of course, there are also those who don’t have the plans of this kind and who see it all as a form of entertainment and boredom killing. Whether you want to be a part of the first or the second group – this text is for you.

What we can’t deny is that gaming has become a flourishing industry in which bunches of money keep being invested, so it’s definitely a serious business. Although it may not seem so at first glance, it has turned into a large source of profit for those who are ready to dedicate themselves to the improvement. In order to make these first steps and this entrance to the PC world easier for you, we’re providing you with a small list of essential tips for progressing in this field. So, please, keep reading and pay attention to the tips below.

Invest in good equipment

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First and foremost, where have you seen an experienced gamer with bad equipment? Okay, you haven’t reached that level yet and you’re still on the verge of starting out, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for average components. Many games require fairly powerful machines, plenty of memory, and a great graphics card, so make sure your PC can handle them. This should be done before you start choosing, in order to prevent disappointments and problems later.

So, a good console, mouse, controllers, keyboard, headphones… we definitely count them as fundamental parts of your future gear. With the help of such details, you’ll be able to manage the character and the play in the best way. And, considering the fact that it’s a PC, the need for a quality wrist rest is almost certain, as it significantly reduces irritation and discomfort. In addition to pads, you also need a good mouse pad, to prevent it from ‘sliding’ and ensure better hand movement.

Explore and learn – constantly – before you buy

No one was born experienced – but no one ever learned without effort either. In case you really want to get into the secrets of a good play and learn all about it, you will need a lot of will, but also some truly good resources. Fortunately, nowadays the Internet is quite stuffed with talented players who are always in the mood to share their tips and tricks with beginners – through tutorials, forums, YouTube channels and other ways. So, why not use this?

Another thing to study is the culture of the gaming community. Its members have their own specific language, humor and slang. If you’ve been playing for a while or reading about it, you probably already know that. However, take some time to research the forums anyway.

If you come across unfamiliar expressions, google, analyze in which situations they’re used and learn how to understand them. As in other situations, the rule here is not to use words and expressions whose meaning you don’t fully know until you get to know their point.

Explore gaming platforms and handy websites

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Ah, platforms – favorite places for them all. These online sites serve as gathering places for members of this community, as well as virtual stores where you can get the latest sagas that are ready to be installed and begin your journey. If you are one of those who want to host your own server you can do it. Check out Liquid Web’s guide and learn how to make game server by yourself.

Even if you’re not experienced, you’ve probably heard of some of them – for example Steam, Origin, Amazon or Twitch. If you aren’t quite sure which one best suits your needs, allow yourself to inquire about all of them first. Once you decide, you need to create your account and the adventure can begin.

Also, make sure to check out some other web places, for example websites where you can purchase some useful items or boosters for your characters or help the leveling. Therefore, make sure you read more here and get informed about the latest trends like WoW Classic Leveling Boost and other options, depending on the type of the saga you’re into.

Maintain your PC properly

It isn’t enough to have good gear and knowledge, if you don’t take care of the physical aspect of your computer. This segment is just as important as all of the above. The best solution is to prevent any physical damage to the computer case and system, and to regularly monitor the HDD, graphics card, and overall component condition.

So, the care of the device refers to both the software and the hardware – it’s enough that one of these two doesn’t work properly and we’re already in trouble. Use coolers, take care of dust and don’t allow it to get stuck inside the web of components so as not to slow down or damage its functioning.

Record your gameplays to improve

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In the end, whoever is interested in improving will be interested in monitoring their progress, too. This is what many YouTubers who you might follow started with, and that’s how the videos you watch on their channels were created. A lot of effort and hard work have been invested in them, which is best seen if you compare the ones from the beginning of the channel and the newer video clips. You don’t have to be a YouTuber to do this – it’s enough to be eager to look at what you’re doing from the side and objectively see the strengths and weaknesses of your style and play.

This is good for several reasons – in addition to pointing out the most common mistakes you make, it also serves as a motivation for improvement. How? By being able to go back to those shots from time to time and realize how much you have advanced and improved your technique over time, you’ll see what you need to work on more and what you have brought to perfection. After all, you never know – maybe one day you decide to educate new generations of young gamers: in that case, this kind of video will be more than useful!

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