Top Prank Apps To Play On Your Friends

“All work and no play made Jack a dull boy.” This saying holds in current times when people are highly immersed in the smartphone, working day and night. Pranking your friends once in a while is nothing harmful. It only relieves you both of the tension in the environment. Here we have mentioned the top prank apps which you can play on your friends.



Have you always struggled to make good prank calls that are worthwhile? Perhaps you can’t hold in your laughter or forget the right words to say.

The Ownage Pranks app immediately resolves these issues by providing over 100 prerecorded prank calls, with each having a unique prank scenario.

Prank Scripts are brilliantly written and are applicable in typical everyday situations- an annoyed uber driver arriving too early or a disgruntled man telling you to stay away from his girlfriend.

If you’re looking for a specific type of prank browse through their various prank categories to save time, these include Dating & Love, Jobs & WorkPlace, Family, and many more. Top-performing pranks are also featured, guaranteeing the best prank reactions from your friends.

Prank calling takes no time at all, simply select the contact and call. Afterward, an automated prerecording will play, helped by a speech recognition AI that can analyze live conversations and respond accordingly. During prank calls, you can listen in and enjoy the funniest reactions from your friends.


  • Over 100 prerecorded prank calls
  • Receive one free credit daily
  • Calls are recorded, so you listen again afterward
  • Recorded calls can also be submitted to the Pranks Hall of Fame where the best reactions are featured

Solar Charger Prank App


Even the most experienced of pranksters may have yet to pull the Solar Charger Prank as it’s a unique entry on our list. This smart app’s primary function is to deceive people into thinking a cell phone is being charged with solar power, by displaying a fake charging icon.

Upon launching, lay your phone under a ray of light, and the phone will automatically pretend to charge, showing its current battery percentage.

You can tell your friends it’s a new innovative way of charging their phones, saving the cost of buying a phone charger—a fantastic practical joke for cheap thrills.

The app itself is straightforward to use and has a beautiful UI that’s suitable for all ages. Of course, it is a practical joke, so be sure not to expose your phone screen to sunlight for extended periods.


  • Nice User Interface
  • Displays battery percentage
  • Fake charges under any light source

Voice Changer by e3games


If you have a distinct voice that your friends would recognize a mile off, then prank calls aren’t going to be easy. Blowing your cover in a prank call ruins the whole joke, thankfully Voice Changer by e3games guarantees you stay anonymous by transforming your speaking voice.

This voice changer offers sound transformations that are so diverse and unique that even close family members will have no idea it’s you. With 24 sound effects, all in all, it certainly spares no expense in the app’s development with its extensive selection. Some of these effects include Smurf, Helium, and Drunk, and you can even go for alternative options that will speed up your speaking voice or play it backward.

Making a voice transformation is reasonably straight forward as you will need to make a prerecording first using the record function. Afterward, you can apply your sound effects to the recording, immediately changing your voice. Pre-recordings have various uses that can be played during prank calls or be used for ringtones, notifications, and alarms.


  • 24 sound effects of changing your voice
  • Record yourself initially to start applying sound effects
  • Modified prerecordings great for prank calls

Air Horn Phone: Prank App


Air Horn Phone is a prank app that is perfect for jump scares, and will undoubtedly cause some of your friends to be extremely irritated. After launching and pressing the ‘GO’ button, an airhorn will play when the phone is pressed against someone’s ear. Before you attempt this prank, however, make sure to keep volume levels at a suitable level not to harm anyone.

Like a phone call, the app will display a fake dialing screen which gives the impression you’re on a call. To start, pretend you desperately need to go to the bathroom and ask a friend to take the call for you, once they speak an airhorn sound will play. Depending on your device, simulated dialing screens may appear black.

The app is extremely easy to use, as you only have to press the ‘GO’ button to start the prank.


  • Simulated dialing screen to coax others you’re on a call
  • Airhorn will play once the phone is held against a person’s ear
  • Will need to persuade a friend to take the call

Smart IR Remote: TV remote control Prank App


This is a remote control application that you can use to scare your friends to bits. With this application, you can easily change the television channels and increase or decrease the volume while your friend is watching television. What can be a better way to scare your friend better than this?

All you need to do is install this application on your phone and possess complete power over your friends’ televisions in the next room. Also, this software is highly compatible with air conditioners and digital cameras. Leave no leaf unturned in scaring your friend. Possess control over numerous devices and prank your friend in the best possible way.


  •     Compatible with devices such as TV, DVD player, air conditioners, etc.
  •     Voice control over Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc.
  •     Easy control over smartphone
  •     Provides a 360-degree range

iFart- Fart Sounds Prank App


This app was first released by Applestore in 2006. And, it remained the best app for over a year. In 2016, it was remade for Android so that Samsung, Huwaei, Nokia devices can enjoy its services too.

With this app, you can schedule your “farts” and hide your phone somewhere close to the person. As the “Fart” resonates, you can easily scare the targeted person


  •     Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
  •     You can purchase this app for a minimal price
  •     The sound can be recorded once and used multiple times.

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